How to Disconnect Yourself from Electronics

In the current scenario, we are living in the world of internet. Here, everything comes at your fingerprint and most times we cut ourselves from basic activities and that makes the cut of our social activities and other forms of getting togetherness. In simple manner, most of our day to day tasks has been overridden and removed due to presence of the internet in all of our lives. We have reduced meeting due to phone, get togetherness due to presence of social Medias, going to office or any where directly, due to presence of large scale of digitization and that reduces the ability of ourselves to walk and move forward to provide more and more dynamics to ours body.

Human body is not meant for a seat and relaxes and enjoys the life. It is meant for socialization in a real sense and move out and build a wonderful world for future generations. In this article, we tend to look forward to reducing the heavier dependencies on various aspects of computerization and digitalization. The first and foremost part of reducing the heavy load of digitalization is to create and construct the modalities of the home environment in such manner that it should provide some sort of inspirations spirits for you.

If you have regular blog like me then it is better to dedicate one room for this and move your computer to a dedicated room so that whenever you do computing task you should reach to that room and during other times you should be busy with regular activities sans technology. You should not be doing any such computing activities nearer to your bed or any other parts of the area and you should always in principle move forward and move to the computer room so that ultimately whenever you do work you should always be there.

It is best to charge your device or mobile phones in the same computer room so that during charging the charging sound and other forms of disturbances in terms of sounds should not disturb you at any point of time. Most times, the vibrations and other forms of sounds and notifications coming up from devices could disturb you. It should not distract you when you are taking a rest or thinking some other points and this way you should feel the presence of calmness out there without any significant disturbances.

The aim is tantamount to dividing the time in accordance with the segmentation of work. When we are at work or dealing with computer then the aim is to go to the computer room and concentrate there and when we are dealing with rest and wishing for a calmer and cooler environment the aim is to stay away from technology and move towards absolute calmness.

It is a wider phenomenon to make your bedroom sans television computer, mobile and other essential technological instruments. This could disturb your sleep and could make your resting time completely wasted. It should not interrupt your sleeping habits and your rest time should be as there as you are estimated and planning it to be. It has been seen that most people do engage themselves with numerous gadgets of electronics during the sleep time and that reduces sleeping time further. During the times of weekends, it is a wise idea to turn off alarm and sleep for more time.

You could decrease one hour of internet time also so that yours less sleeping time could be well materialised and compensated with. It has been seen people with seven to eight hours of daily sleep could find themselves with lesser point of stresses and lesser and anxieties and stay healthier for most of time. You should plan these in accordance with it so that it should compensate yours and you should feel happier and absorbed and yours thinking powers should augment and enhanced with.

While doing computing you could download online timer so that it should alert you of timings you have been with computers or you could use standard account with family safety so that the computing time could be controlled and it could warn you of how much hours you have been with computers so far.
Just tries to augment non-digital activities. Like take a bath and inside bathroom for some time read novels and other books or drink some coffee inside so that it should be augmented and the feeling of rest and normal activities should be there. Do some gardening activities while you have some leisure time.

Use LED lights and red lights so that when you could close eyes for some time and take some rest out there. From time to time go for some outdoor activities and invite friends especially make the get together of childhood friends and invite them and enjoy the moments outside so that you could find some fresh air and oxygen from it. Go for a trekking, hiking, biking for long distance or a long drive and enjoy the clean air and nice environment. Stay away from him and bustle of life for some time so that ultimately you could find yourself absorbed to the nicer and healthier environment without any difficulties.

During all these peripheral activities do remember to take your smart phone but place it inside and do not open it just use in the case of emergency. Go for regular or at least five days a week for jogging or walking so that ultimately you could find yourself rejuvenated and enthusiastic as this could relax you more that what you are thinking about. You can join any Yoga workshop or laughing club or anything that involves working outside to make yourself happier and smarter.

You could choose one day in a week to stay away from all relatives and stay all by yourself or with family so that the fortress of solitude could make you reborn and revive again with your own self. You could inform all of your relatives and workers that you will not be attending phone anytime during these hours and this should imbibe upon more and more sophisticated forms of attendances to provide and find out the most majestic form of life within your own self.

During these times you could opt for a nice meal, complete the novel or sleep for more time or involve yourself devotional to find out more of yours inner self and then move towards absolute concentration to make it count so that you could make it more and more concentration attentiveness for yourself. Try to put the meetings offline or get together at least once in a fortnight so that you could nicely socialize yourself and discover your life in correct senses. It should disconnect you from the digital activities and move forward you towards more and more path breaking and formulated activities in real term.

It should provide you with time to understand and find out what are your hobbies and how you could make most out of your hobbies so that ultimately this could make yourself happier and relax. Wile selecting for hobbies do take notice to do it without any sense of digitalization so that you could do it with complete freedom of mind and heart. Plan yearly vacations for at least a fortnight in a year and also try to distribute the work in your absence to persons so that after your return you should not be feeling at any point of time disturbed and disorganized.

Generally, movements and leave travel always provide some sort of morale booster for you and it is highly recommended to do this on a yearly basis and enjoy your life as it is. Move away from the internet as and when you deem it is to be. Most of times, when we get the likes from Face book or reaction from it we tend to find it as the most rewarding points and do the same to others and that too most of internet time and for this it is essential to do face book on mobile that has not built in and regular internet connectivity. Do use wi fi hotspot on that mobile so that you could do it when there is absolutely no hurry for it.

You could suggest and request your family members to be with you in this campaign of doing an off duty internet work for one day a week so that ultimately you could stay away from the internet for some time. Do go to places for some time such as sea-beach of the park where there could not be any wireless network receptions and mobile availability so that you could relax there and enjoy the environment effortlessly. Last not the least uses your email auto responded in vacation mode so that it could be answered to the respondents automatically and in a single day of the week you could reach out to these emails to answer to them. There are several ways you could minimize the impacts of technology and internet and you could innovate with these ideas to find it more and more ways of relaxing out.

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