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How to display Cookie consent notice on word press using no plugins?

It relates general Data Protection Resolution (GDPR) European government general Data Protection Resolution (GDPR) by European Union (EU) with data privacy and data protection of individuals. If not enabled in sites then it ask for heavy penalties for individuals and companies.

If you have a website, either as an individual or as the company or business entity then installation of cookie consent plugin is a must. it deals with rights of citizens to secure their personal data and preserve the privacy of data in the way it is processed to a secure environment.

What is a cookie and how it works?

Browser cookie comes from website and it provides lesser time of web browser to load on user‘s computer. This means it speeds up web browser to render website faster. Cookies are tiny files, stored inside web browser files and it loads first to load website faster. This can steal user‘s information and can have potential of infringement of privacy of consumers.

Sometimes some session cookies like sat from Amazon it put down unique identification on your web browser in order to track your activities. The main aim is to help you with log in so that you do not need to put your passwords again and again when you become returning visitors. it also sends the website information regarding how many visitors or unique or first time visitors you have so in a way it keep track of your activities.

How to display Cookie consent notice on word press using no plugins?

  1. Visit cookie consent by insites .
  2. It is free and open-source.
  3. Click on Download.
  4. it will travel to the wizard where you can customise it and then copy the code.
  5. It has position, payout, palette, learn more link, compliance type and custom text.
  6. Make the customisation in it and then copy the code.
  7. Go to yours website back end.
  8. For wordpress login to cPanel and then Files and then File Manager.
  9. Then wp-content and then Themes.
  10. Then select the currently working theme.
  11. Then go to header.php
  12. Add the above copied code just before </head> tag.
  13. Then save it.
  14. Now, European cookie consent display installed on your website without any plugin.

How to install EU cookie consent plugin inside header.php (infographics)

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