Why Won’t My Contacts Show Up in My Android – 5.0 Lollipop?

Most of the time in this blog I use to write information related to its security and some of the rarest of rare findings and for this most of the time I prefer writing articles based on my user experience. For some days, I found one of the most peculiar problem with my 5 device.

I have one Lyf Water 7phone which runs by Android 5 and it is one of the faster user experience I have with as it does have ’s faster internet as well as it does provide one of the most seamless user experience. For some days, after seeing the finding of Google’s Contact which is one of the most versatile and I downloaded and use along with my default android Contact.

The phone app of Google is not there for Android 5 and suddenly after some days I have found most of times that when a call come to my phone the upper bar just blinking but the who is making phone does not provide me the look as I unable to receive the phone. This makes me far more confusing that ultimately I found that whether this is incidentally after installing the new Google’s contact, I found some sort of this mismanagement of call reception which is one of the easier aspect of the phone and the most essential one.

Incidentally, I do not have any idea what is the real question whether it is after the installation of contact Google app or after the enable of developer option which incidentally allows my phone to stop any application after it finished front tasks. For the sake of experimentation, I disabled that and then I disabled the developer option and then I try to fix this call receive option whether to see that I could reach to the previous stage of receiving the phone easily.

Ultimately how good the phone is it is the simple task of receiving the phone is the one of the finest aspect and that is the most important one. Then for some time, I purchased the Greenify battery hibernation and I thought it might have interfering this and then I disabled it and then uninstall it altogether in order to see how good this could have been in utilizing this aspect and ultimately the single point of attraction for me is to receive the phone as usual.

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Unluckily, I have not been able to solve this problem in clarity and that makes me to think that what are the apps I have been installing for some time for the time being and I continue to search the answer for this but still to date I have not been able to find the exact response of it. The ultimate and the single most forward option for me is to find out the real answer of it and still this time I have not been able to find the answer which is sadly but true.

Whether this has been a bug of Lyf Water 7 phone or from Google I still not being finding the answer of it but I continues to find the problem and solve it so that reader who have been at the same side of this story should be able to solve this right away. Is it the RAM problem that is making the phone receive time delay and I thought this way and then I disabled some of the system apps as well as uninstall some of the essential day to day app so that ultimately I could make my phone run with greater speed and that should make the receive of call easier.

Now, when I again call to my phone from some other phone for some time the receive call option being visible and for some time it is not visible and that again makes me to think some other way and for this it is essential for me to move towards thinking these in term of some of the manner of application loading times as well as its impacts on my phone and for this I continue to search for some of the heavier apps and that should be installed at the first instance so that ultimately I could find some sort of absolute solace in finding the perfect loading times of phones so that I could perform each and every function in correct manner.

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I thought it might have been part of the RAM problem or might have been the problem associated with disabling of default contact app and using the Google Contact app. Then, I enable the Google App which is being updated regularly and for my utter surprise I could see the phone receiver option is now completely visible. So, in this time the first and foremost part is to find out which is the crux of this problem and for this it is important to enable the default contact app and then I enable the Google App and then I update to its latest version.

This time the phone receiver function is working flawlessly. I for some times found the Google Hangout is not working as it should have been with Lyf Water 7 phone and for this I disable it but this time I enable it and it though not being updated due to some problem but it also helps tor receive the phone easily. Then I connect to internet and then go to Google Settings and from there I see the Google Allo is the default messaging option and for this I downloaded it and then authenticate with my phone number and then I again call, my Lyf water 7 phone and this time the call receive option is clearly visible.


What this justifies is that ultimately, Google perhaps am not sure that is perhaps wants some of its apps such as Google App, Allo, Hangouts etc. to be enabled as it is so that the real call and receive functions should work flawlessly and especially the Google Apps needs to be installed in order to have the call and receive actions of phone to be completed with due diligence . At last after making some trial and error methods I perhaps have reached the conclusion and this could have been related with the aspect of enabling of Google Apps and if that so though am not one hundred percentages sure but why this has been.

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I usually disabled this as I have found this app not so important as it provides me with good number of news in accordance with my search preferences but still I continue to find it amazing for some time and so other time I used to disable it but this time I find it some sort of peculiar situation as why that app is a system app as we cannot uninstall it but we can disable it.

Still this time I am not sure about it whether this application is doing this or not but am sure to find that most of times, the fixation aspect to understand this is that what should be real problem that is being with yours devices as most of times I appreciated most of Google’s app but some apps are most of times not so usable for me but still if it continues to be installed with yours device in order to work for some basic aspect of phone then original equipment manufacture should be thinking it in detail about it.

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