Best cloud storage apps for your Android device

We are living in the era of large information management. Here, we definitely look forward to more and more such mediums were automatically we do find plenty of information at our disposal. Now, we could get news from social media networks, such as from Facebook, Twitter and others and in addition to it the android application of Google search also provides important new snippets and mostly the significant developments are chronologically listed there. There have been many new applications and most of proprietor’s application from Google or Jio where these send news directly to the applications and information users through notifications.

We are living in the age of absolute information technology where everything comes at break neck speed and reached our smart phones within the shortest span of time. Google keeps on developing one android application after the other and provide users with most of convenient functionalities which they use for their own conveniences in their day to day activities. Similarly, Jio is offering galaxy of applications to its users and most of it is related to movies, newspapers, music and others. Most of these do provide a huge array of choices for users.

Now, Google Play Music also started providing easy subscription to users and the cost factor is good. Most of jio application come bundled with its prices so the customer does not have to pay additional for it. Google is also offering most of its services are free of cost. The most prominent being its Google Photos which provides unlimited storage option provided you choose for its optimized contents. Then, it could reversely show these updated photos on the device and thus your memories on these devices are properly saved for. In this way a better and profitable for customers in terms of cloud management are being implemented here.

Google Play Music could be the answer to millions of users who always opt for cloud management and with small price per month they could have access to millions of songs per month and their play lists and others could be at the same at all android devices considering the same user name of Google. These should have been the answer to many music enthusiasts of India who always wish to be the legality of music and this could be an answer to this.

When we consider and compare Google Play Music with that of Jio Music applications and its cost does not come extra as it comes with the same internet charge and it does have huge data base of songs and especially most of regional languages songs and the most likely of mine is that of Odia.I have seen till the time Google Play Music does not have Odia as the medium. Apart from this I have found due to cost factor is not visible the entire huge database of music of Jio Music application does provide a huge advantage to users over Google Play Music application for the time being.

Though, users of Jio have been limited to 4G enabled smart phones but Google Play Music can be enabled in any android devices and that is the advantage of it. When we consider both the application I think the number of songs would be on the rise and this should enable us to move towards an era of using copyrighted songs all over and this makes us move towards reduction of music piracy. Jio also does not demand additional money apart from recharging account and this should have been a huge bonus for users.

In this way, most of songs should be staying inside cloud which means in an encrypted conditions in the parts of default hard disc of smart phones and for this smart phones with higher amount of inbuilt memory should be the most preferred choices for users from now on. We are slowly moving into the time when the smart phones should have huge memories in built with it and then most of it would be used for semi-cloud management of images, songs, and movies and so on and most of these functionalities has been started since then.

Now, we have seen how Google Photos are being semi-cloud management as most of the links and attributes of images are stored inside mobiles as most pictures ranging from many years could be seen easily. Similarly, Google is planning to store the music files purchased from Google Play Store in encrypted conditions so that these could not be used for sharing and thus protecting it from music piracy. In this way, users with more than one android device could easily find the same downloaded and purchased songs and that should not provide any difficulties for users to carry songs in all of these devices as the copying from computers and then pasting it should not have been the difficulties for them.

Even if when you reformat smart phone operating system, you do not have to worry about songs to copy again from computer achieves and so on, you just simply have to move towards, connecting with internet and then connect relevant services such as Google Play Service, Google Photos and You Tube and others to internet with the same Gmail account and then within shortest possible of time all the songs you have already purchased should be at yours account. Similarly, we have seen most of Jio applications do provide similar functionalities and does provide a huge competition to Google services.

Most of Jio have high speed internet and most of these services come with it with a single internet recharge. There has been many new as well as huge collections of past songs and that means you do not have to copy songs manually as well as there has been large number of movie databases that has movies in its movies application and this means users could now save these movies to be seen in offline for the later viewing and slowly Vodafone with its play application is also entering into these competition and slowly making these forms of semi-cloud management of applications a huge competitive arena for users to follow. Among all these I have found for video and movies the best is offline viewing of You Tube, though there has been some files which do not have offline permission limits but still there has been huge data of such videos and movies where you could be saving for offline viewing.

YouTube works better than some of other movie applications including that of Jio Movies applications. Jio Movies application needs further updates as it has been seen and found that, most of times the offline downloaded movies does seems to freeze for some time and the application closes for some time and in this way it should be the better idea to go for YouTube movies application. For music application I would suggest Jio users to utilize its Jio Music application which is currently up front that any other music applications, as the price comes with its internet recharge and there has been vast number of songs as well as songs of most of regional languages. Google Play Music even without subscription should offer ad plus songs and that is also a good deal if you wish to have the subscription or not.

If you subscribe there would be without advertisements and it should be your wish. The interface of Google Play Music has been brilliant and it is absolute clear cut and defining and in comparison to it the Jio Music application has been consistently in development and being updated regularly and its speed and performance has been on higher sides and it is slowly getting the absolute momentum and speed which it requires the most.

Finally, for photos the best application is Google Photos as it matters the most as it offers unlimited uploading of images and with the advent of better camera and enhanced life styles there has been many such occasions where one could capture the moment and then it automatically uploaded to Google servers and then remains there and even if you forget about it at some point of time but still you should find it within Google. Slowly we are moving towards the era of absolute cloud computing and with the advent of large number of data and faster internet speeds we could now develop more and more wonderful life styles without worrying about the conservation and preservation of data and where.

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