The Influence of Sanskrit Literature in Odia Language

There has been a vast difference between Sanskrit and regional language such as Odia. Still there are many distinctive similarities between these two languages. With each and every development of Odia language we found vast influences of Sanskrit language on refinement of Odia language. The grammatical part of Odia languages has been tremendously influenced by the perfection of use of grammar of the Sanskrit language.

Sanskrit is a perfect language. From time to time layman find it difficult. Then comes the relevance of Odia and other regional languages. Here, people could speak these languages with complete ease and that makes it most popular. Most of these regional languages including Odia have been the simplification of language in terms of location and environment. Mostly, scholarly people able to acquire excellence in Sanskrit language whereas the layman and the language of the common people become regional language.

From time to time, there has been continuous fight between these two languages but in the end the regional languages deeply influenced by every action of Sanskrit languages. If we look these competitions carefully, there has not been any sort of egoism towards the excellence of Sanskrit language but it is the nature and the motives of authors of Sanskrit languages that make irritant towards the writers of regional literature.

This means that most of regional languages have been deeply influenced by Sanskrit literatures. Odisha is the place of Lord Jagannath and for this from time to time since the time immemorial there has been advent of so many sages and Sanskrit scholars all over world and that makes the most of writing including that of Sanskrit languages comes from the source of Lord Jagannath. Naturally, when the writers of Odia have been writings mostly related to Lord Jagannath, they directly or indirectly influenced from Sanskrit Literature. There has been tremendous presence of similarities between these two sources and there has been many writers who have shown their excellences in these fields.

During the primary development of adaptations of Sanskrit languages we have seen the then writers have not shown their broad presence towards opening up towards various other forms of influences and that override and eroded the progressive development of Sanskrit languages. Whereas regional languages such as Odia have shown the specification of how it could come nearer to the layman and becomes their day-to-day speak able languages and that makes it the single most adaptable languages formats in these regions.

In the end, as we have seen many regional languages such as Odia languages have found their sources and inspirations from Sanskrit languages and then they slowly move forward and marches ahead in their development and continue to prosper and find the most noticeable ways of development. Most of regional languages such as Odia has been developed from the influences of Austic languages and then slowly becomes refined and becomes one of most noticeable and adoptable languages due to corresponding influences of Sanskrit languages and its grammar structure as a whole.

Since time immemorial we have seen many scholars from Odia has been developing literature and has been widely accepted far and wide of India all over. Most of these are famous of writing Sanskrit literature of excellence and has been the proud of not only of Odisha but also of all over India. That is why the ornamental use in literature by various famous Sanskrit poets of elsewhere in India must have influenced the Odia writers. Odisha being the religious state we have found plenty of influence of Sanskrit writings in various Odia literatures of spiritual entities.
Since ancient times since the times of the sixteenth century we have seen the prominent presence of most religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism’s all over Odisha.

That is why most of ancient literature has been prominently religious and that is why most of these sources are deeply and prominently influenced by the presence of Sanskrit literature. There has been many edifices written by Ashoka and Kharbella and in these scripts we have found varieties of influences and that makes the entire process and understandings of literature as we know it has been always been deeply influenced by the presence of and the behavior of society.

During the later development of Buddhism’s, it has been divided into further two groups from its sub sect of Mahayan, and the name of these two sect is Madhyamika and Yogachar. We have found much presence of Budhims in and around Odiha and the form and factor of Budhism found in Odisha has been from the tenets of Yogachar sub sect. Later on from Yogachar we found another form of Budhism namely Brajayan and it has found its prevalence in Odisha. The main tenets of Brajayan are that salvation comes from the unity of space and conscience. Mostly they believe that inside of mind there has been one space and we have to fill these void spaces with spiritual feelings and mostly these writings come and inspired from the Sanskrit literature.

The prominent mediaeval writer in Odia language has been Saralla Dash. During the course of his writings of Mahabharat in many places he has said himself as the illiterate but when one goes through entire epic one could find the relevance and wonderful pre-eminence of writings attached with strong intellectuals and we could find in many places he has shown his own wit and make it the mostly rationalized version and stay away from the Sanskrit version of Mahabharat.

At many places, we have found there has been some innovations and new dynamics in his writings in Odia Mahabharat but still the basic story lines of this epic come from the original Sanskrit version of Mahabharat. Most times, during special gatherings we have found many specialised people even till to date, have been describing about incidents of Mahabharat and mostly Saralla Dash probably has been hearing those and then he wrote the epic Odia Mahabharat with complete and pure originality.

We have found many Sanskrit literatures has influenced so many Odia writers and then they worth innovation and entry of localization continue to provide one of regional taste and grandeur for people to see and found its importance and presence of such wonderful and fascinating presence of such huge literature.

Mostly Snskrit language becomes the fundamental for every languages and mostly it is the challenge for regional languages to make it at par and develop the languages and its ornamental presence in such manner so much so that ultimately this could provide and enable the most fascinating aspect of understanding, what it could it have been for you and mostly the prominence of seeing and creating one of mostly understandable aspect of learning environment for each and every people in regional languages.

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