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Despite large number of controversies, the final product of iPhone 7 Plus is almost the same as that of predecessors, with few changes here and there. If you have large iPhone in earlier versions when there is nothing to be excited about this. There has been many controversial rumors prior to publishing of this phone but the final product seems almost the same as that of its previous product. Small changes here and there does not impress too much as it seems to be the same set up of phones as that of earlier.

iPhone 7 Plus the design is almost the same as that of previous iPhones but it is lighter that its predecessors. It is 188 grams versus 192 grams of 6s Plus. Antenna lines are now moved to the top and bottom edges unlike earlier versions. The antenna lines are that of the different colors of the phone. This means it is now clearly visible. In the case of rose gold color the antenna lines are that of white color. iPhone 7 Plus has dual-camera system with vast technical improvements which might not be seen from outside but while taking pictures with the image qualities are of a high class. Though for visual appeal and design class this looks somewhat outdated to seeing camera bump at the rear side of iPhone 7 Plus.

The protruding of the camera should have been made to provide raring visually appeal but Apple does not think so. That makes it difficult to use in with one hand on a flatter surface because of a rear side camera bump. iPhone logo on the back side of the panel is now clearly visible. It has been written with bold letters and it could be observed at some distance. Due to the pride and aristocracy associated with this phone it is important to always for prominent viewing of the logo in order to provide some of the most glaring visibilities. In the iPhone box, we could see prominent visibilities of the logo as well as some major tweaks which are very help full for users.

In the book front you would ever find anything to upgrade it from iPhone 6 Plus but iPhone is not about design and look but also other factors that effect in helping to reach out consumer decision making processes. Since this phone is on latest model then it is normal to see hardware upgrades and iPhone 7 Plus comes with the brilliant aspect of this. It comes with Apple A10 Fusion chip which is efficient in power consumption, faster and provides more powerful performances. It makes multitasking and performance improvements to another level. It is a quad core CPU with 2.23 Ghz speeds. Unlike its predecessor which works in the mode of a dual core chip and 1.84 GHz speeds.

In reality, you would not find it of sea change while using iPhone 7 Plus as well as iPhone 6 Plus. The reason behind this is the fact that most of Apple operating systems are well coded and excellently optimized to run within most of its devices. Unlike Samsung which customized android to suit to its devices, Apple has its own inbuilt mobile operating system especially optimized for its own devices. While browsing the website with default web-browser safari, the speed of loading pages and rendering seems to suggest that due to its faster operating system all these were possible. Some say that this could have been the new updates in iPhone 7 Plus in the form of placebo effect to boost its performance. In summary, it seems just as fast as its predecessor but in reality with the introduction of fast central processing unit performance as faster CPU cores it makes sense of a fast operating system at your hands.

There is no microSD card option. It comes with inbuilt 32, 128 and 256 GB storage option to provide more storage. Its predecessor phone has 16, 64 and 128 GB storage options. It has a 5.5-inch display, which is pretty much the same as that of its predecessor but it provides support for wide-color gamut support. Wide-color gamut support provides better contrast and perfectly balanced brightness level to suit to eyes and legible factors in each and every location and light settings.

Samsung has moved to AMOLED visibilities, to provide superior and real-time screen view but Apple continues to experiment with LCD screens and try hard to maximize its visibility factors. It is true that due to the advent of wide-color gamut support, iPhone 7 Plus seems to provide the best display ever in terms Apple products. Home screen button has been replaced and touch-sensitive button with three predefined levels is introduced. This is another new feature of iOS 10. Due to introduction of water-proofing solutions to iPhone 7 Plus these changes are just to provide better water-proofing medium. It is the first step to move towards the next level of Apple products where each and every front part should be equally coordinated, integrated and managed into single dimension display mechanisms.

There is no headphone jack with iPhone 7 Plus and it aims to have more with stereo speakers. It is louder and while listening it does provide room for better audio listening experiences. The presence of dual-camera in iPhone 7 Plus is the significant improvement. Though in terms of aesthetically the book seems to be a bit old but nevertheless its purpose of taking breath-taking images justifies its potential. Camera angle has a wider camera angle, with F1.8 aperture. It has a telephoto lens of F2.8 and provides two factors multiplied optical zoom. Optical zoom with dual-camera is new and it provides awesome level of clarity and for sure in years to come this should be the beginning of another mobile revolution in terms of photography.

