How to create a free self-hosted WordPress website with free domain name

Having a self-hosted WordPress site is good for many reasons. A website is a portfolio of your knowledge banks. A website or blog can be created with different platforms such as Tumblr, blogger and so on. Both offer domain hosting free. So you could buy a domain name for one year and so on and then connect that domain with Blogger or Tumblr blog to rename the sub domain of these to your own domain. The negative part is that the hosting for files still remains with these providers. In the long run if at all in any point of time your blog sees the surge of visitors, still then there could have been visitor’s limit and that could have thrown negative impacts on the income from your’s blog. If you do not have self-hosted hosting with Cname access than in the long run the number of daily visitors should be comprehensively restricted.

The cost of hosting is higher and even for some simple http sites it costs over 3000 annually and goes on to increase on a yearly basis. In this article, I should convey you about how to create a self-hosted WordPress sites with free domain. For a site to run it has to have your own hosting as well as your own domain. Here, you should get both hosting and domain for free. Though there could have been some limitations to these but still it should be enough for you to know and run a WordPress site with these hosting and having your own name attached to it. In the future, by learning all these tricks you could move towards owning or buying newer hosts with unlimited storage capacity as well as newer domain so that you should not at all ever worried about bandwidth limits as well as restrictions on hosting.

How to get a free domain:

Freenom  website provides a free domain of specific ends to people for one year. First reach to Freenom website and then click on login and then use social signs in. I use Google+ sign in and you could use Facebook signs and so on. Signing in is effortless and you should reach to yours client ares within seconds depending upon your internet speed. Apart from providing effortless and free domain, this website also serves free and faster anonymous public DNS resolver. This topic is not connected with the present topic.

From its top right hand menu click on ‘Services’ then click on’Register a New Domain’.

Then it should reach to a page and in the search box write down the name of the domain you wish to use, and then click on ‘Check Availability’. It should show you list of free domains basically of .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq.

Choose any one of it and on its right side click on ‘get it now’. It should check for some time and if available it should show as selected.

Then scroll down to the end of the page and see the green ‘checkout’ and click on it.

Now, you reach at shopping cart. In the period of free domain tab, the default is three months, change it to 12 months. Then, click on ‘Continue’ blue tab from there.

Then, it should ask you to login. Use your social credentials for login and then you should reach an ‘Review and check out’.

Scroll down the page of ‘Review and check out’. Tick on agree to term and conditions and then click on blue ‘Complete Order’.

Then, you should be reaching an ‘Order Confirmation’ page. It should show the order number and confirmation with your email should be reaching shortly.


Then, click on ‘Click here to go to your client area’.

Now you reach in your client area and from the top menu, reach to ‘Services’ and its sub menu reach to ‘My Domains’ click on it.

In the ‘My Domains’ page, you should view and manage all of your domain registered with Freenom. The green status ‘Active’ means now yours free domains are active and the next step for yours is to register for the free hosting.

After registration with free hosting, we should connect the name server of hosting to domain and then install WordPress with hosting so that it could run on the same domain name in a web browser. The first part of registering with domain name is now over.

How to get a free hosting:

Go to Hostinger for registration of a free web host.

Click on ‘Get Started’ the orange tab in the middle of website, and if confused see the screen shot to understand it to register for hosting with Hostinger.

Hostinger has three hosting option. The first one is free. The second one is the premium and the third one is for business. Ours concern and interest are with the free option. Click on it and scroll down in this page and then click on violet ‘Order’ button.

Now, you should reach ‘Order Summary’ page. Then, click on Orange ‘Check out now’ button.

Now you should reach at ‘Check out’ page and here agree with ‘terms and conditions’ and ‘privacy policy’ and then click on orange button of ‘Complete order’.

Now reaches to yours on the dashboard of Hostinger account. Click on ‘Member Area’.

Now you should reach for Cpanel hosting area of your free host. It activates within seconds and that is great to use. For the first time reach it should say, ‘Action required: Set up your orders’. Then click on green ‘Set up’ tab.

Now, you enter into cpanel and where you should be at hosting order set up. In the ‘Domain Name’ tab we should be putting the name of the domain which we just created with freenom free domain service.

Copy the name of the domain from Freenom domain service.

Then paste the name of the domain name to ‘Hosting Order Setup’ and inside of ‘Domain name’ space. Then choose server region as ‘Europe (UK)’ and put the password into it and then click on green ‘Set up’ tab to complete the process of Freenom free domain integration with Hostinger free host.

Now, open the email address which you have registered with Hostinger. Then you should see a new email arrival out there. The heading of email should be ‘Service Activated: Hosting’.

Click on this email to enter into it. Then click on the orange ‘Go to Member Area’.

You should be redirected to Hostinger cpanel of yours with the hosting activation. Here, you should see the domain name, plan, status and action.

How to add host name server to your domain name:

Name servers used to connect host with domain. Even if you purchase hosting and domain name from the same registar still you should be connected both with name server. In this case the free domain name is from Freenom and the free host is from Hostinger and both needs to be connected.

In the same cpanel hosting, at the top menu on the left side, click on ‘hosting’ and then the submenu of ‘name of your domain’ and in this case it should be ‘’.

Now you reach at hosting > (name of your domain).

Then click on Accounts > Details

Here, you should find ‘name server details’ and ‘account details’.

Now go to Freenom’s ‘My Domain’ area and then click on ‘Manage Domain’ of domain name to be connected with host. Click on it.

You should now reach to ‘Managing’ (here the name of a domain name should be of yours instead of

Click on ‘Management Tools’ and then ‘Name servers’ from its sub menu.

Then, click on the ‘Use Custom Name Server (enter below)’

Copy name servers from hostinger dashboard and IP address and put it inside Freenom custom name server.

In Freenom domain name select ‘Use DNS’ instead of ‘Forward this domain’. It should now show ‘Use your own DNS’.

Here, put name servers and IP addresses copied from Hostinger account which I have described it above. Then, click on blue ‘Continue’ tab to proceed further.

In this way, the name servers of hosting account connected to a domain.

Now, go to hosting and then the name of the domain inside hostinger hosting. Reach to its cPanel dashboard. Scroll down to reach to Website > Auto installer, Then click on ‘Auto Installer’.

Then choose Content Management > WordPress Click on it to install WordPress automatically within host. WordPress should be installed on this host and open with yours free domain.

Then, put the relevant user name, password, name of website and tittle and then click on red button ‘Install’ to install wordpress.

Then, check your registered Gmail with Hostinger hosting account. You should have a new mail with heading of ‘root’. By opening this email you should find information about WordPress administration, administration user name, email. Then login with name of your website slash wp-admin. Like this

Then put the user name and password which you must have kept in a safe place while installing WordPress script. Now, you have the front end of WordPress, begin posting, customize it and publish the article and enter the domain name to see website in action.

Here is the in action. If you have doubts in these steps, you should write here and ask for me so that I should clear all the doubts of yours and this should provide you with enough opportunities to create another self-hosted wordpress site for you.

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