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State of Odisha is in eastern India. Puri is a city and municipality in the state of Odisha. Puri is the district head-quarter and on one side the Bay of Bengal is situated. It is situated 60 kilometers south of Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar is the state capital of the state of Odisha. Puri is one of char dham of all over India being followed by Hindus.

Puri is famous for Lord Jagannath Temple and holy sea-beach. Through out the year people flocked here to witness religious importance. It is estimated due to the advent of large number of floating population, the economy of Puri fully dependent upon Lord Jagannath temple of over 80 percentages.

There has been almost 24 festivals and out of which 13 are important ones are observed inside the temple complex so as to attract visitors here. This also contributes immensely for the development of economy of Puri. Of late the presence of sand art has been fully popular and now it has spread to far and wide so as to showcase one of most genuinely use of sands that have been available in plenty in the sea beaches.

Most people reach here from far and wide in India and the world. Their prime attraction, for visiting here is Jagannath Temple and the sea beach. Of late there has been construction of so many hotels in and around areas of sea beach. The bay of Bengal is in south-eastern side of Puri. There has been unauthorized construction of many hotels and that makes the route nearby to sea beach very crowded.

The marine drive road starting from Puri Hotel has been cut to size and due to increase of the floating population, there has been increase in vehicles and the entire road becomes unmanageable and non-walk able. Puri has moderate to tropical climate. Here the temperature always remains at the down side of 40 degrees but due to presence of high degree of moisture due to sea the temperature feels more that 45 degrees and that is why it is important to understand the presence of humidity is fairly high through out year.

Due to cut short of large number of trees in and around sea beach areas in order to create large scale unauthorized hotel industries backed by some influential persons, entire road is cut short and breadth of road is so narrow that even with the presence of so many vehicles out there it is almost impossible for pedestrians to walk across.

Due to presence of large number of floating population there has been many hotel agents moving here and there with bikes and following the tourists. Even in those roads they drive the vehicle with such high neck speed at some point of time you can even close your eyes as there is having the most traversing effect of moving out there. Due to presence of large scale agents there is competition among themselves and they try to overtake each other and that might prove to be hazardous at any point of time.

In and around the area just before swarga dwar, a hotel just cut across the road in order to have the municipality tap that has been there from the other side of the road that is nearer to the beach. In close look, it has been seen that the hotel is using saline waters and producing to people and the road in between has been cut short and moving there becomes extremely difficult.
It is surprising that for some days the main road leading to swarge dwar nearer chaitanya square has been at the cross road of slight blocking. People still move with their businesses with no reactions at all. The hotels in and around sea beach areas has been slowly cutting thorough towards main roads and even at the side or left there is slightly narrower foot path which is slowly on the verge of collapse mainly due to presence of large number of temporary shops at the sands of puri sea beach.

At the left side, there has been creation of foot path for extreme convenience of people but sadly. Most of these places are either occupied by temporary vendors and that makes, walking even those places extremely difficult. Due to presence of large scale such small and temporary shops, there has been pollution and most of these food packets after eating have been thrown into the sands to make the beautiful sands uglier.

There are huge posters about how to maintain sea beach areas but sadly most of these are for only reading only and there is no presence of implementation of administrative repose on these as the result of this more and more sand place has been occupied by people and they sell tea, snacks and some tiffins but sadly the garbage maintenance of these are not up to date.

It has been almost difficult to comprehend even after the order of municipalities, there has been shops that are there and entire sea beach space become not approachable as while you walk even on the sands there has been places where you could see presence of plastic chairs which is for people who pay rupees ten to seat there for an hour. In this manner even seating on these places is not easily available.

If there could be any simple way to monetize the water then these people could make it so. Even on the road, towards the foot path there has been temporary vendors occupying that place and walking becomes extremely difficult out there. There has been many tents and other forms of wires in between to support the temporary shops situated at the sands and that makes walking extremely difficult.

There is one big board showing and mentioning about maintaining the cleanliness of the sea beach but sadly people for the sake of commercialization are continuing to utilize these sacred places and most times. There ought to have been a very difficult time for visitors out there. As the native of this place it hurts to see and realize the state of the art of this situation where every place and every area slowly becoming commercialized and that hurts people so much.

Still, there is hope and there is light at the end of tunnel. Due to people friendly acts of the central government more and bigger shopping malls are now opening in smaller towns and this makes the process of stopping and phasing out of smaller shops easier. With the advent of Vishal Megamart, Reliance and Big Bazzar, there ought to be ending in such temporary smaller shops those of which has been covering most places of the grand road as well as the places nearer to sea-beaches.

What it does means is that ultimately people should reach out to these shops and finds out its utility than these temporary shops and slowly, these shops will lose their monopoly of pricing and that should enable the proper management of affordability with extreme and careful pricing to find the most relevant price front and that should be removing all such unwanted and mostly the disturbing temporary shops so that ultimately we could find the real Puri town of earlier times where there is complete peace of mind and that should make this religious place most beautiful one to showcase to the floating population.

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