Life hacks: Daily doses of technology

When we consider deeply the penetrations of technology in our day to day life, we feel these are some of the most significant limits that it always eases up our life. This article is all about examining the presence of such technology in our day to day basis at home that could provide awesome ways to minimize our work scheduling. We should now examine all of these to understand if all these are an absolute necessity or we have bought it not to employ these mechanisms further after preliminary enthusiasms. Technology is meant to enhance and help our work and save times. If all these technologies that are being employed from time to time by us are absolutely helping us in dealing with it or were adding more and more attachments to it, let us find out with some examples.

Neck string of mobile:

First mobile or handset or smart phone in which names we call it as. When we reach to local vegetable market we do find that there are many vegetable vendors used to seat on the side and there would be rush and shouting of selling of foods here and there and this could be seen as the place of extreme rush of people. If you take smart phone while into local vegetable market such as this, there could be heavy chances of losing that phone in the run up to move from here and there as the cost of same price of vegetables varies from one place to the other and you would have to move from place to place in order to reach towards the shop where the cost is low and the quality of food should have been fresh.

In these phase of shopping you would always wish to have the phone with the string attached so that it should be kept within shirt’s pocket and still the call from family could be heard even during such rush times with plenty of shouting here and there and everywhere. That string should be around the neck like the necklace and the phone inside pocket and that makes security parameters of phone phenomenon as well as the calling from near and dear ones should be heard immediately due to nearness in and around areas of ears. So even taking the smart phones is bit risky in such high rush places as well as keeping that smart phone with wire and attach to the neck is not there and these provisions are not there in any of the most modern smart phones.

Sometimes I just surprised not to find these features inside of smart phones as most of Nokia phones the featured ones are there but most of modern and high cost android smart phones of any original equipment manufacturers does not have such convenience for proper security surprise me and why most of original equipment manufacturers does not install such wonderful feature which should be appreciated by many no doubt about it. I have seen some people used to bind that neck string of mobiles into the back sound opening of mobile so that they could keep that mobile in their pockets easily and feel the safe of it as well as could be alerted easily while moving into some rush places such as railway station or at local vegetable market to attend the call of their near and dear ones within span of seconds.

Roti Maker:

Making roti is one of the most difficult part of cooking as this includes several processes of making the solution of floor and then make it mix with water and then roll it like the circle shape and then slight heat with fire and then heat it with fire to make it a perfect roti. The entire process needs to be done with extremely precise and carefulness so that at no point of time there would be any sort of here and there in mixing of ingredients than the ultimate making of roti should be bad and most of the time not eatable. We have seen the presence of a large number of roti makers which advertise in making a complete roti without yours too much of work. This should be attractive options for most of the people who work and wish to have speedier food preparation time so that ultimately, the movement of ideas as well as its corresponding part of making it should be complete.

We could call roti maker as some part of the technology and it is expected to help us in speeding up cooking of rotis. At first the solution of rotis should be done by you and even if you do it with a grinder but still the part of water and floor should only be decided by you and no one else. Then, it has been seen most of rotis made out from roti maker come out in the shape of thick rotis and most of these tastes exactly like that of eating of some sort of breads instead of soft rotis. Still there is a vast difference of tastes and this means this technology needs to be improved. Unless one single machine that should only consume floor and water and then the entire process should be automatic and only the output of good rotis comes out the manual part of hybridization of such technological parameters should not be of much importance as with due course of time the proper place of such roti makers are inside the shelves of showcases as most of these loopholes could be known after certain period of times.

Wireless keyboard:

With the advent of notebooks, laptops and other smarter technological improvements, we slowly move towards the further improvements of enjoying the processes dealing with the paperless office. Then come the forms of a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse which ultimately work with wireless mediums. Bluetooth is a wireless medium, and the advent of Bluetooth wireless keyboards we have seen the presence of comfortable seating and typing with notebooks and laptops. It is another form of adding something unnecessary to office use. Why I have said unnecessary is that there is already one keyboard with laptops attached with it and when we add another wireless key board with it through Bluetooth mediums we do find plenty of additions of extra baggages but still why people fond of using it despite added problems of adding another key boards which should have been in complete and attractiveness should not be.

