What is WordPress Theme Framework?

Every developer does construct an idea of how to develop a wordpress theme. The next stage of development is to hack into theme frame work so that the construction of theme becomes easier. That is why it is very easier to create wordless theme as long as you do have clear cut and savvy ideas of how to construct these theme in real time as well as the way you do remember to create the construction of theme from these framework in order to find out better theme construction vision.

Generally, a wordpress theme runs with the complete list of core files which are essential for a theme to run and deliver. Such as header functions, footer, sidebar, single, home, index, achieves and so on. These are as much as essential for construction of a theme as it should provide every functionality of a clear cut run of a theme in real time. Most of savvy developers hard to find construction upon a theme from the scratch. That is why it has always been a good idea to develop a theme from scratch is often very difficult to find it out.

That is why the importance of theme frame work comes about where we could find the presence of easier option of hacking into existing theme so that ultimately in the end we could find some of the best possible ways to sincerely and easier way to hacked into theme set up files.

In this way the construction of personalized theme becomes completely personal as the self hosted wordpress site, it is a better idea to construct a personalized and self created theme in order to have complete freedom of reaching out to public and provide something important to them. Even some of the great developers use free or paid theme framework in order to create better theme customizations. The conditions and codes of theme framework you should find out how to collaborate and add newer option for better coordination of ideas that could provide more productive and more innovative ideas to surface and created into some of the most dynamic forms of theme construction.
Why use a theme framework?

If you are good at coding and even at the initial stage and being the developer of wordpress the coding infrastructure and its support has been huge. WordPress codex information is one of most spectacular help for users. A good theme framework does help you immensely while saving precious time. Inside of a good theme framework there has been plenty of already constructed loops and other information and you only have to manage and construct the posture and create the theme as per yours own wishes. Most frameworks comes with mark up, basic css and important functionalities so as to provide some of the easier ways to construct theme.

If you are fairly new to the php, then it is a better way to construct theme with the existing framework so that ultimately you could handle the difficulties attached to construction of theme with complete ease in relation to construction of php. A theme framework augments and speeds up your progress of theme construction and once you have found the way to construct the them ultimately within shortest possible of time you could find that construction and management of core files of wordpress becomes absolutely easier.

Create child theme from theme framework:

Since wordpress 2.7 users have the advantage of creating a child theme, which is from then have become absolutely popular and it is also one of essential part of construction of a theme from within theme framework is to create a child them from the theme framework and then run it so that whatever the modification you have done with the theme should not be lost after theme updates. For advance coders who does wish to have more and more customization to the theme could use the functions.php of child theme to work on their way with the help of adding more custom functionality into it.

WordPress developer and its communities are strong and they have developed a strong sense of community from where development of these frameworks comes about. Most of times the theme embedded within these frameworks should work as parent theme and the construction of theme by the developers should work as child theme so that with minimalists achievement of construction of theme we could reach out to the most positive form of the development of theme.

What are the important traits to be considered before choosing a great framework?

First point of accepting and then hacking into a theme of theme framework is the license that is permitting you to do this. A great framework should have e valid semantic HTML so that you could construct and then create and add some of the customizations with it without any difficulties. Theme frameworks should also provide you an easier way to construct the child theme and that should be one of the most important parts of theme development.

A good theme framework should provide you with an option of minimal css which could construct and develop a larger portion of theme development. Most of designing files such as typography, css and other designing elements should be at the separate folder from within theme framework. So that editing and adding and removing theme frameworks from these segments should be much easier.

Yours theme framework should follow the right king of search engine optimization practices so that ultimately there should not be anything additional to be done in order to provide an additional form of development with regards to augmentation of theme frameworks. If you are going to sell the new theme then most of the bloggers do wish to have widgets at header or footer. While construction of theme it is of great importance to see whether the default framework is offering such functionalities or not and that should also be the prime important considerations while going to choose a great framework.

First run the theme inside theme framework and check it for whether it is working nicely with well-known plugins so that ultimately when the user or you installed the theme on wordpress website ultimately you do not have to rethink again of compatibility issues attached with popular and most common wordpress plugins.
SO which framework is the best?

Finally there has been two types of frameworks that are worth checking. The first forms are that of free frameworks and some of it are better than the paid ones and the second form is the paid frameworks. Some of the most renowned free frameworks are thematic, hybrid, carington. Some of the example of paid frameworks are thesis, genesis. So the pertinent question is which framework is best among all.

The first and foremost element to be considered is that it is of personal choice to go for such theme framework and for every coders the paid theme is not the final solution. Personally, I like the thematic framework which is free and it has terrific mark up, and css capability and user with slight good knowledge or acquired knowledge of php from internet can carry out creating one of the better theme framework to create one of the better functioned and terrific sites for people.

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