Operating System Security and Secure Operating Systems

Last updated on July 6th, 2019 at 12:58 pm

Operating system is now becomes a generic term. Due to the advancement of android as well as computer operating system, now it connects with broader terms where we do find that it is all about security of android mobile operating system as well as that of windows operating system. In the world of faster internet and advanced computing where each and every part of life is connected to cloud computing we do find plenty of different connotations as well as advanced malware attacks and we need to protect our operating system from all of these viruses and cyber attacks.

Now, each and every facet of our lives is well documented and connected to cloud services of different enterprises be it in the state of computer or mobile devices. We need to find out secure ways to protect all of these. First we should be well aware of security essentials so that at any point of time we should not move towards anything untowards such as not locking computer or android devices, avoiding shoulder surfing and letting others know about passwords of computer or android devices or any other financial services.

It is important for all of use to be well aware of these incidents and we should not divulge cvv of any credit or debit card so that there will not be any such frauds at any point of time and we should not respond to any such calls from anywhere other wise ours digital financial accounts could be in the state of extreme danger.

THere could be chances of heists to yours account by digital experts who wish to steal yours money from accounts within shortest possible time. In Windows computer it is important to have one good antivirus and this should be from the makers from Microsoft or from other security providers who used to have good reputations.

Mostly Microsoft does provide Windows Defender and it is important to update yours computer from time to time and automatic updates should be turned on in order to first to receive cumulative and security updates so that ultimately, you should have the secure windows computer at yours home. A secure and well documented computer is best for all financial transactions so that no trace of viruses or any such malwares are not in your computer and that should feel good to have the most secure form of online trading or financial transactions.

In the case with android with android 8 and so on we do find that, from time to time Google with the consent from original equipment manufacturer do send cumulative and android updates to make your device safe and this is the new way for Google as with older versions direct update of devices is simply not possible due to different original equipment manufacturers providing different form of understanding of operating system through their customised version but with android 8 security becomes paramount for Google and with the release of these security updates from time to time operating system becomes well-secure.

Be it home or be it home computer and own devices a secure operating system which means the devices runs with operating system is a must have for every user as most of online identities come with it and a secure operating system makes it extremely secure to use and provide well managed and documented ways to understand how to secure each facets of life extremely well-managed and personalised in the importance attached with learning of life in the longer term. It is urs duty to preserve all of these data that are important for all of us so that in the longer term no one should take advantage of these data at any point of time.

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