Reasons to use a CDN for WordPress

WordPress based sites are preoccupied with codes of php and javascript and that makes loading time of wordpress slower. With due course of time, backed up by large number of dedicated wordpress communities with constant updating we have seen constant growth of wordpress and that results in faster loading times with stipulated speed limit. If that so then why we should use a content delivery network for wordpress then?

There is reason for speeding up website further. Page loading times of website and especially of the landing page has greater significance in generating more revenues and attracting more and more organic visitors to website. Slow why should we leave upon the fraction of speed then as from all of these understandings it is obvious that the page loading times of fraction seconds less could land you to attract more and more visitors and more organic visitors means more traffic.

We have seen the biggest time consuming factor of loading times is the distance of server from the side of the client or visitor. Suppose your hosting location is at US and the person from Asia is accessing the website then the time taken to contact the server to and from back should take time. In the case of US visitor, this should load on time. Most of content delivery network caches yours website and then distribute it at different locations of the world and then whenever the user access the webpage from any geo-graphical location CDN simply distribute the cache content from nearest location instead of the server and that makes speed of website loading time on increase.

Now, yours visitors should not be nearer to the location of yours hosting provider and that makes website loading time faster as the cached contents are being distributed from the nearest location of your visitor by the CDN and that makes page loading times of website faster that actual. In your hands, the primary important factor is the size of the page of website but when the distance of your visitors to matters then the importance of CDN comes to the primary importance.

There are many CDN points all across the globe with content delivery network and they distribute webpages in accordance with location of the user. Secondly, with the set up of content delivery network for most traffics of yours website got diverted and being firewalls so that each and every traffics are being closely checked and this makes the security of website more stubborn and stronger.

More than h50 percentages of website traffics come out from the internet bots and that is not going to help the website bandwidth limit usages and central processing unit option of webpages. It also makes it heavier and slow for genuine organic traffics and this means with lesser advent of organic traffic the income from website goes slower.

After attaching content delivery network with website and after few days you could realize that how much of bots are eating out in the past the precious bandwidth of yours website and that should be stopped as most of CDN does not allow it and they only allow human visitors to access the site. Out of more than half of internet traffic at the 29 percentages, bots are from malicious users and that should be alarming for website to preserve their website from unwanted unauthorized intrusions.

If these bots are not stopped then even if you have missed some wordpress updates or plugin updates then these bots could exploit theses malicious instances to integrate into your website to make it corrupt. Most of CDN usually identify such bots and then identify those malicious bots and blacklist them and in this way protect your website further from incursions from malicious trespassing of hackers.

Some malicious users try hard to attach any website with high surge of sudden traffic and that could prove to stop the server and completely stop internet traffic of the website server and this makes website inaccessible some times. CDN such huge surge of traffics is constantly being saved and such traffics are stopped from the side of the content delivery network itself. This is called as denial of service attacks and in this segment the compromised computer and malicious servers are blocked from the side of the content delivery network itself and thus stop all such malicious intended server and recipients completely.

Most of ecommerce site could hurt immensely with the presence of such denial of service attacks and it is important to add good CDN such as cloudflare so that ultimately this comes with the work of cdn to stop all such imminent attacks on website. This means that both forms of website users such as good one and malicious ones first reach towards the servers of cdn and after it got clearance from there then it could only enter into the original server.

With the advent of content delivery network the web becomes faster and that provides you with ample opportunities to add more and more customization and additional level of modern web standards to your website and that makes the experience inside website more visible. CDN has been able to perform some of the most modern day customization such as email address obfuscation to prevent malicious bots from accessing yours email, server side excludes which automatically hide specific content from suspicious visitors, hot linking which protects yours website from off-site linking and preserve vital space for organic visitors are very difficult to achieve through codes but in reality with cdn it comes with automatically.

It is recommended to enable CDN through reverse proxy enabled so that absolute protection of website can be done by CDN. This is done with the simple change of DNS settings given by CDN to you and then, you are done and it then preserves bandwidth and make your site runs with faster and speedier. Speed is the most prized factor and from the experience of installing cdn I have seen the performance improvement and faster loading times as well as increase of real-time visitors to a site and that makes site slowly growing in popularity.

CDN comes with security, optimization, and better protection through various levels. There has been many CDN plugins to improve the page loading times of static contents of website and from word press plugin directory one could find plenty of information about it and with due course of time with the user’s knowledge about such optimization levels the proper implementation of such wordpress best optimization practices not only makes website faster and secure but also presentable to organic visitors.

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