The influences of Sanskrit literature in Odia language

Last updated on April 26th, 2019 at 08:19 am

Odia Language comes under the Aryan language. Aryans came from central Asia into India and spread their inhabitants in most part of the country such as at eastern, northern and western part of the country. Some part of Aryan lives inside Germany in Europe. There is always a question of whether Aryans are original inhabitants of India or not.

Prior to Aryans, we have Harappan civilisation all along the Indus river. Some eminent historians feel that Indus language is the original language of India. Though many parts of this ancient language are still not known as the research work still going on. Some historians by seeing the scripts of Odia language and scripts of Indus valley civilisation comes into conclusion that Odia language originated much before the advent of Aryans.

It is one of ancient Indian language. It is very sad that most researchers have not invsetif=gated in proper manner and finds out absolute links between Odia and Indus valley civilisation languages. From the time immemorial Odia speaking people had been living all along with tribals in the same land. The script of Odia language is completely different from Bengali and Assamese. If you look carefully there is some sort of similarity between Hindi scripts and Bengali scripts. But the scripts of Odia language is completely different.

There is a wonderful similarity between Odia scripts and tribal scripts. This goes on to prove that Odia language and Odia people are indigenous civilisation and they are vastly different from Bengali people. During the times of Guptas, the dominant factor of Sanskrit comes into Odia language. before that during most of Odia rulers Odia language develops in its own capacity. The impact and the base of Odia language are so strong that even during the times of Maratha and Moghul rules any such Personal visible impact on language is none.

On the year 2013 Odia language is finally recognised as a classical language and this means more and more money is going to be here to develop and research facilities. if we look deeply into development and evolution of Odia language we finally find that it has its roots in Indus valley civilisation and then it continues with its a stronghold for many years and even impact of Sanskrit, Moghul and Marathas have not changed its basic existence.

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