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Many bloggers have their knowledge about search engine optimization techniques. Every webmaster has their personalized knowledge about it. Suppose you write a blog about technology and when someone searches the same term with Google, the ranked website under these categories will show up. This is called seo but it is not as easy as it is meant to be. Google has not opened up to what is the source code of its search engine optimizations techniques as it is the closed coding event.

The primary goal of good search engine optimization technologies is to get towards the top of the chart of the search engine results page. Ideally, everyone liked to stay at the top of the first page of relevant categories and for this it is important to follow good search engine optimization techniques. It is important to write consistent posts on the single subject which you think your blog is famous for so that Google will show the results at the top of search engine results pages.

Then, go for ethical ways of promotion of your blogs towards various people who are very much interested in your subject of blog so that ultimately. This should bring in more interested readers towards it. Those people should have some sort of relevant information needed on the topic you have been writing about and in ways should attract the visible patterns of website.

More and more traffic your blog receives from the term says technology the higher should be the Google’s search engine ranking and that makes visibility patterns of yours blog more expandable and attracts more and more visitors for your blog. In a way, the mystery associated with Google’s search result page has not been so tremendous it is as simple as that.

It is important to go about in ethical manner in which Google thinks is the right ways to acquire the organic traffic and then slowly the ranking of website increases day by day and provides huge form of autonomous increase of people and that makes the visibility patterns in search engine ranking pages higher.

Examining myths against reality:

There is considerable myth about wordpress site is that you need to have a seo plugin for better search engine optimization. In reality wordpress site is based on better search engine optimization technologies and much of its development and preferences have seo elements attached with it and it is for webmasters to find out those events and activate it. According to Google wordpress has managed mostly 80 to 90 percentages of its own search engine optimization and the rest that needs to be taken care can be done easily.

The second myth about seo is that I have a site map for blog and submitting regularly to Google so I do not need to do anything extra search engine optimization in order to land in the prime location of search engine results pages. WordPress sitemap are meant for Google search engine as these cannot be at all readable by any of humans and for google bots to attracts people it is important to have the better and qualitative contents that could provide the answers to people who have questions on specific subjects.

Using a bunch of categories and tags does not help you in building a blog better for seo as Google has to index millions of website and search for relevant search terms and from it has to find out the premium website to show at the first instance of search engines and for this it is important to restrict categories and tags as much limited as possible so that it should help users as well as search engine to provide a better ranked parameter for yours website.

It is important to choose few and carefully crafted categories so that whenever Google wish to find certain relevant topic people should find it at ease without any difficulties. Exclude broad tags and include the better meaning tag so that ultimately the real meaning of each and every search tags and categories should be there with your website.

I have seen many webmasters in order to garner quick earning of money has been creating similar levels of websites with the similar tag or categories and try hard to increase the level of search engine landing pages which does not match to its expectations. Google should know it eventually and this is called as key word stuffing and this is not at all good for webmasters and this can attract penalties and for this it is important to follow good and ethical practices of search engine optimization so that ultimately this should provide rich dividends in the long run and earn the hard earned reputation for your website.

Write everything for readers not to search engine bots and crawlers as ultimately this should provide and attract rich dividends for your website. Many bloggers feel of purchasing of back links from the similar article writers in the long run could prove to be rich dividend for popularity of their blog which is not true to the sense as when Google finds that the similar topic related blogs becomes popular through the process of back linking then ultimately this could prove to be hazardous for their blog in the long run.

Many bloggers think that it is the best practice to hire a seo expert of blog which is not the correct one. It might be for corporate website of large scale but for individual website it does not need so as the webmaster should be equally capable of doing this as google is fairly open and considerate to provide the manner of seo which webmasters are expected to be doing so and for this it is important to understand that the more prudential level of understanding of such advices from Google by webmasters the more and more benefits in terms of search engine results landing pages occur.

Go here to learn about search engine optimization starter guide from Google.

It is important to provide short and easy to read title slog for your post. In the experts column does write down a clear cut and descriptive meaning of the content as this should be the precise meaning of the entire article. Write article on narrow and specific keywords to have the catchiest and niche understanding of the subject line of your blog.

Do not let your blog for a long time and always update with newer article and newer information so that from time to time when search crawlers reach to your website for information they should find newer information from their henceforth. It is important to provide information of yours blog post on land pages itself as most users should reach at yours landing pages and it is important to make the landing page informative and provide information about the amount of articles and updates you have been making to yours blog post.

Reach to blogs of similar other and provide them with smart comments that should provide their attention and in this way they must reach out to your blog and that could prove to be equally helpful and prove to be driving out more and more organic traffic to your blog ultimately. Use popular social networking sites and allow visitors to share your content on those sites in order to go to more people.

Always write for human ears not for search engine bots. Use few and specific categories and tags. Use meaningful title slugs for your website. Does not copy paste contents. Do not create irrelevant categories and tags. Do not write for search engine bots and do not brush seo fads as this could attract long term penalty from google. Use webmaster tools of Google,Bing and other search engines and add your site and sitemap.

Use a good content delivery network like cloudflare and hosting caching solution like that of varnish. It is important to publish interesting and creative content for people. Do not at all think about seo as it comes automatically and it takes time and once it has been done the organic traffic flow comes out automatically.

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