Monthly Archives: February 2017

How do I fix my micro SD card that became a read-only memory card?

This could have become the land of high mountain passes. The beautiful scenic representation of life where the scope of seeing everywhere provides the must have and the most wonderful presentation of the real earth and the real world where we could find the presence of life everywhere. The widened vast land with its stretchable […]

How to Setup CloudFlare Flexible SSL for WordPress

Recently, Google has announced that it would be giving prominence to such sites those have the SSL certificate. Which means such sites should begin with HTTPS instead of HTTP. This means every traffic to and fro from server should be encrypted so that each time visitors opens the web page it should be encrypted connectivity […]

How to create a voice and data hotspot?

Modern technologies show cause tons of newer devices which could work unilaterally with a single connection. Now, you have personal computer, tablet, smart phone and other internet enabled devices. Getting internet connectivities for each and every device is cumbersome as well as expensive. You always wish to have such unified internet connectivity where you could […]

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