Due to enhanced aperture upgrade, clarity in pictures comes out even in low light settings. This improvement is needed as most of Samsung premier phones such as Galaxy S7 and its note 7 series does come out with these pictures. Samsung models use more yellow in low light settings. iPhone 7 Plus uses red in low light settings. It is difficult to say which one is better but in terms of camera performance the iPhone 7 Plus has now upgraded features. When the light is perfect for shooting, the telephoto lens does take stupendous photos to a reduction of too much of sharpness and noise. As with most of Apple products we do see automatic software processing after taking up photos and automatic enhancements and this also becomes more improved with iPhone 7 Plus. Now it has better cameras and it is hopeful with further upgrades in the future it should provide better and the perfect camera.

The portrait mode of iPhone 7 Plus is still in its infancy. It is a welcome adds on to iOS 10. It blurs nearby locations and focuses more on the subject and it is one of better improvements to providing close up on the subject. Sometimes, it does cover up margins of subjects and in future upgrades it is expected to go beyond this. There is no focus mode on this portrait mode and for this automatic detection many times gone wrong and this should be improved to provide user’s intervention in focussing modes. Apple says its camera has sapphire lens cover to avoid scratches but scratch tests have shown otherwise.

It becomes almost near to impossible to listen to music while charging. Apple has other means to use it but still removing the headphone jack seems to be uncomfortable for traditional users. Company says due to reason of analogue music coming out from the headphone jack they are removing it and in its place they provide, wireless ear phones becomes difficult for some users. Apple is offering lightning set up of headphones which provide a option to change the songs without touching the phone. It is a futuristic approach where Apple slowly moving towards performing everything wirelesses.

When the phone was connected to charger there was no way you could use lightning headphone. While you are on wheels or in places where the surroundings produce high decibel sounds, using analogue ear phone could let you hear the word by word from the receiver. When the phone is in charge you could not use lightning headphones for iPhone 7 Plus. There is another option is for the Bluetooth head set which could be handy in such situations but that does come with a high price and extra spending of money. Apple started to water-proofing of its phones. It has learnt this trick from Samsung which obviously is giving it actual competitions in its premium phones. For the first time we have seen a lack of some sort of innovations as these could be introduced in earlier phones.

The iPhone 7 Plus model comes up with superlative water-proofing and dust proofing solutions matching the highest industry standards. It can submerged and stay right within one meter of water for 30 minutes. It is far superior in terms of dusting proofing to premium phones in other brands especially that of Samsung. It is a new and innovative approach for mobile. Like Samsung, which says that it is water proof but you better keep it away from liquids and Apple also doing the same to phone and this means even if yours phone has the water resistant capacity still you would not be refunded for the same phone in the case it submerged within water.

In order to make iPhone 7 Plus model water proof there has been plenty of workaround on hardware font. In the sides of SIM, there have been rubbers all around to make it safer. Complete removal of a physical home button does indicate the game with this. Water resistant features do not for preventing phones by throwing into rain or so, but it does for the accidental falling of phones into water. Even during light rain you could put the phone inside pocket and feel the same due to this feature. This new phone comes with the latest operating system from Apple known as iOS 10 and it does include some interesting features. Notifications settings are completely redesigned and look good and comfortable. It has introduced 3D features for some eye candy experiences. Three levels vibrations feeds back. New portrait model of the camera and there are some smaller changes which are noticeable.

This new Apple phone comes with 2900 mAh batteries unlike predecessor phone which have 2750 mAh batteries. You need almost one and half an hour on a fully charged battery. There is no option for fast charging which is now available in some of the mid range phones. There is no wireless charging, and charging mode for user customization. New model has two speakers and this means it has stereo sounds. Audio quality is good but at times it seems louder. This experience could change from person to person. In the box when you first open it in the face of the iPhone 7 Plus is not there but you would find the back or rear side of it. Apple wishes to people know that it has introduced dual-camera for this model.

When is opening iPhone 7 Plus the first thing you find is the user manual and the phone after it. There has been some changes in vibrations and most of this sounds good especially the notification vibration settings. In terms of visual appeal, the interface could prevent some sort of dullness but still one could find nice improvements all over inside its phone in terms of every aspect. The dual-camera is the most innovative and futuristic approach, impressive main lens to make the picture better. It is a worthy upgrade and it seems Apple is going for completing transitions in future models and upgrades and most of these could be seen in minuscule form in iPhone 7 Plus.

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