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In each and every sphere of technology the prominent part in dealing with strengthening the aspects of technological security is to strengthen the security of each and every apps and devices. Beginning from Microsoft towards each and every portions of technological fine print we do find the traces of the greatest movement of technology towards the determination of outstanding parameters where the movement of security is the principal factor in deciding the much glimpse and much needed dynamism attached to it.

Beginning with Windows 7 and beyond with a Microsoft operating system we do find in a specific operating system by the presence of ‘BitLocker Drive’ encryption which helps to prevent unauthorized access to any files stored on the drives. You are able to use the computer normally, but unauthorized users cannot read or use your files. It is an administrative function and there are options to choose from in which you can unlock the drives.

You can use password to unlock the drive. Password should contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, spaces and symbols. The next option is to use your smart card to unlock the drive and you will need to insert your smart card. The smart card PIN will be required when you unlock the drive. The third option is automatically unlocked this drive on this computer. You will choose one of these three options from here. The third option of automatically unlock the drive to work is to first and foremost is the working of the operating system drive must be protected by BitLocker in order to other drives to work automatically unlocked in a fixed data drive.

Bitlocker drive encryption is inbuilt security program with Windows 7. It helps to protect data from prying eyes through its stronger security mechanisms. It has been observed that most of these serious hacking attacks on data comes in the form of offline attacks and bitlocker drive and operating system encryption works in such manner that it negates all of these attacks efficiently and that makes thus security system works with much desired and well managed manner.

Due to presence of required passwords and smarter credentials it has become almost impossible for offline hackers as well as online hackers to intrude into system resources of the drive and store the data from it. Unlike Truecrypt and other encryption mechanisms, Bitlocker encrypts the entire drive, and encrypts them and whenever you add newer files, bitlocker automatically encrypts that files and that makes the entire drive with complete security management.

It is a great idea to enable bit locker in system drive as and when the computer comes to the state of start up or booting, it checks for everything of the previous state and security risks of any position that could provide security risks and changes to startup files, and if any risk is detected, it will lock the operating system and it will demand the bitlocker unlock keys other wise your data will be completely lost.

It is important to keep in the same place of yours bitlocker unlock key so that in the case of any risk you can use it to open and unlock the operating system. In another way of sale to save the unlock key there is one trusted platform module aspect where the key is automatically saved into the bios module. This option requires that your computer should be from trusted computing module and its compatible chip attached with it so that the unlock key should be there and you do not have to keep separate unlock key outside.

In the case of TPM compatible operating system, it interacts with BIOS module and then it checks for any risks to operating system, this process goes on as usual but in the case of in which there is change of start up information then you could soon find that it will go into recovery mode at start up and there you have to enter recovery password or recovery key in order to gain access to the data.

Before you begin activating Bitlocker drive encryption or system drive encryption you must have some prerequisites to work it on. First and foremost, you must have administrative credentials to start with. In the case of use or point of recovery key, then there should be a printer attached to it so that you should be able to connect it and print the recovery key with it.

So far we have learnt in detail about how to encrypt the drive so that all the data inside drive should be safer. In the next, we will learn about android encryption. Android is open source for original equipment manufactures and for this with each OEMs we could see the presence of different varieties of the security system but mostly all of these security settings are similar in nature.

Go to settings and then security settings and from there you will find encryption of the main drive and some other original equipment manufacturer also provide the option for encrypting of external drive, password protect android desktop and so on. It is a wise idea to fully recharge phone and connect to electricity or charging and then do the encryption so that while the encryption process is on there will not be any chance of battery failure and in order to decrypt the phone you will need to put a password with letters and numbers to do it.

Depending upon hardware the time taken to encrypt the phone takes place and ultimately, you will need to put the password whenever you want to decrypt the phone and this makes all of the data stored inside phone encrypted and even if some one stole the data from it but those data will never ever be readable with any computer and devices.

What it makes the android operating system is that it not only makes it super fast but also the retrieving of each and every processes goes on with the same set up of processes and tunneling that makes running of phone even with smaller or lower bit of RAM becomes smoother.

What it makes is that now your phone runs with the same vigor and similar power as with the case with the first day purchase of a phone. It is always advisable to go with encryption mechanisms so that first and foremost it secures your phone as well as it speeds up your phone to use it with smoother and faster response time.

Similarly, in the case with WordPress website owners the very bright idea is to go towards encrypting website or making it https. In the case, you go with, encryption of website there has been many options. You can go for partial encryption or else full encryption.

In the case with full encryption it takes you to spend some additional money and if you can then you can go for it or else it is a better idea to go for partial encryption of website with the presence of free services such as cloudflare and so on and what it makes is that, it makes all connection to yours website to and fro completely connected without being, ever worry about spending anything on yours behalf and that not only makes yours website faster but also it secures entire connection.

Google is also giving prominence and stress to the website which is mostly, going through secure connectivity and for this it is important to understand that it increases the search engine optimization of websites and makes it run with more valor and more efficient post running management. On the second front it also gains more and more visitors and that makes website popularity and brings forward more and more visitors and earnings.

Ultimately, we do need security to each and every aspect of website management, android device management as well as computer security. Today we are dealing with a large number of flows of internet data and for this it is extremely important to understand that data are to be kept as private and for this it is your duty to keep it safe from prying eyes of hackers. In each and every field, the advent of security should be given prime importance so that ultimately it all boils down to data security and keeping your identity safe by removing malicious attempts to move out everything that trying hard to go through the process of identity theft.

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