How to hack brains with Cinemagraphs?

The presence of snow globes attracts too many. Mesmerizing signs of artificial snow are moving inside plastic artifacts just makes the stable idles moving in the mind. When someone looks at the snow globe closely one could find that all the stable elements which are mostly made of plastics seem to be providing the mirage image of moving phenomenon.

In this case the none of the individual elements inside the snow globe is important as the sense of three dimension which creates a stumbling space inside mind as well as the movement of snow does make it to the sense that it provides some of the wonderful phenomenon of brilliantly composed presence of some of the most scenic advantage of these wondrous and fabulous understanding.

What does it make sense in the presence of random swirling clouds that make the presence of space inside the snow globe? Due to advancement of technology most times, the creation of such events with multimedia tools with computer has become easier. By using cinemagraph the web designers are slowly creating such stunning images that can hack the perception of mind for some time.

Mostly at some point of time the use of videos inside the images makes the life out of these images. Most times, it provides the sense of time and the environment where most times the single and constant images are failed to provide the ample implication of meaning of images.

Part of images is animated within single static form and this term was first coined by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck in the year 2011 where they want to provide the sense of time and place with the static images through part of animation.

Next with due course of time, by taking the advantage of internet and some other technology advancements developers have gained lot and create the concept of loop to provide some of the magnificent ideas such s wafting coffee stream that makes entire atmosphere and the visibilities to look forward in finding out, some of the most amazing form of ideas where the real life come out in the opening and the presence of such wonderful indication of the life inside the portrait comes out in the open and it is some sort of additional form of ideas where we could find the presence of some amazing thought provoking element where even the presence of ethical mind of humans got defeated many a times.

What it makes or converts the normal image to be felt like similar to that of an experience or a memory. How it can be in the same set up of information is there but due to the presence of loop or some animation to be in precise we could find the presence of life or memory and in this way brain can be hacked.

We know there has been greater demand for cinematography, but the use of cinematograph inside images does provide a huge sense of web designing elements as well as a better career option. What it makes these sort of pictures the most absorbing to understand is that most of times the attached vibrations or movement of elements always tries hard to provide some other senses attached with the image or centralized portrait which most of times forget to understand that this is the sort of imagery presence of ideas that is making and creating such stunning presence of revelation of mind.

Sometimes, the added animation that has been attached with these images does not reveal anything or for normal multimedia specialist this should look like the same sort of engaging elements but on the other hand when it is prefixed with the images it does say plenty but the serious question to ask is that how come such static image and the person inside of it or any static element does provide some glimpses of ideas to understand the sense of events that has been marked up and down and providing some other sense which in normal circumstances most of brains failed to understand.

While talking about the presence of cinematograph the real question we ask about ourselves is that can we make similar cinematograph so that these forms of trending and hacking of mind can be done so easily? Modern forms of cinematography are either combinations of looped videos or GIFs. The trick is to create small animation within small content of the static image that can have an impact upon the sense of place and that should have combined magical effect on the way the viewer perceives about the sense of understanding.

Most of the image postures should have been exactly what the size of a normal photo and in some other place. This should provide the sense of ideas about the most viewing angles. Later models of photo shops have provided these tools and there are many nice tutorials are there about creating cinematography and this one needs to understand the exact sense of movement and polymorphemic and then move forward in understanding it.

It helps to layer static and dynamic contents to create separate and stunning visuals for viewers which are more than capable of hacking into minds of the viewer to have some other sensibilities of understandings. For Mac OS enthusiastic the presence of Flixel which has set up of large number of tools for developers to utilize and create stunning cinemagraph elements. It is a paid tool but if one can afford then it is worth a buy.

Microsoft provides free to use Windows app called Blink which is for windows 8.1 and windows 10 and it has great ability to create stunning cinemagraphs.

For iOS users the free app is MaskArt and this works wonderfully to create stunning and visually appealing cinematography arts.

It is a great idea to provide some sort of artificial elements inside the static images so that even when the viewer see the images that provide the clear amplification of understanding of how the hacking into minds can be done so easily without not so much of difficulties. There are many free to use as well as paid apps are there for creation of stunning cinemagraph images, and this does provide some sort of innovative ways to understand how there are many ways to hack into mind and creation of stunning cinemagraph are some of the best ways to deal with it.

What all of these elements suggests that somewhere in the hindsight we have been caught between devil and the god and could not understand the real meaning attached with it and slowly find out the impact of such snow storm or the minimalists presentations of ideas that has been most of times tries hard to show some other elementary presentation of view but sadly moves out of it and finds it the most utopian hacking of brain which seems to suggest that could be possible with the technique of cinemagraph.

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