Keep the Puri sea-beach clean

Last updated on April 1st, 2019 at 08:50 am

Puri Town is the easternmost town of India. On its one side situated Bay of Bengal and the other side is famous Lord Jagannath Temple on the blue mountain. On another side Athar Nalla the ancient sewerage system dated back to before Christ. Puri is famous for temples and sea beach. Through out years presence of large segment of floting population arrives in this town.

This article is about how the sea-shore side of puri town is slowly shrinking because of illegal occupation and most of these by some influential pressure groups. One of the most beautifully sea beach because of the presence of high and moving tides shrinking and going backwards when someone stays at the foot of this sand.

Now, the amount of sands is shrinkig due to construction of large scale hotels occuping and destroying parts and parcels of these sands. Even the marine drive road is so short that one four wheeled vehicle hardly able to cross it at its normal speed.

Coupled with is the presence of three wheeler autos which occupies 25 percentages of oad and this makes difficult to walk for pedestrians. The footpath alongsie of marine drive is occupied with temporary sellers which occupies and throws garbage on it to make difficult to walk within those territories.

Even if at some place there is space, the visitors used to stay in group and never let people to walk within those spaces. There are presence of law-enforcing agencies but still there is no awe of any of these sellers as well as that of people and small business vendorswho raom around there.

On another front most of these hotels tend to occupy most of these sand area and they encroach it mot of it to make life difficult for pedestrians as well as vehicles to move freely. While jogging I could see some senior citizens are very fright of such situatiosn and they used to call me or any other person to help them to cross the road from one side to the other.

There is no traffic police to control these vehicles roamng and that makes vehicles to move at great neck speed and most of times it could become hazardous situations for many. From distance to distance at the middle of road there are agents of these hotels with motor bike used to stand and ask the people who come from outsie of Puri town and they used to stay at the middle of the road and that makes moving of vehciles more difficult.

Most of times they used to go with the vehicles and that makes road moving so much zammed with spaces. The situation nearer to sea shore is most wanted. In most of the spaces there are ropes and nets of fishermen and their boats standing just insie sands vertically to stop the poeple to have a free walk within the perimeters of sea shore. As government ordered earlier to fisherment that these people must throw their net at the places where there is no visitors but there are not listening probably emboldened by ome influential persons.

Most oftimes native who used to come and enjoy sea beacj tend to find thies obstructions and most of ties they have to cross these boats by going nearer to sea water and most of time get wet by it. There are shops also at the sea sands and that is intentionally destroying the beauty of sea beach. They throw pollythenes and other materials on it to make these places the worst place to have releif.

Most visitors reach here in search of peace and for devotional purposes. What would they be thinking about when they see the amount of pollution roaming here and there all over? When someone moves at the side just after the place of Golden Palace hotel then one can see how the sewerage waters from most of so called big hotel are reaching out to the waters of sea.

Most people all over the world reach at this place as they think the sea water of Puri sea beach is holy and pious but because of some presser groups of influential persons which helps them to grow these short of misadventures are happening at the sides of Puri sea-beach.

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