Change has its Enemies

Last updated on August 3rd, 2019 at 05:59 pm

Change is the only constant. Change is life. Life moves on so as the changing dynamics and with it comes the perfection of life. When someone tries to change anything that comes with much more friction from various sources and slowly that provides stubborn resistance and with it comes the most preferred form of dynamism of life where the truth of life comes to the light.

When a language does not see any change for years and centuries then it is called as the dead language. When any languages change after 100 kilometers then that languages overcome with changing times and comes forward with different dynamics of languages. When any languages changes with the times then the perfection of change and its providing the most secure form of changing dynamisms comes to the forward.

But when someone undergoes and perform change with changing dynamics, then comes various enemies with it as the constant popularities comes up with various options to stop these changes in happening once again. This in a way develop all out proportions to stop these changes in occurrences but when the changing dynamics comes up with stronger protection to move forward to do away with all of these destructive elements.

When current government of PM Modi initiates changes such as demonetisation in order to remove trashes of rupees from hoarders it came up with stronger opposition from many opposition parties but government sticks to its stand and initiates it and that makes the will of the government stronger, and with stronger motive even if the state of opposition stronger but still the change happened and it came up with stronger parts of changes to life that initiates its permalinks to change agents.

Similar is the case with Triple talaq Bill, when Modi government, most of oppositions parties opposes but still the determination to pass this bill and make it an act as two times Lok Sabha pass the bill and send to Rajya Sabha but due to majority of opposition parties in Rajya Sabha bill failed to pass but Modi government determined to initiate change and that enable to pass the bill three consecutive times in Lok Sabha and send again to Rajya Sabha and this time the bill saw the light of the day.

When some body initiates changes then with it comes the obstacles but when the wish to initiate changes then with it comes the stubborn wishes to manage it so that ultimately the zeal to perform and happen comes with greater positivity. Changes which makes positive strides to reach to masss ultimately move forward to achieve the inevitables and that can provide huge relief for people at large.

The passion is to perform and that relinquishes ultimate goal happenings that provides huge relief for masses at large and that ultimately makes the decision making process easier to attain. This way one can find and manage awesome level of attunement to the satisfaction of people as the leader of masses. The more we move towards absolutely positive timing to becomes the change agents of masses and when masses looks at you with plenty of positivity then the cleanliness towards absolute supremacy come to the fore.

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