How to create a soda bottle magnetometer to monitor earth’s environment in space for signs of bad space weather

There ought to be some place in the universe where the realms of imagination. Space and magnetism come to a single standpoint where there could be a correlation between all these three opposite characters. While living inside earth the pertinent questions come to mind as usual, is earth is in danger? Thousand and billion miles away from the Earth’s atmosphere, there has been continuous generation of large scale of massive dangerous elements due to different space reactions and most of these are pressing towards the void space that has been attached with earth.

Sun, apart from giving light and energy, is also pressing considerable amount of heated plasma towards earth and this also not suitable for outs planet. Billion tons of clouds of heated plasma and in addition to this are harmful x-ray lights that could always prove to be dangerous for the Earth. Most of these are distributed into space but some of these harmful elements also reach out to the earth at any point in time. Most of these are related with solar storm which when happens and if that are directed towards earth could have been more alarming than one could think of it.

In 1989 there was instances of massive magnetic field deprivation due to advent of solar storm but despite its massive strike the magnetic field of earth mostly deflect it and its impact could not be felt all over the world except many parts of Canada where the electric current was massively affected. In 2006, a gigantic solar flare deflected and stopped at about half of the GPS system all around the world. This was the number of the short span of a solar flare that if this continues to be on a larger scale than what will it have been the impact?

This enables for more study of the Sun and its interior and surface behaviors and the reason for all of these solar flares, reactions, sun spots so that the next solar flare predictions could be on the right side of the time. Is there an invisible magnetic field in and around the surface and atmosphere of Earth? Be home more to earth which we could not find and is there we should find more and more definitive and conclusive evidence of it. The magnetosphere full-scale mission towards the sun would reveal more information about Sun’s solar plasma attacks.

One could easily create the soda bottle magnetospheric multiscale test in the earth itself to know how the effects of sun’s plasma attack are on the magnetic field of Earth. We can create a magnetometer to monitor how the Sun’s plasma attack on the magnetic field of the earth is slowly making its impacts? How the amount of impact of the sun on these fields? Collect one clean two litres transparent soda bottle. Some sand, thread, two centimetres of soda straw, 5 cm of clear packing tape, a meter stick, index card, a small bar magnet, a small mirror, scissors, high intensity light source, laser pointer, ring stand and clamps.

Clean soda bottles and removes all labels so that it looks transparent. With scissor cut the bottle 1/3rd from the top of it. Create a small hole at the top of the cap. Bridge the bottom of the bottle with sands. Create the sensor card so that it should feel the pressure by putting the index card in a way that it should freely swing inside the after the neck part of the bottle.

Attack and tape the magnet at the center top of the free flowing index card. Tape 2cm soda straw at the top of the magnet. Tape the mirror in front of the card but below the magnet. Pull the thread through a soda straw and tie it so that it forms the triangle with 5cm sides. Fasten the thread again at the top of the recently formed triangle and then pull it through the hole in the cap. This thread should be linked in such manner that the sensor card that is attached inside the bottle should be free flowing inside.

Use the packing tape all around the mandatory portions of the bottle so that the entire string, sensor card, magnet, mirror and straws remain at single and swinging postures. Place the bottle on a table of leveling surface and then influence light on it so that reflect ion of the bottle should be viewed on the wall which should be two meters away from the table. From time to time measure the changes and not it down to find about any sudden change of events and you could know the impact and the advent of magnetic change field as the result of plasma attack on the sun whenever it is on the onset.

Some experimental precautions that need to be taken care of. While adjusting the index card inside the bottle does take care that its edges should not touch either side of the bottle. Mirror should be at the bow of the seam of the tape and the attached tape should not obstruct the free movement of the bottle at any point of time. Mirror should be there like the suspension on the thread.

Place the magnetometer in an undisturbed location and the leveling surface of the table should be accomplished so that the magnetometer should stay at the side of it as the most normal posture. It is important to put forward the laser pointer light on the index card so that the influence of solar storm could possibly well document.

The measuring session could last for months and for this it is important to point out down the reflection point on the wall with pencil dots so that from time to time you could know the magnetic field impacts on it. Do not go anywhere the soda bottle from its original location when you are tapping the measurement as and when you move the soda bottle from its locations then for sure you should start the marking calculation all over again.

Convert these reference marks of the new spots into the number of degrees into deflection for one meter distance by multiplying one fourth degree for each centimeter of displacement. By this, you could measure the angular shifts. When magnetic storm appears the normal angular shift of one by two degree changes up to five degree and this could go on for some hours.

That is why you will need to record and measure these angular shifts below of one by two that is of one by four as at some distance the power of magnetic shift is weaker and at some distance the power could be higher and it is better to check for one by fourth of distance and with this manner the performance and the movement of solar surge could be well recorded and the amount of time this magnetic shift occurs could be well known. With this, you could measure to bad weather most preferably effected through solar surges and the Earth’s environment in calculating such bad weather.

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