Samsung Laptops Still Can’t Handle Windows 10 Upgrades

The importance attached with computing devices has been enormous and tremendous. Until and unless these devices became out of order, we could not have been remembered and feel the tremendous impacts of such devices within our day to day life. One day, I always tend to ignore the bliss of updating to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 Despite repeated requests from Microsoft time and again I always feel that it should not have been that much of a necessity as my notebook importance goes with some parts of execution of codings, some parts of writing articles on this weblog and some parts of writing research oriented articles those are published from time to time to weblog and to other renowned websites where such technical driven articles especially from the fields of well researched

WordPress or from the field of android and other windows computing comes into existence.
These are that sorts of antecedents where we do find more and more tremendous zeal to upgrade to hopefully superior hardware and presentations of latest Windows computing where most times the resultants could not be the same as that before. In my case, exactly happens the same and for this for the last few days especially for the last 12 days has not been able to access my computer all together. Till to date the functions and workings of Windows 8.1 have been error free but every day I received the reminder from Microsoft to update it to its latest version which is normal considering it is offering free of cost!

One such day, when I have two to three days of complete leave from my work and prior to it I backed up all of my resources to my recently purchased Seagate external hard drive which work effortlessly and completely fast in fact amazingly fast to back up every contents. Now, I am worry free and even if I presume after unsuccessful installation of Windows 10, then I could revert back to the original Windows installation without any difficulties and then copy those contents to computers again without any such appearances. I reached to Windows store and then download Windows 10 and within some hours it installed and it asked me to restart it and I restart it and hoping and waiting for a newer Windows and that promised to be one of the most anticipated event for me in this leave time period.
It restarts and after some time it enters into Windows and before it shows the logo of my notebook company of that of Samsung and then suddenly it does not install Windows 10 but instead move towards another restart.

Then, instead of Samsung logo it enters into Bios menu of Windows and stays there for some time. Then, after several seconds of staying within bios menu I do realise that there was something wrong with this as despite repeated doing F10 the save and exit the Windows could not install its new version of Windows 10 as well as could not revert back to its original Windows 8.1 at all and all these proves to be major worry for me and it continues to be to the state of extreme difficult times ahead for me without a doubt.

Subsequently, time and again with every boot the Windows entering into Bios mode and during restart if the ‘Esc’ the escape button is switched on it would enter into ‘Recovery’ mode where it should ask to recover Windows but without a doubt after completion of about 60 to 70 percentages of recovery it should restart again and reach towards the same BIOS mode. This is the major worry as nowhere after updating to the latest version of Windows I could find any such hint of entering into the operating system at all during the entire recovery processes. Now, the next step is to find out more about it and as luckily I do have one galaxy phone and I installed ‘My Galaxy’ on it. This application can be found from ‘Galaxy App’ or with ‘Google Play Store’ and then I registered with it.

In order to register ‘My Galaxy’ app you need to have your internet connection as well as you should have mobile no. to be registered and then from its Samsung-care is there and from there I chat with Samsung care personnel to find more about the exact locations from where I could find enough information about possible repairing of Samsung notebook. He added that in Odisha there is one single Samsung service is at Cuttack near Rajendra Nagar. It is important information for me as from my native town of Puri. The distance of Cuttack is nearly 100 kilometers away.

It is not the nearest but I would have as the only possible and good service centers are there. During the course of interaction during the chats with Samsung agent with ‘My Galaxy’ I have collected the mobile and landline contact no. of Samsung service and the next part of this process is to contact them and book an appointment with them. I contracted with them and the local Samsung service listened to my entire problem with notebook and asked for my location. During that time I have said about my native place of Puri the coastal town, and he said that one of their information technology engineer hails from Puri and he gave his number and I ranged him and luckily he was there at Puri and he reached to my native residence and he looked at the computer for longer time and ultimately he changed the BIOS settings of it to USB booting and asked me to make the recovery processes so as to understand, whether it could be load from USB booting.

Samsung Recovery

He advised me to cool the computer for some time so that ultimately it shows that when it enters into BIOS mode automatically, it goes on to show that the processes of restarting to operating system does not showing fruitful results and instead it seems that the processes of booting unable to happen and the processors, cpu and mother board might have been have the more heating issues than in normal circumstances. I did try to recover it but it unable to show and move to Windows Operating system, and this proves to be that there could have been hardware issues with it and it needs to be rectified immediately so as to find more and more and information with it.
I decided to reach to Cuttack and there from the link road to Cuttack.