Generally, the costs of keyboards attached with laptops are of high values and when something or some letter gone wrong, the entire key boards have to be altogether changed in order to function it and of course the cost of such key boards are on higher sides of money and it is essential for us to understand the imminent importance attached with all these forms of activities where we do find plenty of added technological improvements even if those are not of necessary to the time of the day. We have to look all these to the beyond and see how to develop such laptop attached keyboards that should not go out of work for any point of time. These should remove the necessity for the applications of another extra keyboard even if in the form of wireless keyboards and this should provide the much needed application where the use of another precautionary keyboard does not need at all in any point of time.


First we learn about the term set-top-box from the arena of direct to home television. Where set-top-box is needed for the medium of communication between the dish antenna and the television set. Then, in due course of time we have seen the emergence of digitalization of cable television and then they also offer set-top-box where the signal through cables is scanned and then it turns into digital signals output. Two or three cables from set-top-box to television are needed so that the inputs can enter into television sets to provide clarity of pictures. So far we have not seen wireless connectivity of such signal from box to television. As a result of this connectivity other connection mediums such as sound boxes and other could not run in normal speeds and that makes entire processes dealing with such and such sending and receiving of signals not so digital in the output formats. So far I have not seen such set-top-box which could provide such level of wireless connectivity to television sets. Let us will hope in the future we could find such developments where the equal development scenarios for such set-top-boxes as well as that of convenient to connect to television easily.

Mobile connectivity without mobile towers:

We have seen variations of mobile connectivity at one place as compared to the other. Even in home at some room the proximity to mobile towers is so close than that of to the other rooms and that an have diverse impacts upon connection speeds as well as internet speeds to its maximum and for this it important for us to think for another technology most precisely that should not have too much dependence upon sending and receiving signals through towers. Television like signal sending mechanisms with proper encryption and decryption mechanisms should be there in order to reach to the most remote part country. This should enable the option to remove towers all together as we know the results and the impacts of the installation of towers are immense as these could have radiological effects on the health of nearby people. So, it is the need of the hour to develop such technological improvements so as to provide one of the most outstanding form of reaching towards the farthest corners of the lands.

Free internet and internet without any fees:

Like most of waters are free and like the air and oxygen are free to inhale similarly, the internet bandwidth should be free to use so that every person at least with a smart phone should have used such and such tremendous levels of attachments of understanding that internet can be used whenever one like to be and whenever one wish to use it. Can it be possible and can one server be connected with rest of client computer without further need of networking and can we come out better wireless solutions to networking and that should be the real test of time of technology where we could be able to make internet free. Can server run without electricity and why for everything we wish to do there is the need for electricity and for everything networking we wish to perform why there is the need for internet and why internet could not be found just like oxygen among the surface and atmosphere of earth.

Eternal flash drives:

When we are dealing with faster internet there has always been scope for more and more data due to advent of smart phones with stronger camera in built as well as most of smart phones now have more and more inbuilt as well as external memory card facilities to provide huge chunk of spaces to users. This means there is an extreme importance towards external memory cards. Most of these external memory cards does provide additional level of storages options to users but the saddest part is that most of these memory cards does have limited cycle period and beyond that cycle period they fail to perform and recovery of data from these memory cards becomes extremely impossible there on. That becomes the most difficult part of using flash cards or external memory cards as most of these cards do have limited cycling period and beyond those periods it becomes extremely impossible to retrieve that but still afterwards those cards become non use.

So, there should be discover of such memory cards that should be affordable as well as does provides a good amount of eternal memory management to users so that there should have been completely dependence on these cards for life time or for more than ten years or more. Though there are some cards available but these are of very high cost and there should have been some of the most affordable solutions for us in order to have such external memory cards that should be staying for many more years as storage options so as to provide the much needed confidence to users while dealing with such devices of storage options.

Most of these hacks written here should be done in future in order to provide the prudent solutions to users so that they ultimately creates one of the most outstanding technological helps which should have been the real one so that with due course of time we could find more and more such tremendous and wonderful solutions to these that should inclined us more towards technological advancements and further augments use of these technologies for sufficiently making life easier and more towards generating more and more time and perform works within shortest span of time.

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