Protect yourself and your business from social engineering

Security of information technology is not just security related to the advent of digital threats in the form of hacking of computers and other resources. Most of security experts in the preliminary stages of security management tend to forget the importance attached with complete security of social engineering aspects of employees.

The first and the foremost aspect of understanding the progression of movement of ideas of hackers is to find the social engineering aspects and try hard to manipulate the information management in such a way that ultimately most of credentials and data information received from the clients and that makes entire running of security systems in deeper stresses.

Most of hackers try their first hand with IT company managers in order to find out anything substantial information about their social engineering profiles that could make their work easier. In this age of social networking, most of the executives and the persons dealing with information technology do have their own social media profiles and set up of followers.

By creating the namesake of others most of social media hackers tend to enter into other’s account and then try hard to retrieve information from them. Most of these social media networks do have their own privacy and security but still most times of ignorance of users that make it the most difficult for them to cope with such situation.

That is why users should be aware of such social engineering attacks. Phishing is one form of social engineering attack where the hacker or malicious party sends fraudulent email asking for classified information posing as the real and legitimate person.

They might pose themselves as the bank executive and ask for internet banking user name or password or any other information and for this it is important to understand that all of these information which are classified in nature should not be given even to bank officers and other persons and all of these information regarding security are there on different websites and these needs to be followed.

So beware of such fraudulent calls and do not share any of your credentials to anyone at any point in time. In modern day times of hackers creates the fake company or institution login to initiate spear phishing attacks so that user name and passwords can be stolen from the user. It is important to know the correct corporate portals before login so that you should not be entered into the shadow hacker’s loop. It is important to see the real corporate address and its https protocols.

There is another chance of entering into corporate databases through the mediums of pretexting. Pretexting can occur at the stage of big online businesses as the hacker act in the guise of a party to enter into a credential of database systems. He or she may act as if the name sake of one party which in reality is not that so.

Attackers creates a short code and then install it on the USB drive or CD and then send to potential person where hacking can be done. When the user inserts USB drive or CD into computer which should be connected with server the short code automatically inserts and then stays there invisibly and send important information to attackers remotely and this is known as baiting and this process needs to examine each and every form of malwares and precautionary measures against using flash drives and cds from third party sources needs to be taken care of.

During web browsing some users find that there has been some information regarding such and such web browser is at risk and your computer is at risk and you should download and install this software in order to make it risk free. These are forms of scareware where the users, most times, there have been numerous fake antivirus programs are there and they tend to pose this as scareware and try hard to convince users to download to their computer.

The reason behind the successful social media or social engineering attacks is due to the sudden lack of guard down on the part of user, or at any other times in the complete lack of knowledge of the concerned user. In times of sudden burst of anger and other emotional elements the victim tends to be ignorant about, security elements and that could make the potential case for attackers to use various tools to detect and find out plenty of information which they have.

During many times, hackers tries hard to reassociate the users with plenty of information through the forms of freebies and then provide the information in such high degree speedier manner that most of times during the process of overloading of information the mind comes to the state of extreme panic and tend to go into passive mode and suppress the set up of security that should have been there with minds and makes it the most vulnerable and that is the best times when attackers could gain the upper hand.

There are some instances when the person being helped by someone in the guise of attackers and when the reciprocal action comes the nature of humans to help him and that could prove to be utterly dangerous and that could lead to successful fulfillment of full scale cyber attack.

Many a time, attackers in the guise of deceptive relationships which appear to attract to a person who is interested in and then slowly, the attackers could gain the upper hand and find out each and every important information to the concerned person working inside organization.

On another side, the existence of diffusion of relationships such as not wanting to stay with such relationships and tend to do away with by giving away such records in anger and that can be attacker’s wonderful weapon to involve themselves in. At some other times, attackers taking the pose of superior of victim and provide orders to release important information and without so much of clarification the victim if follows the order of the fake superior then ultimately this could prove to be bad to worse for organization concerned.

Due to integrity and curiosity of people who always do not want to provide wrong answers and always want to tell the truth to the people, attackers can gain access to privileged information and those information in the long term can be dangerous for an organization.

It is important for organization to protect their businesses with clear cut policies for staffs and members, physical security to servers, use industries best security practices so that ultimately, from time to time security administrator should authenticate and find out any thing wrong in the server or user’s behavior through reverse re engineering practices.

Last not the least it is important in order to educate all the staff members about the impending and imminent threats to the server and the way they conduct inside industries for best security practices.

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