How to perform a consistent and agile multi perspective mobile security risk assessment methodology

Unlike Windows computer one of the most important factors of popularity of mobile devices thanks to the present of which encourages community-driven application generation as well as well calculated resource and finance management that lead to further generation of interests of users to be involved with the development and patronages of mobile devices with minimum functionalists. As users are directly involved while using mobile devices, they often find relevant information regarding what should be there for users and due to construction of coding of and other mobile devices we do find users tend to find solutions for all while using very inexpensive and simple ways to develop application.

Most of these applications are either meant to open any website or meant to be used with web-based computing environment. While accessing in these parameters it is a different phenomenon and its impacts have been different in various computing environments. While accessing web based application and content management services it is important to make a copy of an entire website or download the cache contents of the entire website and then scan it with different scanning options.

Dynamic reflection and proper scanning of entire content server need to be carefully scanned and managed well enough to find out any application vulnerabilities SQl injections scripting, cross-site request forgery and any malicious domain usage are there are not. Everything needs to be scanned and its log files need to be properly checked upon so that everything needs to be done with proper light.

What it should be doing is that it should properly detect and manage the entire vulnerabilities scanning and that should stop any such appearances of false positive and that should provide one of the most manageable ways to reduce entire propensity towards generation of false positives. In this way series of vulnerability scanning needs to be done and in the next phase, these should be well validated and confronted with different kinds of understanding towards making the most secure environment for mobile devices.

After detection of vulnerabilities, the next phase is to test out these vulnerabilities and find out whether there are any other security holes inside these applications. Whether such web based applications are doing insecure cookies handling as most of these mobile applications work with the concept of first logging into client and then moving towards logging into website that is mostly web-based ones.

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Understanding vulnerabilities and managing risks in mobile device security:

Most of applications move with the concept of receiving and increasing applications user base and that comes from receiving and management of application and it is important to understand whether from spoofing manipulation is on the rise or not and that should be well secured. Any client based information, while registering with application could disclose unaware secret and sensitive information.

Whether the client authentication based on application through authentication is bypassing information and whether it is sharing information to outer sources. Most of android application use location based services, and for this it is important to understand that these locations should not be revealed publicly and should not be used by others for any of malicious purposes.

While preparing application for traditional computing devices has been very much easier for the presence of artificial visualized testing environments and that helps to find out the device-based computing application performances to perform and manage better. Due to nature of android or other proprietary operating system development it has very limited access to what type of configurations and management needs to be taken into consideration.

From hardware vendor to the other the main proficiency and main attachment of these devices are solely based upon the concept of the most difficult management of dashboard configurations whether these applications are to be well compatible with different hardware testing environments.

Each platform provides developers software development kit to produce applications. On these platforms applications can be tested and debugged. This could replace the place of physical testing devices as this could reply the compatibility issues with the well made simulated platforms to replace physical devices. The software development kit comes with a vast array of devices settings and configurations so that the proper testing of application can be done, without individually testing for compatibility issues with the vast number of original equipment manufacturers.

There are many forms of deficiencies while using simulators. The final phase of performance testing of mobile applications should have been in the form of physical devices. By testing applications through physical devices, provides the ways and means underlying the performance of SMS, GPS, camera and Bluetooth. These are many forms of hardware based communication devices and such forms of understanding of settings one could reach towards, the forms of complete testing.

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With this one could find out the exact forms of devices-based mobile application vulnerability identification. Most of android devices and erstwhile blackberry devices do provide certain application permission management and for this certain specific changes in the coding of application needed and for this it is important to have physical testing of devices before launching the application through play store or other software environments.

Through physical testings of these applications one could easily reach towards absolute conclusive evidences such as finding out whether any form of bugs or other security holes is there and application developers could then only patched these vulnerabilities. This lead to the proposition of developing applications, to map functionality of applications so that ultimately one could find which accessibility features or which security feature the application need to access so that ultimately the process of identifying the entire set up of processes including android devices could be carefully mitigated. The accessibility features are dealing with the processes of identifying access to different network devices such as identifying external network connectivity. Data storage, determining user input and the processes of permissions that need to be taken into careful consideration.

As an application developer one need to carefully consider the aspect of devising and finding out what are the different monitor connection that needs to be checked into proper details so that, too much connectivity should not be there as the application could pose serious issues related with consuming too much of battery power or draining batteries and for this it is also important how the application is managing internet connectivity and other forms of connectivity in the form of Bluetooth, wireless connection, GPS connections and virtual private network connectivity. Most of popular applications do have various modes of connectivity platform in the form of different mobile environments and computing environments.

What are the different inputs that are received through user interaction and whether all such information is being updated regularly. What are versions of files in the client application that are used to access the application. What are files which are created during normal processes of logging of application. What are the different application cache that are being determined through different application and websites.

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Due to distance and the process understanding and identifying the installations through data obtained from external servers such as authenticated from external servers and data obtained through these connections should have good mechanisms for comparisons and procession of outputs so that ultimately the real data in live flow should be there and properly addressed.

After the processing of the review of data handling of application the very next step is to move towards compiling of applications to review whether there could have been any form of dangerous methods of debugging that could leave entire mobile operating system to a complete standstill. This needs to be carefully checked and proper check and balances need to be taken into considerations. One need to find the presence of whether buffer overflow which could entirely stop these processes, and for this it is important to understand, as well s any other personal information from other application of the same device are being transferred into.

We have seen the growth of mobile devices by leaves and bounds and subsequently the presence of so much of the increase of its usages just making it the most viable option for application developers as well as users. That is why there is further need for, development of a convenient, comprehensive multi-prolonged and agile security risk development protocol that could understand the impending risk advent as well as perform serious internal review to provide application developers a well defined and effective methods of complete evaluation of security mechanisms that should have complete and comprehensive control over emerging and latest technologies manifestations.

It all comes in the form of understanding comprehensive and collaborative security measures such as risk management, internet auditing and finding and compiling the best of methods, that included prolonged and comprehensive security risk management to secure application for betterment of android developers.

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