Putting security testing in motion

While considering different aspects dealing with ethical hacking into system, we do confront with many facets of testing own security system and in this segment the special emphasis is to find out the loopholes and then fill those with security patches. When we venture into an alien system of the three aspects that come into the mind begins with people, passwords and physical system or servers. In an organization these three come in the forefront and stays ahead and always been vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

What is hacking of people? We know hacking of physical as well as virtual systems which come in the form of passwords, but while considering hacking of people we confront with the aspects of social engineering. The first part of hacking people is to find out as much as information about them from the internet as possible and comprehensive search about organization in the Internet could provide so much of the information to begin with.

There could have been many researches and scholarly articles on specific organization and all these need to be clearly understood and read upon to find out more specific and personalized information about the organization. Here, all these information written here only for ethical hacking possibilities and nothing more evil use of it is encouraged. In these processes, the hackers try hard to seek the information that could be very much useful for him as well as that of concerned organization that has to be hacked.

This is what black hat hackers try to evade into your organization through virtual means. Most of ethical hackers tend to reach for mote technical approaches for security breaches initially but the first and the most prominent part and the most significant one should have been gathering of all these information at first hand and see what are the information that are exposed to public domain.

At first, you should be amazed and surprised to find out the sheer amount of public information regarding business information systems that have been online and has been seen by everyone. Most of business lines and business processes go out for social media business models so you have to check popular social media business models in order to have a clear cut idea of what has been going on these business fronts. First and foremost search for these information in face book, linked in, twitter and YouTube.

Many a times employees does filter out many information of organization through social medias through some filters and it is for you use various methods to enter into their friendships and then look their posts in the form of friends and you could be amazed to see how much of internal information are in the public domain. Sometimes, many dissatisfied employees do tend to circulate much classified information to their friends and these information though does not stay at public but can be obtained from him or her through friendships through virtual social networking systems.

A simple web search on the following information could turn into general employee information regarding names of employees contact information, information regarding important company dates regarding important company decision makings, fillings up different criterion related with decision making processes, different press releases regarding different physiological moves, organizational capacities of changes and different products, that provides different criterion aspects related with organizational decision making processes.

From different slide share and document share website we could find information related with presentations of decision making processes, slide shows and by scanning all these information related we could find more and more stipulated and concrete information which we have been sought for and aim to track at. There has been various webcasts, and videos are uploaded to different video uploading sites and by scanning these some more information related to the organization could be found easily. Most of this information are in the internet and can be found free of cost and without spending anything on it.

This goes on to show apart from spending on the Internet there has not been anything beyond it while searching for such specific information within realms of the internet. Internet is a vast field and searching all these information in these field takes huge time but that could be better as with due course of time with simple search with various famous search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and others we could find more and more interesting and valiant search result of complete importance.

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube has also inbuilt search engines and by employing time on it one could find more and more close information which one is searching for. Many a times typing of key words within search such as file, phone number and so could land you at such a vast array of information that you could find relevant information which you are searching for. Most of the search engine do provide promise for advancing searches were most times these searches could reveal important advance information of an organization such as vendors, clients and other company subsidiaries which most times organization do not intend to reveal to the public.

While searching with search engines you could search for generic personal information such as key words, file, name of website of company with specific file name and if that website has not been protected then its file structure could be visible to you as well as you could find more and more deeper information while providing the file name extension while searching to make and amend for more and more concrete and most possible and dynamic presence of these file names. Most of times searching with files types in addition to the company name could provide vast links of such files that have been there with internet.

Even searching internet with files type and then name of file extension and then name of company and at last with confidential could provide you with series of information which might be related with specific company and then you should be alerted about it and then there should relevant management of ideas to hide those information from public. Most of these ideas and related information need to be hidden again from the Internet to stop them from accessing from black hat hackers. There are many websites which from time to time search internet and crawl entire websites or specific information at length and does provide an easy solution to the hackers to find the most relevant information regarding any organization.

These web crawling websites create the mirror track of any website which might contain such information which might have removed from website sometimes back. So, it is for ethical hackers to scrutinize whether such information is still there with such web crawlers and try to remove such information through request. Most black hat hackers do know most of organizational website does provide client user access and from there relevant personalized information related to clients is sent and received.

Most times were negligible, mistakes of securities, where we could find the faults and vulnerabilities regarding lay outs and configurations where we could find relevant information that could provide the route to hack the entire website. If such and such information is in the public domain than for ethical hackers to rectify these mistakes by implementing security patches on servers of website so that ultimately there could not be any scope for black hat hacking into website.

Do remember to see whether the web directory of the server is accessible in the internet or not. If that is accessible. Does remember to switch off it so that ultimately this could be easy. Provide avenues for hacking. Do implement strict functions dot php files so that there could be provisions for concise of each and every scripts that has been embedded within the Internet. It is important to safeguard information of clients which might have been embedded within comments segment as well as user names of users and for this it is important to safeguard such and such information from the prying eyes of hackers so that they could not sell these information to rival organization as well as if they make it public then the trust of organization gone as that could be impacting heavily on the brand value of it.

One need to be aware of the presence of crawlers and attackers as they could have sophisticated ways to access information and for this a better content distribution system such as cloudflare or such need to be there to stop such malicious users from accessing your websites. Most of such content distribution network do provide server level firewalls to redirect traffics and check each and every packet, sent and received so that the value and authenticity of website are being kept at the highest parameters.

Organizational website should opt for htpps parameters so that each packets sent and received should be done with encryption and decryption only at the client side so that leaking of information regarding privacy of clients should be duly protected. Most of these should provide one of most relevant ideas regarding the presence of such and such methods where it could be easier to stop hackers to venture into website and thus protects rights of users and clients as well as seal the information of databases which should be considered extremely classified in nature.

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