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While in transit in these moments of leave, I have experienced many new adventures and learnt quite a bit new information during these processes of journey. This article is all about it and I try to provide as much information as such so that it should have been helping hand for other fellow travellers.

Mostly, I fond of many small electronic instruments that are available in many local markets. These include in the form of low prices such as cable connector, mobile cases of different types, mobile charger and OTG cable, USB connectors. Among all these there are many classifications which the suit according to the place and a factor of handsets and for this I emphasise on deciding at first and then move towards the final conclusion of buying this.

Just at the opposite side of Majestic bus stand of Bangaluru, which is opposite side of it and this is where in earlier times there has been many street markets but of late that place is now full of high buildings but at the side of underground tunnel which should be used by commuters to pass from one side of traffic to the other, there appears to be conglomeration of large number of street shops out there.

While searching for that old street market at the opposite side of majestic only to find the larger and taller hotels and other buildings and this shows how the civilisation changes within decades. The ever growing street market at this site which used to go out when the law enforcing agencies used to reach out to that place and then come back again to sell cheaper products which are subject to steeper bargaining.

Now, that market is being concise and only remains at the site of underground tunnels used to by the commuters to avoid street traffics and these shops used to seat at the side of these paths and now there is no further scope for bargaining as they show everywhere about availability of fixed price here and there. From the distance, I observe how the locals are buying out from them as it is sheer the trace of fixed price and if someone looked into it then it should show that the pricing factor is right

Life is found in living with it

In the meantime, I saw one shop is selling, SD cards to mobile at a cheaper rate. I decided to buy one at the cost of 140 rupees which is 32 GB card and I was delighted at the price and wishing to buy one or two more but daddys said we are here for eight to ten days and let us first check this out as there could be defect on it.

I bought one and then after reaching at guest house in the evening I inserted SD card into mobile and it shows 32 GB and I was delighted still that moment and then when I try to copy some of the movies and multimedia elements into it at first it copy those elements slowly and then suddenly the copy factors abrupt suddenly. After that who so ever tries from me to update and copy it, simply it denies it and then I remember the advice of daddy that it might have been cheating and I found it exactly that.

The next day when I reach out to that market to find out the shop keeper and sadly the seller is not there and his shop is there and it is for sure from the distance he might have seen us and fled from the spot. It is now clear that the whole 150 rupees has not gone into the waste and this also taught me many facets of marketing and life that I have to be extra careful while purchasing such electronic items out there.

After some days of travelling in Bangaluru we reached to Mysore and then to Chennai as ours train to Puri would be at Monday so we have to wait there for some time, and we reached to transit house which is situated at Egmore and it is hardly an walkable distance from there. We decided to try our luck with a local train to travel to T. Nagar where it is said that one of the largest markets in Asia is there.

It is only after three stations the T. Nagar local railway station known as Mammalpuram is there. We reached there on Saturday and again at T. Nagar on Sundays and in this market there has been many big shops and so many people reached there that it is almost impossible to move from one distance to the other.

In these location there are many shops related with Pothy’s and other big enterprises and among all these there are some small but permanent shops where the elements related with mobile could be found and as my interest is there in these matters so we went to that shop.

This shop is completely different from that of the street shops of Bangaluru as here the shop is permanent and more and more locals are buying for accessories related with mobiles and the end products and the pricings are very good and it thus justifies that these shoppings should be done from such shops instead of street shops of Bengaluru.

From there with affordable pricing we bought USB cable, OTG cable, covers of Galaxy, Tablet and Lyf mobiles and the pricing and the durability of these products are nice and more to this is that these shops are situated in these locations and there is no way they would cheat you with products and then hiding you.

Life is full of surprises, and from time to time it aims to teach you different dynamics of it. It justifies the proverb where life is found in the dance between, your deepest desire and yours greatest fear and from time to time all these aspects let us to learn and understand many facets of life and continues to provide wide varieties of information and its related antecedents that enable to understand what are the basic important facets of life that needs to be understood and well taken care of.

Life is found in enjoying with it. The greatest fear of everyone is there but still ignoring such fears from various instances of life and learning from it and educating one’s conscience to celebrate and enjoy life at its best.

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