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Mohan Manohar July 17, 2017
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When a web-master begins to build the blog the primary importance attached with it is to find out the main revenue sharing model for it. Not only bloggers but also the every start ups beginning from Facebook, Google, Twitter and everyone their prime motive is to find out the best revenue share model so that ultimately, they can continue with their endeavor for further successes so that it not only benefits them but also benefit immensely to their clients also.

Content is king:

This means the primary important factor of a successful blog is its content which means that could impact so much influence on visitors so that they become returning visitors time and again. As we know and this needs to be reiterated that content is king. You have to write content on vivid subjects and most of these should be well documented and describe in detail so that reader should have the ultimate clarity of what you wanted to say and convey the user.

The article should pose such an impact on users so much to so that ultimately this could prove to be the most vivid description of ideas so that ultimately the information you provide should have immense influence on readers. This not only should provide additional bit of new and innovative ways to tackle all of this but also should provide more and more immense importance attached with the search engines which is now carefully giving importance to such websites with aim to provide users with plenty of information.

Sharing is important:

Of late we have seen how from time to time Google search algorithm are on change and slowly it is giving importance to contents that are shared with various social networking websites. Just the random share of information is not enough or sharing to various social media network through forceful information sharing is not enough. It is the finding out of real visitors in such networking and sharing and linking them within these spheres are important and for this it is essential to find out the real information management and the real people to share the information are important.

Facebook Page:

First creates one face book page which is different from face book account. Facebook account has timeline and home buttons but face book page is for website or other purposes and then share the article there and allow people to subscribe that so that ultimately when you share that article on Facebook Page that also been seen by subscribers and they can like it and reshape it and so on and this way the article move through the organic traffic. Organic traffics are real traffics.

It is the most familiar way to let your website indexed with Facebook. Remember Facebook with vast array of almost real and organic visitors do have plenty of time opportunities for organic traffic so that ultimately, we could find that while these article got indexed with it at any point of time you could find people reaching to your article and that should be the most memorable and easier way to find out the organic traffic.


Twitter is the most popular social network with limitations of 140 words. With this you can share your article and if you plenty of followers or you can build it with due course of time then there is every possibilities of it to retweet in the article and then to millions of users with a very shorter time. Twitter has mostly the organic visitors and most of times it is cutting across the fake Twitter account so with this you can gain more and more organic visitors and that should be the great for you in the long run as this enable you for development of a good rapport with search engines.

With due course of time do remember to the subscriber and follower base of both face book page and Twitter account and when it needed do tend to follow back to followers and subscribers so as to find out more and more definitive ways to understand the processes of how to go about and increasing visitor’s count for yours accounts.

There are some other important social networking websites such as Google+, Linked in, Instagram, Pinterest and so on and do tend to remember to register there and create the page or other accounts and regularly share articles out there so that the subscriber should know and realize the importance of sharing and regular updating of articles of yours so that ultimately by reading out the snippets of share he or she could reach out the destination blog and that proves to be the most organic way to acquire traffic.

Apart from this sharing with DIgg, Diggo, Instapaper, Tumblr, Flipboard, Google Bookmarks and so on and do share the old articles after certain period of times so that ultimately you could find the real-time information about all of these aspects so that these could provide the more and more sharing options for your article. This is by far the most precious and important way to attach the organic visitor’s interest on your website so that ultimately the processes of identification of all of these rests with yours might share abilities to the fullest of its core.

The list of social sharing websites is so much that you could from time to time add it to your lists so that ultimately the updating and sharing scope and perimeters increases from time to time and this not only helps you to circulate article to various social networking sites but also it makes the sharing of article to wide locations and that makes the entire reading parameter of blog wider and more and more people should reach to your blog irrespective of location and languages. While doing this slowly, you acquire the organic traffic and slowly build the stronger base for support and that is the first and important path towards acquiring the most profitable and prominent brand presence.

Sharks Patrol These Waters

Google My business does provide an excellent way to interact with customers and also you can share all important information while running the business. It lets you to add posts, and other location information so that when the perspective clients search for you in the internet they could reach at your website and thus another way to add and attract customers. It also index website and it is a far better way to show case information about websites and spread the information across Google.

Google Plus pages also empower users to have the branding account and then add it to Google Maps and then Google My Business and then Google webmaster tools and so on so that it should be well authenticated with Google services. What it makes beneficial for you is that it not only presents you with vast array of indexing options but also you now have plenty of ways to customize yours contents and spread it all across internet so that whenever the user wants to avail and access it then automatically these could be served them for their own benefits. This way, branding of your website begins and continues to provide you with powerful options for gaining and availing all of these elementary benefits.

The problem is that the Google search engine algorithm is a private one and never ever exposed to public. People and writers just estimate about it and nothing more and they continue to think about it in some of the most spectacular ways that it might have been or so but in reality we do not have any slight idea about this. That is why we have to go towards understanding that it is the source of people and real visitors that matter the most. That is why the most cost effective and real ways to acquire and retain organic visitors are the simply the best way to save your website and make it popular and acquire more and more real-time visitors so as to build the brand out of it.

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