Ittefaq (2017) Movie Review

Bollywood movie industry is abuzz with so many of different tastes of movies and out of these so numerous movie releases only small portion stays with the mind always. Ittefaq (2017) is one of them as it has promised so much and continues to be an intense thriller and the movies stays with the mind of the audiences still the last minute. Our movie industry needs to produce such movies which have showcased some of the most brilliant aspect of understanding of how a suspense thriller plot could engage the audience still the movies are over.

Akshaye Khanna is the detective who tries to solve the plot of suspense of two murder where two persons who are perceived to be the suspect provides two different versions of their story and it is the smartest work of Akshaye Khanna where the movie revolves in and around him and showcase some brilliant master class. The two suspects are Sidhart Malhotra and Sonakshi Sihna.

The movement of the plot is intense and in each and every moment the audience has the feeling of confusion of the presentation of two different versions of the same incident. The base of the detective wants to solve this high-profile case within three days. The plot moves from the state of blank state and the movement of the case takes surprise twists and turns to reach towards its ultimate revelation.

Story angle of this movie has been marvelous with spectacular acting by Akshaye Khanna. Siddhartha Malhotra acting is wonderful and very practical to the cast he has been doing. The acting is very nearer to the reality. The process of revelation of the plot has been very intriguing as with due course of time we have seen how the plot unfold and then plot goes on to the state of absolute confusion. The camera angle and the lightning part is absolutely perfect and this makes me think of the movie nearer to the Hollywood par.

In the end, there is influence of Sherlock Holmes style detective and this makes the movies more nice and intense. The way detective goes into every details of plot has been one of the most wonderful way to understand how a good story with a nice screen play even in low budget movie could make this movie one of the most outstanding performance parameters to compete with high budget movies.

In order to keep the suspense element secure there is no pre promotion of this movie and in a way it justifies that such a nice movie and its promotions are well organized.

Out of both the suspects one must have been telling a lie and this has to be clearly find out as both suspects have been telling two stories and out of this one story is real and the other one is unreal and from these elements the detective has to find out which one is real. Is it a crime of fashion or something more as and when the movie unfolds still there is more to understand and know more and what about the two murders and their motive still there is more to understand but still there is nothing to find out.

The movie is not as long as the general bollywood movies is all about but still the intense and the drama of the movies is enough to understand that what an wonderful movie presentation and we could anticipate such and such brilliant movies in the future so that such elementary presentations of each and every aspect must be better understood.

In the end, we do find some soft side of detective as well as the movies seem to be resolved with the pretty decent symbols of crime scene but since the exact proportion of suspense moves in the right direction to reach towards its logical conclusion. The action of Sidharth has been tremendous and this produces one of the most realistic acting ever I could find that makes the movie the most spectacular site to watch it out for.

While remembering the lost ones do not think of the how bad after wards but remember how beautiful yours life has been with her or him even during the time well managed with her or him and that makes the memories has been spectacular to watch out for and that makes the entire facets of understanding the relationships in such a wonderful dream that even at times the loss could not be known for and the sweet timings continue with the memories for ever.

This movie has the only the same name of 1969 Rajesh Khanna and Nanda starter as this movie is not the remake of that movies. During the course of events we have seen some mild humor side of law enforcing agencies but the principal part is the way the story revolves around Akhaya Khanna where we could see the presence of brilliant one liner and the way the movie revolves around provide presentations of incidents in timely and sweet manner goes on to showcase the brilliant acting as well as wonderful presentation of screen cast and direction as well. The movies have no songs and are short as compared to that of normal bollywood movies as well as the fast-paced story-telling goes on to show case the brilliant and possible management of story-timing that makes, the story complete with each and every possible suspense.

In the end we could see the plot revolves around the second murder where we could see the presence of mild symbols that makes the running of story interesting as with due course of time we could find the intense of first murder could not be seen as the story concentrates with the second murder scene. The camera movement, lighting side of the movie is good but it can be better. In the end you could feel that movies is going to end but that is not as more and more plot to be revealed as this goes on to showcase the story is of one of wonderful case of reverse engineering of stories that makes the movement of suspense intense and wonderful.

With the revelation of the plot more and more suspense and thrill come to the light and that makes the running of the plot and the story-telling wonderful and that is one such approach to understand the way the entire climax scene goes. In fact in this movie we could see the climax during each and every seconds and that makes it one of the most enjoyable movie viewing experience. The audience will try to figure what happens at the end of this movie and this is what the movies to be seen as it continues to provide some of the most awesome level of suspense thriller where you will be presented with some of the heart throbbing suspense thriller in this movie.

The climax of this movie is great as ultimately one could see the story is resolved but still there is more into it and this go and check your favorite movie theater to find out more about it.

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