Simple tips to speed up LYF Water 7

LYF Water 7 has Android Lollipop 5.1 operating systems. It has dual SIM slot and one slot is for 4G and the secondary slot is for 2G network. At one time, only one slot can be used for 4G connectivity and the other one can be used for 2G connectivity. Nano SIM is to be used in both SIM slots, and the second SIM slot can be exchangeable with memory card. It has two color variants of silver and gold color. It contains non-removable battery with a normal ear phone, SIM removing pin, charger adapter which can be used as USB cable connection with computer.

It has finger print sensor which aims to enhance security of phone to multiple times, but it’s working for many a times comes with too much of difficulties that are beyond imagination. Instant access to single tap should have been there with finger-print sensor but in reality this has not been happening and this needs further improvement or may be software enhancements. Phone is lightweight and it has Asahi Dragon trail glass protection and it has aluminum body which makes it very attractive and from the distance the phone looks exactly that of Apple variants phones.

Many consumers feel after prolonged use of LYF Water 7 the phone becomes slow and unresponsive and the main point of contention for this phone has been the presence of low sound and that makes the enjoyment of multimedia contents very difficult. Due to presence of Jio Volte SIM the presence and use of high speed internet with affordable cost is always there and with it comes many Jio applications which are meant only for seeing many such multimedia contents and that makes viewing of these multimedia contents and listening to the sound due to presence of low volume sound very difficult.

From the new phone the sound of LYF Water 7 is not so good. This article will help such users to regain some of the sounds of this model and that should make the listening experience with this phone more versatile. Download ‘Jio4GVoice’ which is about Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. from Google Play Store for Android. This is aimed at making the phone high definition ready with RCS services so that the audio quality has to be more clear and clearer impacts on calls.

This not only makes the phone runs with faster but also it makes the internal audio elements of phone more sweeter and higher and this makes running of music louder that earlier. This feature is exclusively for Jio SIM users which make running on the phone more efficient and call quality becomes extremely clearer and fantastic.

It comes more high definition options for music where we do find plenty of audio enhancement and if you LYF Water 7 and aims to have more sound and voice quality than one should always install this as this can enhance the sound experience further. This is one way to enhance the audio experience of LYF WATER 7.

The second way to enhance it is to see that LYF Water 7 come with 1.5 Hz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor and this mean that we can use some of application of Qualcomm processor with it so that sound can be augmented with good effect. First and foremost download Snapdragon BatteryGuru of android play store and then activate it.

For some days this should run with ‘in learning mode’ which should learn about user’s interaction and usages patterns so that ultimately with due course of time it should learn and operate automatically and this works only with snapdragon processor and for a change, this should slowly enhance the power of audio of LYF Water 7 to a good and enjoyable audio listening experiences.

It slowly learns about various usages patters of snapdragon-powered smart phones and optimized battery power intelligently without losing and hurting too much application. Though this application has some irritants but still it works nicely as it asks for location of users other wise it wont’t work as well as sometimes it would open the wireless connectivity automatically that could reduce the power of battery but still with due course of time we could see the presence of such smart application enhance the power of audio of this mentioned phone dramatically.

Then download Snapdragon App Tune-up kit and install it to enhance additional sound of audio. It is aimed at evaluating the performance of any audio performances with respect to five critical areas, such as the CPU, GPU, power, thermal and data. Here you can learn about application performance of top 20 Google apps and then know about their performance.

Do profiling of audio player and it should open up the audio player and get away clean it for at least one minute to let the application observe its performances. After profiling of applications related to music or music player installed with LYF Water 7 complete do always take care to save the profiling and then run the audio player and now you should find the sound of audio on a higher note.

Last not the least is the presence of downloading of paid apps such as ‘Equalizer FX. Pro’ and if you can purchase it download and purchase and install with LYF Water 7 and run it and it works like the hardware audio driver as the default sound driver with LYF Water 7 is DTS which has not so high out put of sound but with this application you could have, equalizer audio filter and apart from several audios the ‘Blues’ works nicely, and then virtualization works with wonders even if the phone does not have such feature, and it works like wonders which can boost the audio effect even in low-frequency sounds.

It has loudness enhancer which works nicely with android 4.4 and later and the it has 12 audio presets to enhance the sound beyond imagination. From all of this we learn that there are various ways such as free and paid we can enhance the audio listening experiences with android devices even if it has not so that facilities at its outset but still it works nicely to have a very good listening experiences at yours own kitty.

In this article we specifically talks about how to enhance the sounds of LYF Water 7 so that the viewing of multimedia components and other effects should have been of a better and nicer hearing experiences and that should also provide awesome viewing experiences for users and I do hope that one could use all of these three experiences to find out what works better for yours phone as ultimately the smart phone does need good sounds and nice sound environment and even if it does not have so still one can find these tips useful of various phones and just try it out and find out the end results of it.

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