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Having a blog or website does not end the work from there. All of these works begin from there as from time to time you have to invest yourself in terms of financial as well as exercising your mind in developing and correlating in creating a place for a better site. There are multiple options for adding sharing buttons. With WordPress you can code and add these to your site or by the help of some plugins these buttons can be added easily.

Today I shall write about such social media services which will help web administrators a great deal in attaching the share buttons, like buttons, social lockers, invite followers, metadata builders for face book, twitter and for Google+ of your website.

This website is ‘USOCIAL’  With it you can easily develop open graph protocol face book, twitter and Google which correctly filter information and data correctly that should be equally understood by these social media services. With insertion of such proper metadata the sharing effectiveness es comes to the forefront and the linking towards correct images, so that all these attributes of your website could be genuinely indexed within perimeters of social media services.

Meta builder for a website:

In creation of meta tag or open protocol of face book this website asks you about name of website, attribute of website, image link, page link and website name and then after putting all of these information, on the right side of it click on generate code and this should provide you with some code and that to be inserted within front end of website. In this way, how easily the open graph protocol of website is created.

Similarly, the open graph protocol of website for twitter can be easily created, by entering the website name, page title and description and finally generating the code for installation on website. For Google+ the friendly graph protocol is used in accordance with conditions, as it solely depends upon the presentation of semantic html so that it should be in accordance with schema conditional.

Here you have to fill up link to the author profile on Google+, link to the website page on Google+, snippet text up to 40 characters, description and image link and then generate the code for website and then install it on after before end of head tag </head> in header dot php file of host. You can access all these meta information from this page of USOCIAL.

USOCIAL website has countless features and most of these features are free. Here, you can easily create your share buttons set and most of these features are free of charge. If you want more possibilities than you can go for the pro version which comes with the upgrade and fees otherwise most of the features of this website in creation of social sharing tools are free of cost. You can devise the size of the button and the shape of it and after that it should provide you with the code which needs to be inserted into the front end of website in the theme file so that it should be visible.

The next social media service inside USOCIAL website is creation of ULike button which is either heart or thumbs up and various customization option are available and you can easily do it and then the same procedure to paste it on front end of website theme file and then save it to see it working.

If you want to make any content to be visible if the user share the post to social networks which is known as social locker then you can create this on predefined content of your website pages so that the certain contents needs to be permitted after sharing this article by visitors and you can do this with this website and find the code and then insert into content dot php or page dot php in accordance with your theme to install this social locker service.

Another feature of this website is about getting more visitors by following yours social media accounts so that constant flow of users and their opinions should flow out here. It helps you to increase the number of possible visitors to your website by linking and being member of the group.

While building and creating any website the prime focus is to make it most user friendly so that ultimately all those information you are putting into public domain be in the form of article or information then all of these should be at the proper manner so that ultimately, the visitors should have every bit of option so that they can share and favorite yours website content without any difficulties.

The prime importance attaches with these buttons is that all of these buttons does provide real-time updates of information. The number of shares that has been receiving as the result of this is updated at the behest of the first or every share and that provides you with the satisfying statistics of how much popular your website articles and which articles are more popular that the others. The prominent part is that it does provide the popular social sharing website, and by sharing information in these entire website you can find more and more information.

The way these website buttons can be customized and the meta tags of top three social networking websites are working flawlessly and instantly makes the sharing of websites and attachment of exact contents more exciting as more and more people can find the information at the first hand without any difficulties.

You write the contents which can be easily readable by people but on the other hand simultaneously you should build a stronger desire for development of indexing for search engines and social networking websites so that ultimately yours website should be easily and dynamically read by search engine machines.

For any webmasters the popularity of a website is of prime importance and for this they stress more on its theme part but simultaneously they should equally concentrate more on its search engine optimization parts so that ultimately, the visibility aspect of website should be there as always so that there would not be any such reduction of efforts on yours part.

It is all about making your blog popularity so that it should be visible to each and every facet of website as well as search engines so that they could categories the information in accordance with the subject of your website.

From time to time you would find such elements to make yours website to become more popular and empower the visitors with such social networking sharing so that they can share these whenever they think this or that part of website should be shared to their social networking website and by making all of these ultimately this makes yours website more popular and search engines indexes it with greater care and in accordance with the present of categories and tags so that these should appear in each and every search results of the similar proposition whenever the user and visitors opt for such search results.

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