How to stop strangers from contacting you online?

The internet is a place where people from all over the world can contact each other. It makes the world a small place. This helps people to communicate with to each other through different apps. At some point in time, this is okay but at some other point of time this could lead to unwanted attention and disturbances. There are many popular social networking services where people can contact each other.

This article relates to how to stop strangers from contacting you online? Day by day with the increase use of mobile and presence of high speed internet, more and more people is using the internet for social networking. Facebook is probably the number one social networking website and there are millions of users are there from all over the world.


Privacy setting of Facebook is very convenient to use and this is probably the single most comprehensive presence of large degree of empowerment of to users about it. From the top right corner of the drop down menu of Facebook, click on settings, then private. From here there are various options available where you can stop anyone from the friend’s list not to show some particular posts on timeline.

There are options to stop your profile from indexing with Google or other search engines in order to preserve your privacy. In the privacy settings and tools, there is the sub menu namely who can see my stuff? And from here you can control who can see your future posts, who can see your friends list and there is the option to limit the audience for posts you have shared with friends of friends or the public.

Then in another sub menu in this setting who can contact me and who can look me up. Who can send you friend requests and here you can limit the visibility of your profile and also in another subset of menu there is option for who can look you up using email address you provided as well as who can look you up using the phone number you provided and if you want you to save your profile from the trespassers then it is better to edit these and make it as secure as possible.

Facebook provides a great way to block irritating users from disturbing you. From the setting goes to block and then you come up with management blocking.

When you add some friends and after using it for sometime you realize that it is better to restrict the user or block the user as decision to be taken by you as in the case of restriction the user could not see your posts but yours profile information can be accessible and in the case of blocked user the concerned user is blocked and he or she could not find yours profile in any of searches be it face book or any other website search engines.

If you see someone is pushing you with annoying messages, then it is better to block messages and then that user won’t be able to contact you as well as could not contact you with the messenger. You can block application, even requests and then request from that friend would no longer appear on the time line and notifications.

You can block apps and block pages so that yours timeline remains clutter free and more and clearer view of your face book time line could be there so that automatically you should receive messages that are intended for you at the time of need. In addition to this you can report abusive users on face book.

When at any point of time you receive messages from people which makes you uncomfortable then it is better to open that message or conversation and then open its settings cog and select block messages or delete it by selecting delete conversation from the settings cog of the conversation immediately. If you want to report the abusive post, then it is better to keep it on your timeline and then report it for complete authentication.

If you want to block someone immediately without reaching to settings then go to face book tool bar on the timeline and open the padlock symbol from there, and then enter the name or email address of the individual to block them completely.


Twitter is a very fast paced interactive platform having to use a very limited number of words and one single message could reach to millions without too much of an effort on your part. Here, you can control who are following you and restrict users of specific types from following you and this it is important to know how to do this.

Click on profile picture of twitter and then reach to security and privacy and then under privacy and safety reach to privacy and click on privacy and then click on tweet privacy and here tick on under protect my tweets and if this is selected only those you approve will receive your tweets and future tweets will not be available publicly though the posted tweets might have been publicly visible at some places.

Remember to click on save changes by providing password of twitter account and this makes yours future twitter friends add on request comes to you and in this manner you can verify whom to follow or not. If you want to block individual readers or followers on twitter then you can do it by moving to their profile, click on the settings cog and then select block to block the user and that user would not be able to see any of yours future posts at any point of time. It also means that you will be no longer seeing their posts in the future.

Sometimes, you could find that some of the users are posting their content on twitter timeline by sending you in the form of messages and this is what you do not want and then there is the way out of this. To stop someone from messaging you is all that you need is to unfollow them and automatically they could not message you and this stops the interferences on your time line by others.

From the privacy settings of twitter, there is the option of not allowing photo tagging of others and here you can select do not allow anyone to tag me in the photos. If you do not wish to receive direct message or send and receive read receipts then you can untick both the column in direct messages such as receive direct messages from any one and send/receive read receipts and it stops anyone to send you direct message and you will not able to see their receipts and conversations any more.

If you wants to delete location from your tweets when you tweets with a location then untick add a location to my tweets in privacy settings of twitter and save it and this will delete locations labels you have added to your tweets and this may take 30 minutes to implement.

In this article, we learn about how to secure privacy settings of face book and twitter accounts, so that these should not be there with prying eyes and stop trespassers from bothering you further. In this manner it is obvious that there has been tremendous levels of user’s engagement in these renowned social networking systems are there, it is for users to edit and make it extremely convenient for them so that their account and personal information stays secure all the time.

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