What are web site security certificates?

ittech July 16, 2017
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In a world of faster INTERNET connectivity and vast resource of complete prolonged use of various digital devices, the security of customers, their devices, data is of prime importance. The medium of all of us between we and the INTERNET is web browsers mostly in different digital devices. Of late most search engines giants including that of Google have been precisely giving prime importance to the use of mostly HTTPS protocols so as to help the users to understand the security certificate of website in complete manner.

Most of times these security certificates are completely valid and the web browser does not pose any question about it but at some other times if it feels there is some part of website that has been using non-secure protocols then it asks users to see and observe and proceed at their own wish. In the modern times, there are two levels of security certificates. One security certificate comes in the form of domain validation which the web master purchased from the domain registrar and mostly these are costly.

Classification of security certificates:

The second form of security certificate of website is that of extended validation which mostly bloggers and smaller web masters use. In the first form of domain as it costs some additional amount to web masters to purchase the additional form of buying from web registrar. It shows a form of padlock of information in opera page with complete security certificate and this shows that this website is register under domain validation security certificates. Mostly, the popular bloggers with higher earnings and commercial electronic commerce enterprises use this so as to provide absolute security for users.

After clicking those padlock badge one could see the secure and accredited connection information of website with complete detailed information out for the users to understand. Many modern bloggers use cloud flare to have flexible SSL on their sites and most of connection of the website goes with security connectivity. Cloud flare is a content delivery network and most of times, there are many web registrars have their tie up with this site and that makes the connectivity issues with these sites more secure and efficient.

It does not cost web master for additional money and entire website goes with encryption connectivity with simple one click and some additional configuration option and if you want to know more about it then you could move to this link to know more of it as few days back I had wrote detailed description about it. It encrypts as much as traffic as possible so as to prevent complete data loss and data theft an security the data that are being provided to the database. It is free of charge and it is the first content delivery network to provide such facility completely free of charge and as Google and other search giants beginning to move towards complete security certificate or https website for users and it is now deemed and realized that website owners should shift to this in order for better search engine optimizations.

Secure socket layer technology (SSL): 

SSL or secure socket layer technology of web standards is the standard technology, which provides sends and receives the complete encryption technology between web server and browser. Web server where the website s hosted and the browser is the place where the user access the website with their web browser in client computer. Millions of website use SSL connection so as to provide absolute security for users as well as that of web servers. It provides absolute peace of relief for web masters as well as that of users who access website with client computer.


These secured link ensure and assures users as well as web masters that the data send and receive from the server and from the user’s computer remains private and there is no data breach while the data in the passage from client computer to server. It includes the transport layer security (TLS) to secure data from breach and trespassers.

Why use Secure Socket Layer (SSL)?

Every website irrespective of their size, dimension and their business orientation should use SSL. In the earlier times, the website with SSL does load slowly and the users with slow connectivity has to wait for longer hours but now with the advent of modern web server technology the loading times of websites reduces and mostly the website with SSL are loading faster that the website which uses non-SSL protocols (HTTP).

Search engines openly announced that they would prefer website with SSL that is beginning with HTTPS protocols and this means in addition to performance it also provides the real amplitude of performance boost for website owners. Website with SSL protocol means it encrypts entire connection and this means no one can be able to hack or snoop into website traffic and this means a website with SSL certificate that begins with HTTPS means that it increases user’s trust level and thus increases visitors in multiple times. Slowly, you would find that website with SSL is key component for regulatory compliance for PCI compliance.

The performance of SSL:

The performance of website equipped with SSL is not what it was some years ago. It has become secure, faster, impressive and wonderful for search engine optimizations. It is now equipped with HTTP/2 which has the real potential to provide double of the speed of normal HTTP website in similar situations. There ought to be no such change of coding while making these faster connectivity. Modern SSL has some more additional features which makes it faster and secure. It has session resumption, OCSP stapling and elliptic curve cryptography which uses very small keys for handshakes of server with browser.

Latest version of TLS also makes it faster with the advent of removing of most of all insecure features so as to provide more secure and more performance oriented approach for faster handshake to load website on faster time. If you are using cloud flare then the performance and optimization of SSL even faster with the use of latest cipher suit known as ChaCha20-Poly1305 which works three times faster with mobile devices due to the presence of AES-128-GCM encryption technology.

Flexible SSL encrypts traffic from cloud flare or any other content delivery network to the end users but not from cloud flare or any other content delivery network to origin servers. Flexible SSL does not need to install SSL certificate on the web server or origin server. It provides uses with large scale snooping and unwanted advertisements injections over HTTP connectivity.

Moreover use of SSL or HTTPS protocol on website increases the validation of trusts not only of users but also from that of search engines giants such as Google and others as it provides an excellent tool for augmenting search engine optimization parameters for every web masters. Slowly, we find many bloggers and web masters are shifting to secure protocols so as to provide excellent summarized information management and security of data and browser’s trust so that in the long run they trust website far better and this should increase the performance improvement of website to a larger extent.

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