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It has been over 15 years since reaching this place and during in these Majestic years there have been wholesome changes all over and everywhere we go through the conditions of roads seems to be in slightly dilapidated conditions but still there has been development everywhere and the order of removing of slum shops in and around majestic areas are comprehensive.

In fact, after all these years it has been difficult to recognize this place but still the glory of past and the memories of the past still lurking in the mind repeatedly to remind the most passionate and brilliant place it seems in the past still continues to be there.In the local bus stand, majestic we could see the similar staircases and slopes everywhere and probably these have been coloured and maintained well and the same number of buses, and the similar number of traffics and the difficulties to cross over this traffic, continues unabated.

In reality, there have been tremendous difficulties in crossing from one segment to the other part of the road leading towards majestic with city buses coming into its stand from the different direction all over and one needs to be extra vigilant while crossing the road from one side to the other. Suddenly we remember there has been one underground road to reach to majestic or cross over to other part of that road which always seems to be busy and due to presence of numerous vehicles it seems obvious to observe and find out such stiffer rush hours and crossing from one side to the other with one way road also becomes very difficult.

The most difficult part is divided in between those one way road but still wise people have penetrated to it and it seems many locals still use it to cross but in the land far away from my native land, we still think to always use the legal medium of crossing from one side to the other, and how so ever difficult it might have been.We went through underground which was there when we earlier arrived here and now, it is also there when we arrive now and inside of it is covered with so much of old age presence and most of the walls of it have never ever seemed to be coloured with and at the end of steps and inside of the underground road there are many temporary shops who have been selling many electronic items and toys for children and people goes by used to stop there to have the look of these selling items and some also try to bargain with the shopkeeper to purchase those.

I have a none iota of the idea whether it should have been safer to move within that underground crossover tunnel during the evening but during office time it is well and good and nothing to fear anything about and we move ahead and reach towards upper slopes of the majestic station.In the past the roadside of majestic station has been covered with so many of the small shops which are predominantly of the toy or meals shops and now all these have been removed and one side is being done as the interstate and intra-state bus service and the other part is the entrance of metro railway station and the place of majestic remains as it is and the next to it is now Bangalore central.Name of Bangalore Central has been changed to KSR Bangalore. It has been renamed with the popular warrior of Karnataka.

I could see the Krantiveer Sangroli and the statue of this warrior in the city’s form Railway station of metro railways. It has been the wonderful remembrance in seeing such development in these areas at least on one side as the entire place is now cleaner and looks like the same word. We slowly, move towards downside to reach the dashboards of this bus stand.The day after tomorrow we wish to reach to the local head office for booking of the officer’s guest house and for this it is important to contact them well in advance. Here, every route is codifying into some numbers and everything is well written in a clear-cut manner with English as the alternative so as not to be very much difficult for all of us and now we slowly trying to guess about the route to the local head office which should be nearer to Richmond square.

Majestic or Kempegowda Bus Station of Bangalore or Bengaluru

We noted down the bus number and its corresponding routes, in these fifteen years one significant change to busses system of majestic which is the first there has been a new stand of inter-state and intrastate bus-services and then there has been the introduction of air-conditioned bus-services and fare of those buses are slightly on higher side but you could avoid rush hours while moving with these buses.In normal buses, there could have been heavy rushes and there could be chances of pick-pocketing but with the air-conditioning buses we could find and enjoy rush-free and comfortable journey hours. We noted down the numbers of city buses which should go towards Richmond Square, which is just a walkable distance from the local head office.

We have observed that most of these buses through the routes of Richmond Square move from 11 number bus stands of majestic. We moved towards the left which should be the entrance of majestic and in-between shades of bus stand we see smaller shops with some food items such as loaves of bread, local-made salty biscuits, and foods are there and cost of most of these items is ten rupees. Sometimes, the value of food for the cost is not so adequate but still, those people who feel hungry it goes towards these shops to buy foods out there.

We move ahead and we wish to go towards the opposite side of majestic to see whether there could have been any presence of quality foods items are there otherwise we could return to the holiday home again and there from its canteen we could have foods there. Still we wish to discover newer shops and the best way to discover such shops are to walk and roam around and even from time to time take the foods there to know if those shops have good ratings for you. We reached the other side of majestic and it seems like the same age-old majestic out there with no such signs of newer renovations and the quality of footpaths are not so good conditions.

We carefully walked into those roads and there have been many shops related with food items and in one such lunch shops the roads the part of the footpath was closed and it is covered with chairs and upper side shelters.Food items of that shop smell good but the price is on the higher side and it is beyond the reasonable pricing limit. The next lunch shop shows that the pricing is good but the use of excessive sourness and there is hardly any curry inside its delicacies which makes us move to another shop.In front of all shops there has been one person for advertisement to come to their shop and used to talk with people who move here and there in those locations and let them invite them while talking about all these available food items inside their hotels, just like bus-hawkers who used to call passenger just like in the link road of Cuttack, here the feeling of the same moves on.

Even reaching metro, we still find the same age-old small town attributes in small pockets. One thing I surprised here to see the state of roads, wherein small town of Puri the native place of mine where the presence of roads has been superb but still I could not find the same here in the footpaths of majestic or at the areas in and around Binny Mills or city railway stations.Still, the feeling of the metro ride come upon to feel metro and the city life where it seems to suggest the entrances and the most glaring part of not taking any rest and continue life unabated with no disturbances.

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