How to Fix Can’t Connect to Camera Error Issue with Payments with Paytm App on Android

Last updated on April 30th, 2019 at 03:34 am

ndroid: It has been some sort of practice by me to reach to Reliance Fresh for shopping of milk and other essential foods in the morning just after completing morning walks. Generally, during jogging

times, I prefer not to take wallet but prefer to pay with, Android devices or with credit cards. Sometimes, I fond of paying at Reliance Fresh with the credit card and many a time with Paytm.

The real reason behind paying with Paytm is that while walking at the morning is to pay with Paytm as mobile is with me because of Google Fit app to check the amount of exercise as well as on the other side it can be paid through Paytm the mobile app. This reduces the number of items to be taken while moving for jogging.

That is why from time to time I used to refuel Packnowledgedaytm with the credit card so that, I could use mobile to pay out there. Like one day, when I scan using Paytm, the camera failed to initiate. Camera function needed for scanning of side and that is not done as camera failed to initiate.

Luckily, I was with my wallet that day and able to pay easily with cash on that day at Reliance Fresh. Even Paytm has acknowledged this as this bug is there with android phone users but iPhone and web users are not affected with it.

So, there is the issue while paying with Paytm app on android. Reaching to the payment page of Paytm android app failed. If you have android lollipop then it is time to update Android System Web View to its latest version. If you have disabled it, then it is time to enable it and update from Play Store to its latest version.

Android Web View is an android’s Google Chrome service which helps web application to use this service to open to its payment or other resultant pages. It is always a good practice to update these apps automatically so that you will not worry about it to use its latest version.

Then, restart your phone, and then try to do payment or adding money to it and for sure this bug would not be there on android lollipop users. For Android Noughat users, update Google Chrome to its latest version, and set it to auto update in Play Store setting and then restart your phone and connect to the internet and open Paytm app and now for sure adding or payment through the app would be easier for now.

If after going through the above steps, still the ‘can’t connect to camera’ dialogue appears and payment not successful, then use these steps to rectify. Generally, when you try to scan the barcode for payment through Paytm, the blank camera and then camera error with dialogue can’t connect to the camera then you might follow these steps to rectify this issue.

First and foremost step is to restart your phone and then use Paytm again. It is important to remove conflicting apps that are using exactly the same feature and process. Whatsapp, Jio Money uses similar camera functions so it is time to decide which app is important for you and then remove those apps so that the camera should not be in the state of conflicting situations.

Some users suggested to install the third-party additional camera apps from the Play Store and leave the default camera app for Paytm and other proprietary software which uses default camera for accessibility features.

Some android original equipment manufacturers have used and manage their camera app and from time to time update it with some additional features. Go to Settings and then the camera and then remove cache and force stop the camera app and then restart it. Then update it and this can at some situations resolve Paytm cannot connect to camera issues.

From Android Marshmallow and beyond there is application based permission system and you can control and manage this in order to stop unnecessary background services. It is made to make the phone to work good with battery and low on system resources. You can check to see whether camera permission is given to Paytm or not and if it off then moves the slider to make it switched on.

If any of the above steps not working then it is better to go for complete wiping out of data of phone and reinstall app all over again in order to see how Paytm is functioning with or without any error or not. You can try to remove the cache of Paytm app and then see whether it is working correctly or not. beginning

If all of these not working correctly and after going through all of these work out still there are problems related to Paytm cannot connect to the camera issue , then for sure it is of hardware issues and it is time to reach to your service provider, and give your phone to recheck everything from the beginning. It might have been something to do with hardware, motherboard or camera hardware issues.

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