I received information from Samsung chat representative about location of Samsung service, which is at Rajendra Nagar, Cuttack and while taking with Samsung representative, I found it is just the opposite to Samrat Talkies and I need to move there carefully as it is just the opposite side of national highway which is from Kolkatta to Chennai. I went from their opposite side and then the narrower streets lead to the location of Samsung Service. In between this route I asked one native people about the exact locations nd he informed me that it is some way ahead from there, and it is just the opposite of Patanjali hospital and I moved there and reached out there and entered into Samsung Service.

There, I submitted the laptop, an wait there, and the same computer engineer was there and he investigated notebook and found that there is the fault with mother board and processors and then he connects the lan and find that, the cost of mother board is over ten thousand and the cost of processor is about nearly nine thousand so the whole cost of the mother board and processors are that of nearly twenty thousands which is nearly to the amount of a newer notebook. I decided to bring back the laptop from Samsung Service, with plenty of disappointment as well as I heard that Samsung is not supporting the notebooks which are hardly three years old are of extreme disappointment. During that time, I returned back to the holiday home at Bhubaneswar, as it has been already delayed and I decided to reach back to my native place, on the next day.

I returned back and watch the cricket match with start sports for sometime. In the mean time, I received the call from the same Samsung engineer, who advised me to reach for one wonderful computer repair which is situated at Saheed Nagar. And it is nearer to one famous sweet shop. After moving for sometime I reached nearer to the said shop and deposited the notebook out there. The mechanic asked me to seat there and then he inquired the computer for some time and found that, here is fault with mother board it could be repaired and it should take two hours of time and in the meant time he asked me to reach there after lunch time and this provides me with plenty of hopes to revitalize my notebook further. I reached there after lunch time and to my utter surprise my notebook is ready, and it works again. Only the difference is that the operating system is downgraded to Windows 7 ultimate, d it now works with super fast speed and without a doubt my notebook has now been speedier that ever before.

The cost of repair is that of two thousand as it repairs the mother board and now it works superfast again. During the entire processes I found that, that the Cuttack Samsung service is meant for only to replace the parts into newer ones and not to repair and it is the most disappointment for me, as there is no such Samsung repair station which could repair the faults within mother board or within processors so a to make it the most sophisticated repairing mechanisms to recreate the workings of mother board instead of completely replacing with newer ones with higher costs? The bigger enterprises should see it, and provide more and more cost effective service solutions instead of just replacing it with original parts with high cost sum. The unknown computer repair shop at Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar should show the light of bigger enterprises such as Samsung to understand the entire processes of how services to consumer could generate more and more good will to people.

Consumer how much affluent or middle class it should have been, one could find that, every one should have been to understand that merely replacing the mother board chips instead of providing the repairing option which should generate lesser cost on consumer like the lesser known computer repair shop which I found to be extremely wonderful to run in my computer again. Another aspect of the notebook compatibility with Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 or beyond goes on to show how the compatibility of hardware needs to be well-equipped with wonderful functioning of entire processes, and I found that the hardwares of my Samsung which should be hardly three years old is not so compatible with Windows 8 but instead of Windows 7.

After downgrading to Windows 7, I found it is running with super fast speed. It should be one of the most enticing reading mode for most of users and most of original equipment manufacturers to develop stronger and most compatible hardware equipment so as to provide and present the most usable notebooks instead of just loading the latest operating systems with not so compatible hardwares so as to create the most difficult computing system for users. In the end, we have to see and find which manufacturers are providing cost-effective services and should always be looked into the differential part of repairing a computing system in the future.

Ultimately original equipment manufacturers, need to learn about, the essence of consumer as the king. It needs to learn about it that, ultimately, the product and its corresponding services, need to be extremely affordable for the people to understand and that makes a successful brand. An equally, importance part of marketing solutions is to find about, the good amount of research and development, so that ultimately the resultant product should have been fault free and its corresponding services and the cost of it should have been much smaller amount so that consumer after spending huge amounts on buying a good laptop and then while updating to another operating system which is free of cost and the notebook messed up again.

It is the most important part is the presence of well-equipped research and development programme which should develop and find out the most enterprising level of customer hardware so as to find the most sophisticated and fault free hardware so that consumer should not be feeling left out with high amount of costs of hardwares instead of providing sophisticated, repairing options for users which should provide more and more wonderful privileges, for consumers which should provide more and more vanity for organizations.

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