What causes the Critical Process Died Error in Windows 10?

With every version of Microsoft , the one thing that is common with it, is the presence of blue screen of Death (BSoD), caused due to failure of fixing of critical processes and ultimately these processes died as the result of it. This interrupts your work, causing some sort of irritation and let you to go for restarting of computer and hopefully beginning of every processes in right manners. Blue screen of death appears since the ages of NT 3.1, in the year 1993, as the result of stop errors. In the operating system, deliberately stop errors have been constituted for screening of stop codes so that entire processes of operating system should not come to a standstill.

Most users feel these are the most disturbing parts of operating system codes as whenever there would be any such errors of processes; these would crop up and show these error messages and irks the users. Most of times these error messages are part and parcel of fatal system error messages and time and again come prop up whenever there are irregularities of the system environment. The single important aim of this is to help user understand what causes the system to come to such the state of standstill and in order to do this user would read these messages and know that there are some irregularities occurring in the system command prompt and as the result of this system needs a critical restore point of pausing of all graphical user interface command prompts.

Most of these blue screen of death syndrome come as the result of bad software drivers, software bugs, conflicting software, power supply issues within central processing units, overheating and over clocking. There have been 500 known blue screen of death comes and there are several unknown codes causes blue screen of death and among all these the mentioned here are the prominent. In the latest incarnation of Windows operating system, when these sorts of critical error happen within the central processing unit, you would see nothing but only the blue screen on the computer. The system would send you the message that your personal computer ran into a problem and it needs a restart and meanwhile we are collecting the cause of this problem by collecting these error messages and then it would automatically restart and meanwhile wait for some seconds.

If you search for the error message number in the internet there would be hardly any sort of correct and to the point information and it is better you read this article to know more about it so that whenever BSoD happens to your personal computer you would start to look at these with these points. You would not be one of computer wizards to perform these tricks. These are some of the most basic tricks which you could follow to correct these problems. Windows operating system runs with simple methods of allowing authorized applications to run through the authorized processes, and whenever some unauthorized processes are found system stops functioning in order to protect all critical works. Whenever these critical processes find such irregular processes it stops it and then it stays in the posture of pause or BSoD.

Most times, these come in the form of sound card drivers, or wireless drivers. Most of times we do see sound cards drivers are full of bug errors and these would not be seen in the first place but with due course of time these errors comes into light and creates the mayhem within the system environment. It might have been the presence of buggy drivers, damaged critical system files or faulty storage devices that could have been the errors.

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It is important to go for ‘Safe Mode’ and then ‘Clean Boot’. If your personal computer is restarting then you should try this method to make it fast and error free. Most of times, faulty drivers started with operating system booting and make it buggy and that creates the processes of BSOD. Many a times, it would not let you logged into Windows and that would have been really difficult phases for you. In this situation the answer is to move into safe mode and then perform a clean boot that would stop any drivers are it faulty or good to load during booting processes of operating system.

Try boot many times and during these processes you would see the presence of the three boot options. Click on ‘troubleshoot’ and it would open up ‘Advance option’. Then. Select ‘Startup Settings’. Then click on ‘Restart’ and now enable ‘Safe Mode’. It might help you to log in to Windows, then use ‘clean boot’ so that only essential and good drivers would load in with windows and start up programs. It is important to hide all Microsoft services while disabling the services so that no essential services from Microsoft would be disabling at any point of time.

How to open clean boot with Windows:

Open the start menu and then in its run command type ‘msconfig’ and then hit ‘enter’ from key board. It would then open ‘System Configuration’ application. Here, there are several tabs and click on the tab that says ’Services’ and just below it check the ‘hide all Microsoft services’ option. Then goes to ‘Startup’ tab and then disable all services. In the previous entries we have hidden all Microsoft services and this means all essential services are now in safe. Here, we disable all the services related to the third party application and with these processes all such services which start up with operating system booting are now disabled for a Clean boot. Then. Restart your computer.

msconfig for Windows 10


In this way, by applying both, ‘Safe mode’ and ‘Clean boot’ option we have made a temporary arrangement for a cleaner boot system so that after doing this we could move towards the next step and apply further solutions to it as the result of this. Both of these boot options which we have done so far are not permanent solutions and here we should move beyond to make computer work safely.

Use system restore to reach to previous working state:

If your computer has been working nicely so far and after installation of drivers it has been showing BSoD then it is better to opt for ‘System restore’ option so that you could revert your computer to the state of perfect working condition that has been just there prior to the state of BSoD. You could manually uninstalled the software which is causing the problems from ‘Add remove programs’ and then could move towards restarting your computer so that it should be at the state of perfection or you could move with ‘System restore’ so that your computer could reach to the previous state.

