Change has its enemies

Mohan Manohar July 2, 2017
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Change is permanent. It is always there. Surprisingly, many have been contradictory to it. Change is real time and the flow of ideas comes about. If we look around and observe the trends of changing dynamics that have been there during childhood days still-to-date, there has been huge forms of changes all over without a doubt. During the courses of history it has been seen that the persons or the kingdoms who have opposed to these changing times had been disappeared in the deep dungeons of history.

That who rejects and opposes changes has been the principal architect of decay. Change always should be there. While living inside earth we tend to forget that even during each and every moment of the time changes and the clock moves indefinitely. The earth is not static, it continues to move on its own axis as well as to the orbit in and around of the Sun. Then who can be we being the part of such changing dynamics we could feel the forms of stealthiest.

On the other side, we cannot change anything until we accept it. It is true in the fullest sense. The true is that human being the rational animal and also likes to stay in society and it continues to see how the responses of societies are being and the dimensions of change agents and its corresponding forms of ideas to accept and reject comes with due course of time without any signs of negative connotations.

In the earliest part, we witness in order to send and receive messages, the parrots are used and then the sender of the messages through pedestrian processes or through the riding of horses and during that time the convention was not to hurt these senders from either side of enemies and this makes the entire processes dealing with the sending ad receiving messages an important forms of communication.

During those times the presence of terrain lands still not to be averted by these messengers and they continue to move through these lands without any such difficulties. Then, during the war times the king and their soldiers have to fought the war for years and days and when they had won the battle, they used to reach towards top of highest point of that regions, especially the hills and from the top of it they used to beat the drums and burn the fires to let their kingdom knows that they have won the battle and the subjects should prepare themselves for the celebration and welcome of the troops.

During the courses of these journeys we always come forward and work hard to find any such dilemma points in these changes. As human we tend to stick at some points and are still finding more about how to find and manage all of these awesome and manageable ways to show case the ability for perfection in each and every field of activities. During each and every field the tendency of humans to stay in the society has the value which constantly makes them to move forward and find out numerous innovative ways to understand what it should have been the best interests for them and how to develop and create the more forceful and clear cut messaging system so that each and everything should be done and informed in real time manners.

The way we understand little bit of things and since the time immemorial we have witnessed the presence of large number of scholars who had gone out of the world thinking to march forward in finding more about how to develop these concepts in completely newer and innovative ways. Then we see the emergence of radio, telephone, the systematic postal services, then trunk call, then STD, then roaming and then Internet, then social networking and so on and the list is enormous.

Many people have been avid to the ideas of face book as social networking platforms but it still continues to gain ground and amassed huge form of assessment of popularity only because the peculiar nature of humans is that it tends to stay in society be it in the form of artificial society in the name of face book.

People now expressing their opinions with website and more so with self-hosted wordpress website and continues to provide their experiences of life in the form of various articles and that makes the sharing and conversation to each other into another forms. All of these tend to show case now both traditional as well as modern forms of communication are on the rise and these makes it possible to understand the way all of these parameters goes and the mentality of humans that comes about to stay connected even though how much they tend to in real time terms could not be understood in finest forms.

Still this time we do not have any iota of signs that whether there is life in some other planets or at some other space or galaxies and despite knowing the troubles and other forms of difficulties we continue to find the researches about knowing the stars and continue in its endeavor to understand it, and that makes the entire processes involving with the trends of human psychology which always wish to have changes to everything.

Similarly, when we see what are the changes to Blogger of Google with due course of time we see and find it there has been many changes the beginning is from changing of the blogger’s script which is now very much faster and rendering time of web pages are super super fastest. With due course of time it has its own themes but still many people like to have the default theme which comes with a white background and there has been many such customization options to add to it.

What it does make is that if blogger or so any other web service stays as it then it would have seen the result of what the Digg and other social bookmarking services which were once very popular and now reeling under the dark days and the same web masters and people who have been profoundly using it are now changing and going towards some of the other bookmarking services. This is the repercussions of the change agents and if these are not to be tackled with due course of time then ultimately the results of it could be such that such and such bigger forms of innovations could see the end or ultimate unpopular results.

That is the result of what Nokia’s once super popular Symbian operating system sees as it was once the most popular mobile operating system but it fails to cope with the touch sensitive management of devices and many of its devices has seen the difficulties of adapting to these touch sensitive instruments. During those times, Google adopted the android and perfected it for touch sensitive instruments and that makes all of these differences in defeating the market leader. It is because Google has sensed the opportunities for change agents in earlier and started creating the research and development while based on this and that makes it the most popular.

At the same time the operating system from Apple has been popular but it is restricted to the areas of high end users and that stops it from being the most prevalent operating system even till this date. Google also senses the similar aspects and make this operating system open source for all original equipment manufacturers and that makes the passage of this android system to numerous and all of the other original equipment manufacturers easier and that creates the most stable and most wonderful operating system being spread in each and every category of smart phone market.

This is the change which should be beneficial to yourself as well as to entire community in total so much so that ultimately the dream of joining the most prestigious change agents should come at once and should make it the most wonderful and most attachable communication elements so that everyone should find equally beneficial elements out of it without any signs of disparities. That should make the changes to the single most important and fascinating aspect to understand the betterment of eliminating the most dynamic negativisms and the processes of acceptances of positivity comes about in real terms.

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