Learning interface of android integrated development in Android Studio

There is a stronger desire to build android apps. This series of article is meant for Layman who is not so efficient in coding department. Still, with some practice they of course can build android apps. I hope you are very well motivated and excited to learn these tricks from these series of articles. The key element for development of android apps is to know which requisite installing tools are.

It involves with designing user interface of application and then how to handle events and then how to save databases to apps and then how to create image filters and then the complete procedure for development of a simple application and then the complex application development such as development of games and so on.

What are all the necessary tools to write code into for progress of android apps?

Some of the basic tools that are essential for development of apps for android are that of Android Studio, Java JDK, Android Emulator, Personal computer with minimum 4 GB of RAM and Windows 7 and beyond operating system and of course Android phones of Android 4, 5, 6 and beyond if it is possible.

Android Studio is the completely integrated development environment which keeps various apps and it helps in producing better apps. It should be utilized to development purposes. Here, the apps can be written, then executed and then checks for errors and basically it can be used to develop in android apps.

Java JDK has to be downloaded. Separately or can be integrated downloaded with the help of Android Studio as it helps to run the apps inside Android studio after being integrated with it. After creation of apps with the combined effort of Android Studio and Java SDK we need to run that apps to know the pros and cons of it and that can be equally checked by Android Emulator which helps to run apps in the prerequisite mobile environment.

It is inbuilt with Android Studio and most of this Android Studio have these emulator. Make sure that your personal computer should have at least minimum 4GB of RAM so that the virtual manager of application should run efficiently with it and if yours personal computer has lesser RAM then make sure you have proper android device of android 4, 5 and so on to test the apps in real time and know the pros and cons of it efficiently.

It is important that you should have basic understanding of Java or else watch so of the basic development Java course from internet and learn and listen to it and it is easier to understand and learn from it and you should not find any difficulties in building the idea of basic understanding of what the java is. Among all these subjects in Java it is important to develop the understanding of classes, objects and inheritances so that you could find some detailed and managed idea of development of android coding without any difficulties.

It is not required to understand detailed knowledge about classes, objects and inheritances but you should have thorough knowledge about it so that you do not have to face any difficulties while building apps with Android Studio.

Now, we are going to download some software which is free of course but can be a large download in order to develop android apps. First we need to download Java JDK and in order to download go to Google and its search bar or in Omni bar type ‘Download Java JDK’ and you should find detailed download information.

Open the link and then download the Java JDK and do not download Java bins and find out the detailed information and depending upon your operating system download the series of links.

There are two different download links one is for X64 and other one is for X86.

The X86 is for the 32 bit version of Windows and the x64 is for 64 bit versions of windows. After knowing the version of windows downloads the similar version of Java JDK. Accept the licensing argument and then download it and then installation of Java JDK and this process is similar to that of every windows software installation.

How to download and install Android Studio on computer?

In order to improve android apps we need another platform which is known as Android Studio and it is straight from Google the makers of android. Open Google on your favorite web browser and then write down ‘Download Android Studio’. You will find the link to download and it is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for android apps. It is the fastest tool for building android apps for any type of android devices.

It is refreshed regularly and it has a flexible build system with instant build and deploys management so that user can completely and comprehensively focus on construction of high quality android apps. It has intelligent code editor and it runs instantly, and the android emulator is fast and feature-rich to test out your apps. With android emulator, you can check out apps for android wear, android phones, tablets, and android TVs. In addition to it countless modern hardware features such as GPS location, network latency and multi-touch environmental variables can be checked efficiently.

It enables us to write the code for android apps as well as it has small emulator that should help us to examine the apps in real time. Before downloading this it is important to go through the system requirements as it is very big software and for this it is important to understand what the basic requirements of this area and then download this. Do not forget to have faster network connectivity so that ultimately you could download this vast software.

Click on the Download Android Studio button and then accept the terms and conditions and then download it. Then after download, run the Android Studio dot exe file and it slowly begins installation of Android Studio into your computer. It is important in order to activate internet connectivity while installation of Android Studio as slowly it should download some of the packages needed for your computer while the set up of android studio is in progress.

The installation process of android studio does take some time as it should download some of these packages and it is now time to wait patiently while the installation process is on. Download time depends upon the speed of the internet. If you have faster internet The download process should be swift. After installation of Android Studio we will be learning about what are unique functions of it and then slowly understand the process of android studio before moving to creation of development of application within it.

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