Where the wild flowers, with so many colors

No doubt this time during this festive season the weather has been excellent. The wind move with cooler presence and the amount of rain that has been happening is almost similar to that of the hill station like climate. The rain here at Puri, the coastal town of India in Odisha has been very mild and with it one could easily move and roam here and there freely as well as enjoy the festive mood.

I could recall somewhere around 10 to 12 years back, when we all went to Ooty, and after reaching there the climate was similar with few drops of rain but not that irritating as you could move here and there freely and the cool breezes passing here and there justifies and provides one of most scintillating iconic presence of wonderland to say the least.

Another occasion I could remember during my child hood days at the Tensa town where the climate was so nice to say the least that the clouds would hovering here and there and it would touch you while these move and go over it and it is one of most lesser known hill town of Odisha. Here the climate is cooler and mostly this place is full of the floating population and this place has some dynamic presence of nice climate though it has not been known to many people.

On another occasion when I was doing my post graduation at Utkal University, during that time my parents are posted at southernmost town of Odisha and during that time the connectivity to that town from capital city of Odisha has not been good and the bus would take almost twenty hours to reach with three stops. During the first stop it stays in and around Phulbani town and especially of its Bus stand.

It was one of better located and nicely built bus stand and from the view point at nine pm night when we reach there it looks awesome and lights are there, and as I walked outside to watch the climate and to move here and there in order to remove any signs of tiredness due to long distance seating at one location, as I found the climate was excellent even during midst of August.

It was so cool that all of a sudden I could feel my teeth were trembling with thunder after effects. I could not just stand there even more that one minute. Then I realize that there are many places of Odisha where even the coolness is there and climates are nice but still we could not find an answer for it as why these are not so popular till this date. I got back to the bus and into my seat all of a sudden to avoid this cool climate.

The southern town of Odisha is Nabarangpur and there the climate has been nicer for the entire year. This place was so full of trees and natural habitats. Here, the tribal population are on the higher side and they believe in dealing with the natural environment and when they meet at the market for twice in a week they used to sell natural products and most of these are well suited for everyone. .

This means that there has been many places of Odisha which are not so known to others but still these places have more than hill station like climate which provides the nicer atmosphere to enjoy the entire atmosphere in its fullest capacity. Most of these nicer places does not have rail route decades back but now slowly all of these places are now well connected and that is why moving from this place to that of the other has been very convenient and slowly I am sure with the world at best India know these places would flock here and that could help improve potential of these places to its greatest margin.

Similarly, while moving through Koraput express, from Bhubaneswar during winter time, in and around the town of Koraput we could see the mountains and the amounts of small yellow flowers making it almost yellowish. The cultivation of these seeds which have yellow flowers on the top of these hills while moving from training and watching these on the sides of windows makes the vision to watch all of these wonderful.

For some time one could feel the presence of the Himalayas at this place of Odisha as everywhere you see it would show you yellowish all over everywhere. One could feel the presence of heaven in between the earth and that makes the entire surroundings and environments one of the most outstanding forms of a wonderful place where you would want to stay there for longer times for sure. While moving in these places one would surprise to find the amount of wonderful surprises here and there and ultimately these do provide one of the most multi dimensional aspects to understand how such a wonderful place of our planet has been.

The more one move into the planet the more one finds different dynamics and many unknown atmosphere. That is why slowly humans have been converting into rational beings. It wants to watch each and every surface of the earth as well as each part of this wonderful universe so that nothing should be shrouded in mystery. This is the most exquisite plants that make the entire human population to know more about planet earth.

Some also wishes to know about universal but still there are some reservations about it as with due course of time. We could see the presence of large number of difficulties in crossing the domain of the earth into space. Why it is we could not know may be some other force or the Almighty does not want us to know about the space outer of earth. In each and every filed we are trying hard to find out more about all such lost findings or never explained findings still we continue to move about it and find out what should have been the best possible solutions for all of us to understand what could have been the single most wonderful happening that should ever happen to us and should we find everything that we are searching for.

We as human yet to know everything about what has been happening all over out here and continue to be more and more diligent and wonderful way to understand what it could have been and how such and such tremendous level of antecedents could prove to be more and more positivist towards finding everything in life. Even we have no idea of how our brains functions and we have limited ideas of it. Why every human brains are not similar and what is the sole basis of strong and weaker brains we could not reach the real-time occlusion of it so far.

Even so say our vision has been limited to some dimensions as there are many other dimensions are there even in this planet and some other elements are hiding from our vision. We tend to forget and find any reason about why in this planet we could find two dissimilar personalities all at one go and could not understand why in some occasions there are two different dimensions of understandings and reasoning out puts. It has not always been between good and bad and nice and worse but still the antecedents to find out each and every reasoning for this and hunt for this continues unabated.

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