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Most of default Windows configuration is that when Microsoft sends off some of the major updates to its operating system it makes a backup of this so that eventually at any point of time when these sort of BSoD happens you could easily prompt for ‘System restore’ so that your computer could be back to the previous running state easily. Open the ‘Start menu’ and then from its search bar type ‘system restore ‘and then click on the ‘create restore point’ option. Then, under ‘System Protection’, click on ‘System Restore’.

System Restore for Windows 10

System Restore

Then another windows appears which shows all the previously restored points of Windows. Select the Windows option which you think would be the best available running state for Windows and then the processes of restoration begins and it should take some time and Windows would appear again. Be cautious with these option as these option would for sure delete some application and softwares and Windows 10 does offer some sort of cushion of listing out the number of drivers and application that are installed and it is important to back up these listings so that after performing ‘system restore’ you could easily installed those applications.

Updating driver software is the most difficult task which most users faced. Most of the original manufacturer like Samsung and other do provide an additional option for installation of such drivers through its Samsung updates and the most of these updates comes through their server. Still the last form of installation comes with the users and for this it is important to learn and make a good amount of understanding about updating driver softwares. Always avoid installing the beta version of drivers as these are full of bugs. It is important to move to the official website of the hardware vendor to find out whether there are official updates to driver software or not. Do not install this driver software update from any third party sources.

Microsoft driver Verifier  is a very nice utility that you could use with Windows 10 to check out whether any such illegal driver utility is there installed within the system or not. If so then immediately uninstalled it so that your system could run in a good state. In the command prompt windows of Windows 10, type ‘verifier’ and this utility would emerge as this is preinstalled with every Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft's Driver verifier

Microsoft’s Driver verifier

Windows Resource Protection:

Latest version of Windows comes with the additional security of system files with the advent of program ‘Windows Resoruce protection’ that includes ‘system files checker’ that could scan for common system files that could have been corrupted and try to recover those files. It would search for such critical system files that would fall under ‘Windows resource protection’ and its corresponding registries and then repair those files. Open ‘start menu’ and then type ‘cmd’ and run it as administrator. Then type ‘sfc /scannow’ and then hit enter and then it would scan for such corrupted processes, within the perimeter of ‘Windows resources protection’ and wait for the finishing of this process and then restart your computer.

Malware scanning:

Assuming that your computer is connected to internet then it is for sure no computer is safe today. As much as more than 20,000 malwares are released every day, then it is important to use good on accessing anti malware. Microsoft itself is providing this option with Windows Defender as its prime anti malware service for free to genuine Windows users and it is important to use one of on demand anti malware solution such as ‘Malwarebytes Anti-Malware’, ‘Hitman Pro’, ‘Super Antispyware’ so that these stubborn viruses could be deleted with on demand scanning. Most of these cyber-bugs aims to infect your computer and make it as host of other viruses and spread it far and wide.

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Use good ad-blocker on web browsers, avoid sites that provide too much of advertisements, especially by clicking on links another link opens automatically, and disable flashes on web-browsers to stop spreading of such internet cyber-bugs. It is important to have a good bit of internet understanding while using the internet. Use limited Windows account so that all the cyber bugs that have been downloaded from the Internet should be deleted with a single restarting of computer.

These are some of the most essential option and some of the safeguards which you need to perform while using computer and that too with internet. Still, if you find there are some anomalies and these BSoD come popping up time and again then it is better to reinstall the entire Windows again so that you could find a clean state of the Windows operating system to begin fresh from the start. It should have been the last option for operating system installation. It is important to back up important files into external hard drives as well as some of the cloud storages option so that everything should be done in seamless manners.

It is important to wipe out the entire system and other partitions and then reinstall windows to have a completely newer operating system at your hands. Then, perform system file checks and then confirm that everything is good then slowly install essential software which you want to and then slowly progress with normal conditions of using computer. It is important to use your computer in cooler condition. If you have air-condition available then it is better to work within those environments. While using laptops it is important to see what are the other additional softwares that has been installed as most of these comes with some of the additional installations which could ever do good to the speed of your computer.

If speed of your computer goes towards the downside then it would generate more heat and that would put additional pressure on computer and that could lead to the haphazard way of processing of several processes and it is important to see these processes run with complete manner so that computer remain cool and the entire processes of operating system stays perfect. Use Microsoft’s baseline security analyser and then connect to internet to scan for the remaining updates that has not been downloaded and if there is so then download these updates so that if at all BSoD is happening as the result of this then it could be do away with as the result of this. Uninstall most of these softwares which are mostly crapware from original equipment manufacturers so that ultimately you could find a cleaner operating system at the helm of affairs.

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