Hackers are hiding computer viruses in film subtitles, security experts warn

In the age of superfast computing and high speed internet connectivity, and spreading of smart phone all through income categories we have witnessed differently smarter techniques employed by hackers to get into your device and steal private information. In this age of ransomware, which aims to encrypt computer and demand ransom from users, experts have warned experts that there might have been ransomware hidden inside online video subtitles so that when these are viewed then these could take control of computer users.

There has been many illegally downloaded sites which offer complete movies free of cost and those ransomware hidden inside those subtitle files and then reappear into user’s computer when they run into it. By allowing downloading of such movies from these sites, with the use of virtual private network mostly embedded within web browser, ultimately this bypasses installed security software completely and that makes security of user’s computer all at risk.

In addition to these millions of people who have been using free video softwares to edit and install these subtitled files as well as to download these videos from the internet could also land in trouble of infecting computers with such serious attacks from viruses. It permits hackers to take complete administrative control over computer in which these editing or movie viewing software has been running. It can even run into smart televisions which run with application of androids. Hackers could start attacks through various modern form of open source software such as VLC playe and so on and there could have been prolonged list of apps and it is important to uninstall those programs and use those programs that are installed default with computer or with mobile devices.

There has been innumerable number of media players for computer and devices and there is not certain that all of these are clean. Many such video players automatically download subtitles files from the internet and then these could provide a danger to security of such programs. These subtitles files do not come as text files but it does come with various other compatible formats and continue to provide dangers to computers of users when they installed them. Normally, these are regarded as harmless and for this there is still-to-date no checks and balances for these subtitle files.

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As soon as these subtitles files are activated when user run that particular movie then these viruses and ransomware activated and surprisingly the power of security software does not provide adequate security parameters to user’s computer. It has been observed through some of the other means these hackers also able to manipulate the rankings of subtitles inside opensubtitles.org which is the most popular online database for subtitles and that enable users to choose for highest ranked subtitle downloads which could ultimately the files that hackers put it ready for users to hack into their computer.

Most of video software are configured in such a way that they automatically download these highest rated subtitle software and that ultimately could infect a computer without your notice. What it makes it the most dangerous for security of computers that it needs almost no intervention from users and ultimately it could wreak havoc on user’s computer without their notices. It should have been considered as the most embarrassing hack and most dangerous hacks of all time. It could lead to endless potential damage for users and attackers could demand ransom from users. While stealing many classified and personalized information, and rip through every security setting of the computer and makes it completely vulnerable.

It is important to keep updating all these software so that you could patch these software. Most of these software are not being automatically updated but a newer version appears above it and it is important to connect to internet from time to time to check for these and then update those streaming applications. Ransomware is malicious software that install into computer or mobiles without your knowledge and then it locks computer and then demand ransom to decrypt it. So far, the origin of the latest ransom was is not known. It normally stays with email- attachment and when it is opened it automatically locked computer.

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It is important to update the computer and watch it regularly, so that you could save your computer and your data from such malicious attempts. It is not to be open such unknown and unsolicited email attachments. Use computer in standard user mode so that if at all any point of time computer takes out then it can be unlocked with a simple restarting of computer. It has been seen most of the multimedia software do not rely too much of security on these subtitles files. These come in the form of various formats. Most of these multimedia software download these from renowned open source subtitle sites. There has been instances of how hackers could easily manipulate such ratings and most of these multimedia software download the highest rating subtitle files which could eventually lands you installing the ransomware unknowingly when you run these.

It could lead to completely denial of service in inflicting endless loss to your computer. VLC player officially fixed and provides the latest update and it is important to download these updates and update it on your computer and smart phones. There has been updates and it is important to use ‘Microsoft baseline security analyse’ and run it and connect to internet to examine whether your computer misses any updates or not. Again you could download ‘Kaspersy software updates’ which checks on the internet about any third party software that has not been updated.

I am surprised to find that there is another updated version of opera available am still not updated it as well as am surprised to find vlc and other important updates which has not been done by me so far and for this it is important to use both these software update checking solutions so that from time to time you could easily check about these software updates, of both Windows and Microsoft products as well as that of third party installed products so that ultimately yours computer stays safer and smarter with each passing days.

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It is important to understand the changes with which entire internet world is undertaking and for this we should immensely put forward and move towards for complete security parameters such as searching for such and such avail abilities of software that should be updated so that ultimately we should be in win-win situation to continue to find the most vibrant and most achievable security parameters that should be there with complete and vibrant watchable eyes of all of us including user and on access computer protection.

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