How to use Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth technology is a short distance wireless technology. Given the fact two or more blue tooth enabled electronic devices situated within short ranges to each other to share audio, network pairing and sharing of multimedia elements. Apart from electronic devices, Bluetooth works nicely with multimedia devices such as wireless ear phones, hands free phone calls, and it also very handy which makes driving extremely pleasant due to circulation of surrounding sounds to different speakers at different zones or corners of the car.

Pairing a Bluetooth printer with makes entire office paperless, and thus you get rid of annoying cords and cables. Bluetooth works in a wireless way and it works in the form of pairing of electronic devices with each other. You can pair a smart phone with a and let songs play with from smart phone devices. You can pair blue tooth speaker or headphone with mobiles and that makes you to stay wireless and hands free and that is mostly suitable for you while you are on the drive.

While doing everything in the aspect of the limitations of Bluetooth should be remembered. It has maximum range of about 30 feet and its top out transfer speed is about 24 Mbps. It is important to check out both of to be paired devices to be Bluetooth capable or not. Bluetooth is one of the exponents of wireless technology and has been in the market for over two decades. If you have old computers which have no blue tooth compatibility then you can go for purchasing of blue tooth dongle which can connect a desktop computer with Bluetooth devices easily.

Many modern cars have Bluetooth compatibility, and that enables to create pairing of speakers and create the situation of hands free so that each and every calls can be received without bothering to touch the phone and that makes entire driving parameters safer and this makes entire space within car becomes one of most memorable journey ever. In this way, there is no need for extra cords and no need for extra wires and ware and tears of these and that makes the entire journey safer without interruption.

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Modern Bluetooth printers have Bluetooth compatibility. It enables to print anywhere without cable and this makes the first and prominent steps towards making entire, office paper less. Bluetooth functionalities are completely dependent upon hardware of the devices. Some cell phones have. Hardware functionalities to allow single phone or devices and some have hardware functionalities to allow multiple devices. So, it is important to check this out before pairing devices.

Bluetooth devices work in a pair. In order to work these devices properly you have to connect one device with that of the other, which is the process known as pairing, which is different from device to device and even computer to device and after proper authentication of these devices the next step is to see whether both the devices are well connected with each other which is called as pairing mode.

The working standards of devices to devices change. If you are pairing a headphone with that of phone, then the phone would be in listening mode and the headset to be put in the pairing mode. The phone in the listen mode would be finding out or discover the headset and then a proper connection with the phone of the headset done properly. Similar is the case when you connect a Bluetooth keyboard or a Bluetooth mouse with that of computer and where the computer would be in the listen mode and the keyboard or devices would be in pairing mode.

Most of time in devices other than phone you should be asked about to put a pin in order to authenticate the pairing process of your devices. After putting a pin into devices, you would be presented with the pairing of both the devices. It is important to remember that pairing to be done only once, and as long as Bluetooth is enabled, the connection stays and when the Bluetooth is off the connection removed and when it is again, the connection starts again.

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So in the future, the pairing should not will be done and the connection process remains. If you have a bunch of nice pictures on your camera by phone and want it to be transferred to other phones, or laptop then you can share with Bluetooth after pairing of both the devices. It becomes a wire transfer and the process of transfer from one device to other remains as long as the blue tooth is turned on both the devices.

It is important to check whether your computer has Bluetooth hardware capabilities or not. If your computer is an older one, then it is better to check these steps out to see whether there is Bluetooth convertibility or not and if not then you can opt for Bluetooth dongle to make this out. First open device manager. Bluetooth works in collaboration with hardware of the device and for this it is important to check this aspect out in device manager.

The device manager has the list of all hardware and out of it you can check whether the Bluetooth driver is there or not. Find out Bluetooth radio category and then check out whether all the hardware working properly or not. If you see this category, then it is absolutely clear that the blue tooth is installed properly. Note that if the Bluetooth icon is there at the system trey menu then there is no need to check out from the device manager.

If there is a yellow exclamation icon besides blue tooth or other driver link, then it is time to update the driver and if update is not there which means. Hardware is not there or is not functioning correctly. If you do not find Bluetooth radios on device manager and there is no icon at the system then it is better to go to network adapters category of computer and simply search network adapter and then see whether there is any category such as Bluetooth as this segment shows the connection of computer with other devices through network cards.

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Here, look for any other entries that shows network card and if not found then you can buy usb dongle from any technology store or from an online store which is available from time to time with cheaper pricing. After checking all of these, you can now go for pairing of devices, and then share and use Bluetooth sharing in its original capacity.

This means this depends completely on your laptop hardware whether it is there or not. If not so then you can purchase it in the form of USB dongle to enable this feature. This means, windows is just an a software environment or framework and mostly the Bluetooth functions depends a whole lot on original equipment manufacturer’s wishes and whims as and when they have Bluetooth hardwares installed on system still then the Bluetooth works automatically if not then after checking and confirming the above mentioned processes you can opt to go for purchasing of usb dongle so as to present the driver offline and use the older computers with Bluetooth.

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