Android operating system compatible issues related with proprietary android apps

We all know what an android involves with day to day business of our lives. Beginning from putting alarms to waking us up to provide music and entertainment while on the go to stay with contacts with all of ours well wishes and providing presentations and other forms of business dealings which makes it the most regarding aspects to understand how essential android device is for all of us in our lives.

To say in precise it deals with personal, social and financial aspects of our lives. For this, we always want the related apps to be updated to the latest version as well as the more professional apps which are there in Google Play Store or more superior and more fundamental dealing s with our lives must stay on with every devices.

What is most hurting is that more and more proprietary developers of original equipment manufacturers such as Google, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft and others have been developing more and more sophisticated apps which mostly essential for our daily lives are more and more non-compatible to android 4 and that makes the most difficult proposition to understand that even an operating system as old as three years old and its devices are now completely incompatible with such large number of high value proprietary apps.

If someone got the Galaxy Grand at the whopping price of 22,000 Indian rupees three years back as mostly the latest apps are now incompatible with this. Samsung the original equipment manufacturer and now it is pushing the phones within 15000 Indian rupees and with the latest mobile operating system and slowly it is not supporting the three year old devices and it stays with android 4.2 and thus makes it not compatible with large number of high valued free apps from these original equipment manufacturers.

Samsung Electronics provides one of the best lifestyle companion apps known as Samsung Health. It tracks your fitness, weight, food and sleep. It is a decent apps. It is compatible with Android 5 and above and thus evens the phones from three years old and at higher middle segment of marketing are not supported. While comparing with life cycle support of windows the life cycle support of android is far lesser and this is one important phase which needs to be seriously looked straight at.

Slowly, the ambit of Samsung Health app is on the rise and it is providing information regarding the amount of water intake, sleep timings and information about indoors and outdoors and thus it puts seriously impact on managing health in relation with environmental impacts. Thus it is one of the best app to reduce stress and manage a healthy life style. The most sad part is that it is available for Android 4.4 kit kat and above and thus reducing the margin of users who have slightly older devices.

What surprises is that it is even decreasing the compatibility for its own phone users. The next brilliant app from Samsung is Samsung internet. It is one of the most fast, slim and wonderful browser and it was vacant for Samsung devices over android 5 and above and now it is available for every android over android 5 and above. There is no way android 4 users could install this app. It has one search option as DuckDuckGo which is most private focused web browser.

Then, it provides content blocker so that you can disable third party cookies, advertisements and web annoyances as per your wish. It is better integrated with Samsung devices that should be Android 5 and above and no form android 4 users. Similar is the case with Samsung pay. That is why due to rapidly increasing updates of android operating system more rapidly the not so older operating system is outdated within two to three years.

In the case of Google Inc. apps on play store, there has been some to retrieve for users but still some apps are not compatible with Android 4 and looking at the way Google develops apps sooner or later there should be apps of the same kind of Android 4 and above. Google Contacts is now available for Android 5 and above and hope fully sooner or later this will be available for Android 4 and above. It is part of the better app with cloud integration of contacts so that merging of duplicate contacts are possible.

It removes the earlier versions of contradictions within contracts of Google cloud and it safely moves all the contacts into a cloud and then it can be accessible from any device. It currently only supported Android 6 and above but the way Google develops its apps slowly it could support android 4.

Google Phone app varies with device and mostly one has to update it to Android 6 and above so as to find out improve spam protection and it synchronizes nicely with Google contact device. It provides spam protection, call blocking, caller id, visual voice mail and information about nearby devices and hopefully it should be available for all devices starting from Android 4 and above.

It has one brilliant characteristic of letting users to know about the location in the case of emergency. So, this application should be compatible with Android 4 and above. In cse of recently launched apps from Jio, most of these apps now able to run on multiple devices even if you do not have jio sim and the prerequisite to run the apps is that at least you should have one jio account. This is a superlative initiative fo users to use Jio services such as Jio music and Jio clouds in other non jio sims.

Only caveat is that Jio Music is only available for Android 5 and above and thus there is no chance for Android 4 users to use this. In the end there is only one initiative is to develop the app for that should be compatible with most of android so that it should cover more and more older android devices and more and more users could be taken into accounts that the aim of developing such apps should be there.

Also the prime motive to develop one app is to find out the main criterion of attracting more and more people in general and when the same app is compatible to more and more legacy android operating system ultimately this should prove to be more successful by covering more and more people.

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