Passengers (2016) Movie Review and Film Summary

Passengers is produced by Columbia a Sony company. This is all about space journey and futuristic impact on it. Name of the space ship was Starship Avalon. They aim to reach to other planets which are way ahead and a long space journey and 5000 passengers aim to settle in the homestead of another planet of another galaxy. The main idea of the is totally original. This is not about star trek but the emotions that has been exhibited within this and how that floats between humans and robots.

A spacecraft is travelling to distant colony planet and 5000 passengers are into the state of suspended hibernation for 90 years until at some point of time a asteroid struck the space craft and it malfunctions and wake up one passenger and then the story revolves around it as he has to wait for more than 80 years to reach to homestead. Two passengers awakened early and their emotions which revolves around this movie.

The technology involved with this movie has been excellent. The concept of the movie is original. The actors are involved with this movie such as Jenifer Lawrence who acts as Aurora Lane the second passenger to be come to reality in the half way journey and the reason behind this has been completely emotional and this can be realized while watching this excellent movie. The first passenger who woke up at the half point from hibernation has been Chris Pratt and his movie name is Jim Preston who acts magically with complete emotions.

When Jim woke up from hibernation in the midway journey and when he asked the robot why he was alone the robot said we all are here with 5000 passengers and more than 300 crew members and then Jim gone around the space ship to search for them but the robot could not understand the emotions of humans as all of them are in the state of hibernation and still more than 90 years for them to woke up. This movie differentiates many shades of emotions as well as some artificial emotions of robots which are not exactly the same as that of humans.

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For complete one year of his stay alone, Jim feels that this is where his end will come as for over 90 years the space craft will be still run in space and no one will be awakened out here. When he reaches to grand hall the computer assistant welcomes him and Jim wants to talk to a real-life person and the robot asked him which type of humans, personal trainer, and others and all of these are robots and here we could find another sense of differentiation of emotional syndromes of humans and robots.

When he talks about emergency to reach out to captain and to his utter disdain he could not enter into control room as he is a passenger only crew members are allowed to enter into control room and all of these comes to him as the state of extreme joke as his journey to the alien land does not come to the real state of live. His utter disappointment comes when he comes to realize that after 90 years he will be reaching to the planet homestead 2.

He slept for 30 years and then he realize that he woke up early which in reality does highlight to the scientific world the real world difficulties of creating such the state of absolute sleep hibernation and what it some passenger like Jim woke up too early and that should be the end of the world for them as they have to stay the rest of life within that space ship. The bartender robot has been one of the most fascinating characters and the way he filters emotions have been one of the most excitement emotional attachment ever to look at it. The name of the robot bar tender is Arthur and is made of an android.

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When he asks, about how to get back to sleep in the chamber again the robot instead told him that is impossible to get up from there and this shows the difference between artificial intelligence and simple human intelligence. During the course of movie the communication channel between Arthur and Jim has been excellent and despite knowing that Arthur is android robot still Jim continue to talk and seek his advice on various doubts of him and that makes one of the most interesting aspect of humans that they cannot stay alone as they want socialization.

By surrounding all across with robots Jim for the first time found that his questions does not have any sort of answers anywhere and still he wants to live here though he knows that ultimately there would not be life left of him when the space craft reaches to the new civilization at the new planet homestead 2. This movie is like the series of Big Boss where some people are there but here the only human and the rest are robots or computers.

In the mean time the story moves on and when you watch the movie you realize that why the other person also woke up early and the emotions and the drama and some most high class engineering work done by Jim for some time this could look to be some of the most amazing and magical and for some time not so believable but the movement of emotions with these characters goes onto show case the real value of this movie.

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During the course of movies the emotions between Aurora and Jim and the artificial intelligence in excellence between Arthur and Jim and Aurora and difference shades of emotions between Aurora and Jim and when at the climax when Aurora told Jim when he went nearer to vent tube to repair the space craft when the heat generated within space ship reaches to the high danger zone, and the ultimate emotional sentiment between Aurora ad Jim proves to be one of the most excellent saga of love stories ever.

Both Jim and Aurora knew that they will be alone in this ship and for 90 years they will not going to survive and still they went to repair the space ship in order to save the life of other passengers and crew members who are at the state of hibernation. This story depicted excellent human relationships and its values and some beautiful emotions which can ever be depicted and when that becomes multifold in the presence of some extra bit of emotions coming out of robots.

During the course of moments when Aurora comes to realize from the Arthur that due to Jim she wakes up early, the hate continues but still the shades of love comes to her again and again and when Jim was outside of space ship and come to Aurora for the first time to choose between ship and space craft the same fear of loneliness comes to her and she realized why Jim had done this to her and the story is with shades of emotions which has been showed by both the main actors in excellent ways and that makes watching the movie glorious.

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