Tips for protecting data privacy of Android users

Data privacy is otherwise called as information privacy. In the world of a computerization and globalization most aspects of knowledge and sharing goes through the days of information technology which deals with each and every aspects of data sharing and protection.

Information technology determines and finds out which are the data that need to be shared with others and which should be kept in secure propositions. January 28th of each year has been celebrated as data privacy day. In Europe, it is called as data protection daily. In the future and even in the current scenario it is synonymous with protection of privacy of individuals while they deal with the Mobile Web and mobile-apps.

Some years back, it has traditionally been apprehensive about the spread of computers. With the increase number of users in the arena of mobile and at the introduction of smart phones fast becoming affordable and comes to the people, especially, the middle class people. With the introduction of different number of apps for single execution of events in makes development of easier applications for the same number of tasks functional.

With the introduction of Digital India, we have been witnessing the number of increases of free wi-fi hotspots everywhere. Especially, in small coastal town of Puri in eastern India, nearer to sea beach the presence of free Wi-Fi, inside the grad road, railway station we could find free Wi-Fi everywhere and most of times while accessing the internet through these open hotspots which has been not secured enough one need to find exact secure ways and make data well protected before connecting to these open and free hotspots. When we find the presence of free and open Wi-Fi hotspots we simply became happy and connect it to browse, but what we forget that by connecting it with such hotspots we simply open our data to these administrators.

Most hackers do the search for such presence of free Wi-Fi hotspots and when they find these. They try to steal personal information through these routes. Hackers could easily steal passwords and user names of users of the same Wi-Fi networks without too much of an effort. Beware of such open networks and remember not to open mail or any other applications that should be using user names and passwords. If you browse face book or twitter, then hackers can easily steal your user name and passwords and then change it to make it completely inaccessible for you.

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There are some unethical Wi-Fi bypass providers which solely aim to find personal information of users about their usages of applications, in which most of user names, financial transaction passwords and lot more could be written in log file and then the hackers could find this crucial information easily. Most of big enterprises such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and so on users are the https secure layer gateway protocol to provide inaccessible security of encryption, so that the data send and receive should not be intercepted in the midway.

In the open Wi-Fi hotspots with administrative rights, hackers could easily bypass the security protocols to introduce, and find out user names and passwords and critical settings of users. Most of android smart phones run with the phenomena of security certificates just like Gmail or other web applications employed to authenticate. Within the environment of open Wi-Fi networks such and such security environments tend to fall in the sphere of hackers. For this an environment within the phone application is the need for hours to secure entire processes of web-browsing better.

Tips for protecting data privacy of Android users

Tips for protecting data privacy of Android users

While dealing with such unsecured and open wireless networks which do not need any username and passwords to sign on, it is important to go for, secure protocols and do not fall into these traps and go to such and such good security mechanisms. It is important to secure entire data traffic to safe and functional manners, so that you should not be falling into these traps ever.

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It is important in order to secure data traffic networks that have been running within android ecosystem so that the process of movement of traffic of data remains always secure. Android provides excellent opportunities for creating up a virtual traffic network that can send and receive data signals further.

Android does not support any of firewall functions just like what Windows computer does but it does provides excellent opportunities for creating the complete and secure virtual private networks so that everything, what data send and receive should always been in the purview of users and that should provide another good opportunities for them to go for some of the most outstanding security mechanisms.

You can encrypt a server. Website even with changing from DNS and directing to a more secure networks such as cloud flare, site lock or other but how could you do change entire traffic networks on android, is it possible. Here change means to encrypt networks, and this can be done with virtual private networks of android.

There are many such networks are available but it is important to use secure and most trusted brand and the caveat is that most of these trusted brands does demand money as providing virtual private networks is similar to server. If you go for free options most of these are slow and could eat yours faster networks further and for this it is important to go for Opera Max-virtual private network for android users from makers of Opera browsers.

We do know most of the non-secure connection has always been open and it is open to hackers if they happen to intercept in the midway, while most of secure connections does not need so. There are many websites which are non-secure yet very popular and you wish to browse it and for this the best solution is opera Max which not only scaled the size of website further so that unnecessary elements of website got reduced but also keep your privacy in safer zones and stop those hackers from lurking into yours precious information.

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With Opera Max data traffic goes into a secure server and for this you do not have to worry about being leaked into hackers and yours privacy becomes more secure. Its private mode could stop all those data connecting an application to stop with connecting to the internet and this even while you browse internet yours data always stays with secure hands.

Most of us do not care about which applications are getting into yours privacies but with opera actions most of these you could know and even stop those applications from connecting to internet without your knowledge. Some applications work just like, and with its privacy mode switched on it not only protects applications but also encrypts data flow in an open network so that you should not have any further such worries about how to protect and secure your data privacy.

With these security measures you not only securing entire data flow but also keeping an vigilant eye on installed applications so that whenever such applications connects to internet it needs to take yours permission and that makes reduction of internet usages by stopping background services as well as it secures privacies of yours data.

In addition to it, it secures open wireless hotspots so that data should not be keep an open-ended gate to hackers and it stops all such hackers entries into android and thus makes it the most secure and open ended as well as keeping data of individual in prime security.

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