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Life in the distant city from the din and bustle of day-to-day affairs but still there has been many life stories where most of seems to be completely devoid of such and such wonderful fathoms to find the real test of skills more upon yourselves. After the horrible first assignment that I ultimately found about experiments with truths has always been equipped with thorn paths. It has always been the mysteries why such straight path as simple as finding the truths has always had to face such deeper pains. Why the path that created with falsehood has the authority to withstand every odds it has in its paths. We have seen how our country’s western neighbor has been indulged with false propaganda and mechanisms to create the paths of falsehood all over and still we see the presence and standing there that country and continue to bleed India through different paths.

In a world where we have seen the presence of orders all over and in each and every destination and we are currently living in a world where there has been the presence of rules and laws. We have seen how straight forwardly deny of presence of terrorists in Pakistan by themselves, but we have seen the present and free movement of these notorious players has been there in the western neighbor. Still, the falsehood becomes the most important part and most times these create the psychological impacts for some time.

India has always been in the path of truth and has been suffering as the result of this but still with the advent of new India we have seen absolute presence of vast change of ideas as well as the processes of foreign policies which always keeps an important eye on the work outs of hostile neighbors. We know how some of their supporters who are known as the separatists have been supporting them in our land and how they are actively opposing the entire policy shift so that they could oppose the entire peace movement prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir.

When there is a terrorist encounter within span of seconds there would be large number of stone pelters suddenly rushing to the spot within no time and most of them has been gathered through intimation from various social media groups of Whats app and so on and then they try to stay in the middle of army and terrorists. Then, it seems that they have been provided through various hawala funds. This means these stone pelters reached the spot for the sake of money. What it worries that certain regional political party is continuing their support to these as a result of this such as calling them patriots and that make the entire system and the arena of politics out there most misery one.

We have seen how continuosly difference among political parties has been the major bone of contention in solving such issues. The most pathetic show down is the presence of one provincial party of Jammu and Kashmir now directly supporting the stone pelters. There could have been the bone of discords among one another while in any field be it in politics but can we at any point of time would play politics in India by supporting some other country. That is the sole problem which we have been experiencing and that creates obstructs in the path of the army to deal with terrorists as well as for the government of India to show the united face of India. In politics winning is not the sole criterion for everything as we have seen the presence of strong ethical leadership throughout the history of India where they have shown the mettle of strong leadership in pursuance of truths.

When for everything we are depending upon the nation and the state but we could find each and every occasions to demean the nation then how could we save the nation. There are many patriots who would hardly listen to these anti-India campaigns but still there is the smaller size of it who continues to work again India as separatists movement and most of the media glaring and important always been on them. Why certain segment of the media has always been expressing to keep peace with western neighbor and talks with them when some sort of or other the controversy begins to prosper. This means for the sake of nation not only political parties but medias should be inline and always been talking about what should be gaining India immensely and how India could be sufficiently benefited and what should be Indian foreign policies in favor of India should be discussed so that at every point no one should be able to direct and instruct us about outs pitfalls.

Most of politics now-a-days comes with the favors of humanity where at times it seems that human rights of terrorists are more valuable that human rights of army who has been there for all seasons protecting us be it whatever severe weather and climatic conditions it might have been. We have seen how such cases has been severely contradicted with the advent of pure politics into it as these provide one of the most definitive ways to understand that for the sake of nations we should not be indulging into petty politics as within every sphere of life nation is the at the first of everything and the comes the other parts of making politics on every other matter except that of bringing India into such conflicts zones.

It is the nation first and it is absolute and no one should raise an iota of suspicion about it and everything should be done without touching the pride of the nation. No one is greater than in India and should not be and should not be thinking anything about it as everyone should have the pride to be Indian. We should not make responsible for India for everything that is happening bad to us as for this if we understand it carefully we could find the real solution about it and instead if any political party is losing badly then it should not be for the sake of fault in electronic voting machines but for the sake of their own wronged policies which needs to be checked in time and again and should be suitable to the present times. They all need to recognize their problems of functioning instead of making responsible for this great nation of India.

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