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Most of website in modern days has plenty of CSS (cascading style sheets) to embark upon the beautiful presentation of website. Most of times while attending all of these functionalities we tend to find out that, there are many unused css that are still lurking in website and most of these are not wanted. Still these stay within website and continue to make loading times delay and that is in the long term detrimental for the growth of website.

The presence of large number of unused CSS delays website loading time considerably and that proves to be major distraction for site visitors. Not only this delays page loading time but also Google likes such sites with faster website loading time for faster indexing as with due course of time everyone has found out even if the net speed is in higher denomination we tend to find and enjoy the faster page loading times.

Why identifying unused css is important?

Identifying the unused CSS is a major problem for webmasters. As one mistake could let their site completely down and that can be detrimental for the health of website as well as that of considering in the revenue point of view. I have tried hard to find out unused css all by myself by searching out unused part but most of time these tasks looks to be extremely tedious and difficult to execute and ultimately I leave it.

Then, I come across one mightiest site namely https://unused-css.com/ from Google search and am amazed to find out its performance.

It provides accurate CSS performance and removes all of these unwanted and garbage CSS and then clean it up and my site up and running with fast speed. You only have to register your website and then within few minutes it should send you the information about your css have optimized. It should give you the information in the email and then with it the list of optimized file and then you can install that files or copy and paste it on yours website from cPanel.

The scan of CSS file takes little time. Then from the received email click on the link and then reach to unused-css website and then download the file. You have two option one is that of compress option which reduces the css file size but it is not reader friendly so that whenever you edit the css files it would not be readable at all.

It is important to edit css files from the side of cPanel not from the side of wordpress admin. Always back up css file or any other theme or wordpress files before editing. It was earlier 665 kb and after using unused-css site to remove unwanted css I found that it turns into 174kb and that is exceptional and wonderful work and that must be going to make my site to load faster and provide superior performances.

While it removes all of these unused-css nicely but it works correctly for all of the other css forms and that does not break down your site. This means on the one hand you have faster website loading due to clean use of css and on the second part now you have extremely wonderful indexing option for search engines as well as you can now quickly move towards other forms of optimization so that yours site becomes one of the faster website.

How do I get an account with unused-css.com

To create an account you have to:
– go to the home page 
– type the address of the site you want to check in the form
– click detect unused css rules
– on the new page, at the bottom of the page, type your email address and submit

The registration hardly takes one hour and even faster time and when you receive an email then you can use this website to clean CSS files by registering one of your website out there. You can view css files and if you want to download them then you can register with unused-css website and then download the optimized css files out there.

It is important to keep these optimized css files with you on your local computer as after the ending of registration you would no longer download these prior optimized css files.
If you want to register with unused-css website then you can do it with Paypal payment module.

You can use this with your wordpress website. Though by using some wordpress security plugins are obstructing or breaking the review if you found it to be true then you can disable it there on. If you have css compressor plugin then temporarily disable it so that it works perfectly.

Upgrade options with unused-css website:

There are three options for to upgrade. The first one is of course free, and the number of sites you can optimized is one with some limitations. With the 30 day pass or for one month it is 29 dollars and number of sites to be optimized is four with cleaning up of it as many times as you could, preview of any of page or articles page of website, depth of exploration of web pages is 5000 which should be good enough for you and downloading of cleaner css with optimized file is available.

Unused css

Unused-css cleanup

With premium plan you spend 89 dollars per year and it is for 12 months and you can clean up 40 sites, with as many cleaning option as possible and preview of css files of any files and depth of exploration for each file is up to 5000 pages and then downloading of clean css files with proper optimization.


Ultimately I have found this site to be extremely useful and a good essential tool for webmasters especially of wordpress web administrators who have been facing various difficulties about removing unused css and making css to work for better. Unused-css.com is by Marc Belmont and I found it to be extremely useful and if you have similar ideas and experiences do share with us and I have used this tool on my website to optimized css files and it makes the sidebar more legible and the side bar elements are now clearly visible and beyond doubt while making your site to run smoothly and fast it also consider the legible part of it to make running of website error free and fully optimized.

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