Elaborate security for Puri car festival

In this festive occasion where everywhere we do find many people roaming here and there and they each to see Lord as well as they wish to have a merry go around into a nearby market where many shops have been opened from the nuke and corners of Odisha. During these ten long days of celebration, we do see plenty of presence of people in and around in these localities and most of them have gathered here for fun and enjoy this festive occasion which is in full swing now.

Most of people do reach here from nearby places but with due course of time and especially in these last three years the introduction of railways in the hinterland of Odisha and especially in places where there has not been its presence for lot more years than ever before do provide some sort of most dynamic and closeness of Odisha people as they are now easily reaching to Puri with Railways.

Due to advent of Indian Railways for the first time in the areas such as Nayagarh, Khurda town and so on where the only medium of communication has been through road transport service continue to provide some of the most awesome and manageably ways to understand how such medium of communication has been the most essential part of human psychology. Since times of the 1980s the signboard signifying to construction of railways has been there forever at the middle of the Nayagarh market on the way to college road. But they have not seen the light of the train since then.

Since many governments have come and go, but their promises to construct railways in these regions have not been so much of significance. For many years that board which says there would be construction of railways one day but that does not prove to be any of significance as day by day and year by year have passed but there is no such time and level of presentation of railways and with due course of time the signs and the color of that board also seems to take the ages out there.

Even lots of time has changed and many weather has passed, but the same board stays but now after the current Prime Minister take charge of the nation, he constructed Nayagarh railway station within three years and no passenger trains are running through it. How come the current Prime Minister Mr. Modi able to construct this railway station which has not been there for ages and only announcements and token budget sharing only done within these specific period.

When the person wishes to do anything then within shortest possible of time he could everything he wants it to be and this is one such real-world example which we should all be adhering to and without a doubt all these have definitive impacts on the importance of car festival and as after the first day of car festival most of tourists who have come here have gone back.

This is because most of local people who have reached here from different places of Odisha has been staying here because they wait for the bus service to be there as the road transport has limitations and for this it is important for them to stay in Puri for some time and then move ahead. Railway service at their door step more and more people are now reaching to Puri and then going back on the same day. Now, they do not have to sleep on the grand road and went to nearer to the sea beach to finish their chores and now they watch the car festival and on the next day they move towards railways stations to get back to their home on time.

This time the number of trains that has been added for this year car festival has been immense and this makes the pilgrims from far and wide reaches this holy place of Puri and even they could return back on time. In this way, with the advent of so many trains and especially for this year’s of car festival we could find and enjoy the presence of large number of tourists and then they return back on time so that there has been absolutely good way of conducting the management of pilgrims done with equal ease and efficient.

What it makes is that in one way it provides good amenities for pilgrims to reach at Puri on time and then just after the first day of car festival the pilgrims who mostly reach from far and wide of India intends to revert back to their destination and they find plenty of trains are there and reaching to their destination does not seem to be so difficult for them and in this way the conglomeration of people soon dispatched and for management of law and order becomes much easier.

It has been convenient in two ways. One due to disperse to the large number of people the management of law and order has become easier and it does not have to deeply integrated with different variants as most of the people who wish to return back to their destination have done so. Secondly, through the presence of large number of security personnels in and around Puri town we could find plenty of such manageable arrangements that could power for a greater security measures. I have seen how there has been plenty of security arrangements and this time the securities which are posted in and around sea beach and marine drive areas up to the place of light house area, has been permanently posted there with tents to secure these places for betterment of people.

The new marine drive road is one place where there are instances of some sort of vandalisms happens and mostly due to presence of large number of hotels at one side and on the other side surprisingly so many temporary shops on the sands of the sea beach and that sometimes triggers some antisocial activities. The road from light house leads to the Loknath temple and that road is important considering the disperse of people from the grand road during the times of the car festival.

I have seen permanent postings of some security personnel and they have been there during the ten days of these festive times. During the times of Pahandi the ritual which servitors of Lords carry Lords into Raths situated outside and during that time the police cordons has been excellent and the people who are there has been securing the entire place in a very clear cut and well drafted manner and for the first time I have sense the manner of professionalisms out there. Hardly there have been trespassers into the rituals of Pahandi of the Lord and the entire ritual goes nicely without any such controversies.

Another aspect of wonderful consideration to maintain law and order has been taken is to drive out all the private broadcasting and news channels nearby to Lord and Raths and only the official broadcaster of Doordarhsan allowed nearby to Raths as this is the best practice to reduce and completely eliminate the problems arising out of unwanted controversies.

By removing private channel reporting in and around areas of Pahandi and Rath this removes all sorts of unwanted controversies that have been gaining ground in the last year and this makes the conduction of administration and law and order during these phases extremely wonderful and safe. This time there are no such controversies and entire exercise of the car festival in terms of maintaining law and order has been excellent and trust worthy.

For the first time in my small history of witnessing the car festival I have found some strongest management with nicer and complete disbursement of power in accordance with traditions and other considerations of law and order have shown the maturity in handling such a wonderful religious event. More over so far it has been extremely reliable while experiencing the car festival and I do hope and pray to Lord that even the entire festival should be completed with the same peaceful environment as the like before.

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