Trout country beyond the Beas River

Gushaini trout country beyond the Beas river is a hill station suitable for enjoying being o takes a week-long break. This place is full of mountains and tress and everywhere you look upon should find the presence of nature. One would enjoy being here at the top of mountains and could find enough resonance and leisurely place to stay there for longer duration. Just chill into these places, while lying at the bed and looking through French windows and enjoying, the flow of rivers alongside and the water of the river at its fullest might flow through rock hurdles and going upfront and ahead.

The sound of rushing and race of waters of the river alongside provides joyful natural surroundings all over out there. It is the most possible and outstanding summer break which provides the sum of aligned attraction of providing the possibly phase of life which is beautiful. Remaining with loved ones with a cottage at the top of mountains with plenty of flowers and trees and of course the wide presence of birds in those surroundings.

Right place to escape from din and bustle of life:

Gushain is a perfect place to relax and unwind from the din and bustle of city life. The powerful Tirthan stream is located here provides awesome levels of presence of water to nearby commuters. Just as the slope of mountains the presence of orchard provides awesome experience of the natural surroundings to visitors. The pressure of a noisy crowd of those who are present in Shimla or Manali during summer vacations seem to be absent to this place and it is one of the perfect destination to feel relaxation of mind and regenerated and revitalized mind to its perfection.

If you trek beyond Gushain, you would probably reach the place of the heavens from where the great Himalayan national park the automated gardens would be there. That was one of the most memorable places to have been and the lifetime experience to be there. The presence of sweet bird out there with their sweetest ever sounds could make you feel to be there always and it is one of the place where the mind simply takes a rest and the heart takes over all the decision making.

Most memorable part of staying and teaching there is in relation to nothing. Just chill out there and stay as it is and enjoy the presence of the river, sounds of water, jumping of waters of rivers on stones, the sounds of sweetest birds coming from here and there, and the presence of flowers, trees and silence. The prominence of weather that would make you feel and rediscover of yours self once again to revitalize yours potential to understand what constitutes of life and what it does make to provide the most prominence and astounding forms of wonderful guidance of making it revive again to one’s own self.

Perfect leisure place: 

Just take out some of yours favorite books, and relax in the hammock through the afternoon sun just under the sky at the garden of yours cottage and then read the books or doze under the sky and for sure you would not find the warmth of the sun out there. You can go out to nearby orchards and stay there and find out some shady places and reached there and take a rest out there and listen to the movement of sounds and air as well as you could find the presence of sweet bird sounds and occasionally some birds would come forward and seat on yours shoulder out there.

In these orchards you are the sole king and there you could sing, discuss anything from politics to cricket to anything and then go around and pick some apricots out there and eat it and enjoy the smoothing presence of weather out there. Then, comes the evening time when the feeling of cold to be on the increase and you could place one bonfire and sit around it and enjoy the presence of nature in its fullest might. In the next door stream waters, there are many tasty and delicious fishes out there, buy some of them and you could eat some of them out there and that would be the best thing possible night out for you.

The nearby stream of Tirthan is perfect for taking some dip into it. It has nice blue water with smaller streams of river beds flowing nearby. You could find the presence of smaller waterfalls and its waters merging with this stream. Beware of the presence of ice water as it could affect your health. Do not stay for longer duration into this stream. Do take a dip into it and comes out and take sunny plunges outside. You could move approximately. Three kilometers within these forests with a very easier slope to reach out to the nearby temple. The slope is very easier to walk and the entire stretch of land out there provides one of awesome experiences to move and enjoy the feeling of hide and seek of the sun at its best.

Trekking time:

After reaching to that temple and just the after that one could find the presence of the great Himalayan national park and if you reach out there be aware of time otherwise you would forget to get back on time out there. The Raju cottage nearby Gushain is one of the most preferred places to live out there. It is simple, down to earth, natural and aesthetic and you would feel the presence of nature while living out there. Entire cottage is made of pine wood. Owner of the cottage lives there and at the ground floor there are rooms available. The cottages are built-in such manners that the lights and sounds of the environment come out there without difficulties. Even staying inside cottage and enjoying the presence of the cottage provides awesome experiences.

You have to cross the stream in order to reach the cottage from the road on the other side. There is a small metallic pulley to cross over there. The weight to be carried to the other side is limited to 120 kilograms and for this you should be prepared for it and do ot take over weight or big amount of luggage while crossing or cross over these bridges.
Around Gushain, there are some places which are worth of visiting. An hour drive from there you would be reaching to the place named Shoja which is 20 kilometres from Gushain and nearer to Jalori Pass which is 23 kilometers from Gushain. Shoja is a stunning village where you would find plenty of dense forests and it is situated 8000 feet above sea-level.

Rediscover oneself:

You would find plenty of tea shops while moving through these places and the mountains are filled with purple colors and that makes it worthy of a visit. It is a popular picnic destination for locals and during seasons you would see plenty of people reach out here and enjoy the climate and environment. Do not forget to carry out essential medicines while you are moving to such hill stations. Always carry out water and foods and some dried foods so that at any stretch point of time when you do not find anything out there than you could survive with these easily. One should always look for some sort of retrieving from the daily life and stays Gushain to find out the best possible ideas to rediscover life once again

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