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Nice and cool weather the proposed visit to different places and work seems to be a good idea. Due to a late night arrival and closing of all hotels, we could not eat as expected and that too even in train the movement of it moves along different terrains where there is hardly a good station there to buy foods. We know there is the canteen at the holiday home and from half past six in the morning at half past seven the availability of coffee or tea is there and we went there to have a coffee.

The quality of coffee was not that good, the amount of coffee dust is lesser and the price was ten rupees which seems not a good cost at all, in this way, the first experience with the canteen of holiday home does not come too good at all. We moved out from there to reach towards the local head office which should have been a fair amount of road to cross there.

We walked towards the main road which is hardly a walkable distance from the entrance of the holiday home. We crossed vast show rooms of Ford and then Hyndai in between while reaching to the main road. The conditions of roads are a shame to description and in a metro and important city like this the conditions of roads are really appalling to describe. When I compare the state of roads with that of our native town of Puri which is a smaller place, I found the roads are very good and excellent all over out there.

In between there has been many illegal parking of vehicles which stop us from free movements out there. In the main road, there has been foot paths but that foot paths have been constructed with rocks which make walking in those parts of footpaths extremely dangerous and we have to constantly look for downwards show that we should not miss the balance while walking.

In the middle of these rouged footpaths there are some street vendors who used to sell foods and other vegetables items and block most part of it and you just have to walk with extra care in order to pass them. Most of them have sky-rocketing prices and when you call for one kilogram they would forcibly give you more than it and in the process you stop buying goods from them. We move ahead and our aim is to reach to majestic so that from there we could reach the local head office through city bus services.

In the midst of walking we saw one beautiful temple on the way with complete south Indian architecture in its brilliance and it should have been the newly constructed temple but in correlations with its older archaeological brilliance. We decided to have a go at it to have some devotional present in the beginning of the work so that ultimately the proud of successes should bestow upon in this medical tourism journey.

We have to cross to another side of the road to reach the temple. The front road was one way road but actually the one single road was cut short to make it one way road there. There has been many vehicles and simply crossing those roads does not seem to an easier task and for this we decided to move towards the square of the road which is some meters ahead and then cross the road with relation with traffic rules and regulations.

We move ahead to reach the main square and then move towards the left side which is opposite side in accordance with traffic rules and crossing the roads from the square becomes extremely easier with it and then we move towards the temple. While moving towards the temple we saw one Jain temple and we stopped there and moved into it by keeping shoes outside. It is a single room temple with a nice and smaller Jain idol, and some idol and entire room is being kept with white tiles and white color and an absorbing experience in gathering peace of mind.

Just when move out of a nice and beautiful Jain temple out there we saw a railway station and while reading closely it is the gateway of the metro station and is named as the city railway station. So, we think that probably from here we could reach to majestic so that reaching the regional head office should be easier. We moved some steps ahead to reach towards the nice Hindu temple with brilliant architectural excellence out there.

We put the shoes outside and then enter into the temple from there. Inside the entrance, there was a huge hoarding of not to capture any image of idols inside of the temple as well as there is the reminder that the entire temple is being watched through close circuit cameras everywhere. In the entrance there has been many iron gates and there are many holes to it and many locks has been locked there and probably by devotees and when their wishes would be fulfilled they would probably remove those locks and this is one such unique phenomenon I watched in that temple which amazed me and also provide knowledge to me that there has been many such great and different varieties of Hindu devotional practices everywhere which shows the versatility of this great religion which continues to hold ground for so many years.

In the sanctum sanctorum of this temple, there is one first storied step structure which hides the main Goddess from straight viewing from there and in order to watch the idol one need to ride on the steps and then goes down with it and then move in the line to reach there. When we are inside of temple there was hardly the rush of people out there and we slowly move there and devote ourselves to nice idol and then move here and there inside of temple and we observe that there was a big kitchen there and probably foods should be cooked and worshiped and then served to devotees out there.

Every where around iron gates we saw there has been locked locks and probably the believes of devotees out there and just showing that how such an awesome presence of little bit of dependence of Lord could change the thinking parameters of individuals with great length to produce one of most outstanding and long achieved perfections status of reaching and crossing all the obstacles with ease and peace of mind.

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