Car Festival in Puri – Puri Rath Yatra 2017

Once again the auspicious occasion and the festive season this year at the eastern coastal town of Puri come back with much galore and enthusiasm. This time of the year there has been large scale gathering of floating population from nuke and corner of India as well as that of the world. When one moves towards the realms of the wonderful area of this part of the world where religious flavors come out in the mind. While writing about this auspicious occasion many a time I feel what to write as sometimes I lost in this wonderful occasion where there have been gathering of so many people all around including a large chunk of security professionals to perform their duties.

Just imagine sometimes I felt blank of ideas when I began talking about this subject. While typing I feel devoted and due to the inner sevayat (servitor) of Lord Jagannath Temple I feel privileged to share some of these auspicious moments to people and readers all over the world. While moving towards this place in the morning for jogging during Sunday I found many vehicles with plenty of people and large chunk of smile moving towards VIP road which leads to sea-beach where one could see large number of hotels are there just encroaching upon the sea lands out there.

This time in and around area of ‘diga barinni khunti’ nearby sea-beach we could find plenty of new sponsors privileges such as different sponsors are creating and constructing different models of chariots and temples and that makes the visible presentation and wonderful site nearby to sea-beach absolute wonderful to enjoy and stay there right in. This time with some woods and iron rods these constructions have been made. The sad part is that the administration is allowing the temporary vendors and for them the environment in and around these sea beach areas has been dirties and the private cleaners who has been entrusted upon to clean up these places has not been doing their job in absolutely correct.

For some time the clean up areas in and around important places of Puri town has been given to private clean up organization. These areas are mainly related to grand road and sea-beach. But sadly the areas in and around sea-beach are far worse that one could think of. With the allowance of more and more temporary shops who used to sell many contraband substances which surprisingly got unnoticed by law-enforcing organizations. Slowly, the numbers of such temporary street vendors are on the rise and they sell these contrabands and even if smoking is not allowed in public places, still people are buying these and doing smoking and polluting the environment to a considerable extent.

During these times of car festivals, always be aware of pick pockets of people who have been roaming around here and there and search for people and then they try to steal their wallets from them. In one such incident, in this Saturday evening even just the day before of this auspicious occasion of car festival I used to move towards vegetable market for buying out vegetables and at one side one person suddenly come across and just hit at my left side and then insert two fingers into my pocket and then I realize this hold him and put him on the side and luckily he could not take up my wallet from my pocket.

In short do take absolute precaution and always keep your money at safer places so that these pick pocket thieves should not take advantage and take away hard earned money of yours. During these times, most of the temporary shops which have been there covering the entire land area of the grand road are removed. This time the authorities are doing the right work by announcing that if these shops are not removed in accordance with the time frame given by the municipality then automatically these shops to be taken away from them. This is very help full as unlike in earlier occasions when we have seen the presence of large number of chaos as well as fine given by municipal corporations for no reason of theirs.

Due to large scale security enhancements and especially this year, as well as due to the presence of favorable government at the center, more and more trains are reaching to Puri and that means more and more people are reaching here. Central government is also sending additional security forces to secure their establishment. The top law-enforcing agencies of state government also here to secure through festive occasion. There has been patrolling and establishment of forces, at various strategic locations to secure the presence of pilgrims in the entire area.

To day is naba jauban besa or the new coloring of three Gods and Goddesses and this happens after almost 14 days after the bathing festival. During these periods, normal people are not allowed to enter to see Almighty due to the prevalence of fever to them. During this time, there has been heavy to very heavy rains all around this place and that should have put local administration in absolute difficulties to manage such huge crowds all at one go. This time, thanks to some smart works by local administrations we witness presence of large number of drains and at some points by breaking out encroachments there has been construction of large chunks of drains in and around these areas and for this the storage of water in these areas slowly moving out.

Even if to that extent most shops are encroaching upon the areas of the VIP market and that make movement in these areas awesomely difficult to manage. The areas nearing to Talla Malli sahi has been very narrow and full of high speed bikers and tend to struck to people and for this there should have been stoppages of that route for through out year so that there should be adequate patterns of security for people as well as by standers and passersby. This route connects to the VIP route and for this it is important to secure this route to ac complete extent.

There has been the installation of large scale of close circuit cameras all over in and around these areas and that reduces the destructive elements to a perfect size and in this manner the protection of law and order in and around these areas becomes apparent. In each and every square of the townships, we have seen the presence of large number of police is standing in order to secure entire place.

The problem with Puri town is that most of the main road areas have been encroached upon by people to a considerable extent and that makes movement in and around these areas by bystanders has been very difficult. Thank fully in and around areas of VIP road crossing after Subhash Bosh square has been built with newer footpaths and that makes moving in and around these areas especially for the purpose of jogging or morning walk has been tremendous.

With all of these preparations the beauty of this festival has just began and watch out this place for more and as well as be careful always while you are enjoying this festive occasion. Jay Jagannath.

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