New India

When we talk about new India it is about everything that exists inside India. It is all about everything. Consider the state police where new India in it every police has heart and they must clear unlawful activities from others. They are one step ahead of everything and stays with it and it provides everything that can provide, sense of soulfulness in clearing unlawful activities.

In politics also new India means the state of service and connecting directly to people, with regards to their core problems and solving them effectively. In new India politics is not about mathematics of cast equations and winning them easily, it is all about chemistry between politicians and people at the grass root levels.

Now, in the general election of 2019, in UP, both BSP and SP joined hands and contest election against BJP but they failed miserably and especially SP who slipped from second position to the miserable third position. Both SP and BSP fought on the basis of mathematics of cast equation but they failed miserably in front of chemistry of BJP with common people who casted almost 50 percentages to BJP.

It is not about addition and subtraction but it is about how much government reached nearer to people and how they benefit in their day to day activities. How the benefits of government schemes reached nearer to people and how their lifestyles and day to day activities changed as the result of this. Now, in new India government is all about service and nothing more on to it as more and more people do not want cast equations to come alive.

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New, India is all about watching television on the go, on the mobiles and that is what it meant to be. In this world of new India, every information comes to the people within seconds, So, when media houses tries to intimidate informations and tried hard to change the informations, then, it is the news that comes in front of it, within seconds, finds the real informations.

In this new India people values India more that any thing else and the sense of patriotisms comes from it and it is important for people to sense that, it is secusecurity that matters the most and the sense of security provides stable environment for business and that is from there side by side the sense of patriotism comes about.

All of these are roots of generation of stronger new India where when India unites and secure and fights with terror hand by hand similarly it comes about, about stronger and united India. It seems to suggest that in the era of new India we do find plenty of opportunities to show case how we can contribute unitedly to develop a stronger and smarter new India.

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