Mumbai’s Favorite Hill Station Gateway Lonavla

At the gateway of Mumbaikar’s favorite hill station situated at the halfway to Pune, inside beautiful Western Ghats, present the source and the essence of never ending bond between tourists and the nature. Route from Mumbai is the expressway to Lonavla via Khopoli. We know that most of hill stations become empty during rainy seasons. Conventional ideas also suggest staying idea to these places during monsoon.

There is one exception such as Lonavla is there which presents one of the most vintage attractions to remain there even during monsoon times. It is the most favorable place for people during the rainy season.

During monsoon, there have been heavy rains in Lonavla but still people flock here in many numbers in trains and other mediums to experience life inside while it is raining. People reach in large number to Bushy Dam situated in the lap of the Sahyadri Range provide one of awesome views of training as well as the presence of wonderful smell of wetland after words. Sipping coffee inside the hotel courtyard and watching the pouring of rain water makes people to feel and bring nearer to nature.

It is the way to understand life and in these natural environment most of metro people tend to discover themselves again to find their most intimate strength revitalized once more.

The route to Lonavla:

Apart from love birds, Lonavla is famous mostly for outward activities lover as well as adventure enthusiasts. There has been so many rock cut Buddhist caves, and most of these are ancient in nature and some of country side wonderful caves and forts and beautiful smaller hills which attracts many to climb and even amateur could find the courage to climb over these short hills.

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One of the most attractive places to consider while you stay at Lonavla is Bushy Dam. It is only six kilometers outside of Lonavla. It is part of the most favorite places for visitors especially during monsoon times. It is surrounded in three sides by mountain ranges and when monsoon has been at its peak the water on the side of steps comes out and forms the artificial feelings of a water fall to create the much awaited and imaginative form of attractiveness for the visitors nearby. No swimming is permitted inside dam. During the seasons of monsoon, overflow of water came to visit across steps and creates the mirage of water fall.

Happy visitors used to sit on these steps and the water used to flow towards them. One needs to be extra careful as there could have been a sudden splurge of waters and that could hurt the visitors sitting on these steps of Bushy Dam.

Trekking and hiking:

By moving some distance you could witness some other lakes such as Tungarli Lake, Monsoon Lake and Pawna Lake. During rule of East India Company, this place was under the Bombay Presidency. The pinnacle of trekking adventure could be seen and found in and around of Duke’s Nose. Now it is better known as NaagPhani in local language.

In English, the meaning of word NaagPhani is cobra’s hood. This place is meant for trekking. The final trekking point of this place poses extreme challenges to trekkers and provides a well-defined learning terms for them to surpass the challenges involving of trekking and reach towards optimum epitaph of mountaineering. For walkers, they could easily climb the equivalent region from Khandala station and reach there. It is the choice for trekkers to strive for trekking from Lonavla or could easily walk across to its top from Khandala station.

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From Khandala station, you could reach to Sausage Hills, which is full of trees and plenty of wild life and birds to reach to cobra’s hood. The mere walking across Sausage Hill should bring out plenty of energy and tire you to the bare maximum and for this always remember to move to this mountain with plenty of energy drink, foods and go in with a team so that you could find the necessary help when it requires.

Buddhist caves at Malavli:

There has been numerous Buddhist rock caves situated around 15 kilometers from Lonavla. These places are very informative and provide you a full worth value of visit of travelers. These places lie on the Pune facing routes. You could simply hire an auto or could reach to local railway station in Lonavla and move towards Malavli and then you should reach these rocks cut Buddhist caves. From this place, you could go right and left side facing Pune to see these rock caves which are situated extremely nearer to these.

Both of these caves are maintained by Archaeological Survey of India and there is a very small fee they want to enter into these caves. In the nearer to Malavli, the place Karla has Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporations guest house at very affordable cost and it is situated nearer to river Indrayani.

Iron Fort:

In the river Indrayani, water sports facilities are expected to be available. If you are fond of such sports, then you could stay there and enjoy the sports for some time. Apart from all these places, there has been present at some forts in and around Lonavla. The famous fort is Iron fort which was once considered extremely impregnable for enemies to come into the fort. After reaching Malavli station from Lonavla station then there are a three kilometer walkable distances to reach to Iron fort which is situated inside Bhaja village.

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You could alternatively hire an auto to reach that place. Then, after reaching there a climbing route you have to take to reach towards Iron Fort. After reaching there, the spectacular views from the top of Iron Fort are absolutely charming to describe. On the left side of Iron Fort, the spectacular Pawna Lake covering the entire dispense of land till the eye meets with atmosphere. On the right side of Iron Fort, the presence o Valvan Dam could be seen. Conclusion: In between the mountains of the visible presence of beautiful express way moving in a serpentine way towards its destination.

In most of these adjacent mountains, there has been many cases and these are places of trekker’s delight. They are employed to climb up to these forts through hill routes to test their skill and audacity to surpass all odds. There has been plenty of opportunities for visitors and enthusiastic who used to flock to these places for bird-watching, mild trekking and hiking, picnics, exploring different caves, wild nature, enjoyment of monsoon rains and above all to refresh and rejuvenate minds so as to present the most vibrant aspect to understand nature in its complete entirety.

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