Versatile batsman Virat Kohli

Since the days Virat Kohli began his cricketing career the perceive look towards playing cricket has been changed so much to its complete entirety that ultimately the probable attendance to understand what should be the playing standard does not depend too much on human psychology. Now, Kohli became Indian cricket captain in all the three formats and it continue to provide the higher outlook to combat opposition in straight forward contests. Kohli fond of being aggressive on and off the field and it continue to power his performance as well as boost team’s morale to a most uprising modes.

His mind and thought processes are clear when he speak about performances and cricket one could see the clear and lucid understanding of the game and this provides one of most honest understanding of how we should move and what should be the most performance oriented format to move on so that winning should always be the single most performance appraisal for all teams members. Cricket is being the team’s game it is important there should be a contribution from each and every member of the teams so that ultimately the agglomeration of performance should at the epitaph of height that no ne should emulate and think about it.

With each and every media interaction with the power of thoughts while he speaks up comes out in a clear manner to let us understand what should be the right way forward and what are the thoughts he is following into. The dashing batter when he confronted with the question about being captain of Indian Criket team in all formats of game he reacted in subtle way to let the scribe know that it is all about controlling the negativity to move out of controls removes the uncontrollables away from the thinking parameters.

It does provide the power of psychology that Kohli thinking about as well as it reflects his brilliant captaincy thought processes which he continues to advocate for the better of Idian cricket. He again told that when he first came to cricket he understood his strengths and weaknesses and there were people who does not accept his approach towards game and most of times they continue to see the negative sides of it but that does not disturb him in thinking about his goal ad the aim of stay excel in every format of game and this make entire understanding of the processes of cricket easier.

It is for every individual player to understand his strengths and weaknesses and this should enable the to move forward and does not deter them to move towards any such and such lineages of thinking which might come from observers and people of different professions. It is a matter of building up the mind set of yourselves and not of others so that ultimately the thinking processes and the purpose to understand yours own strength and weakness should comes to the ultimate understanding of people in general. Every person ought to accept mistakes but his mistakes were not accepted but he still work it in his own way and continue to play this game in accordance with his own understanding and it is important to understand yourself and nothing else matters and that should provide the way and the movement towards ultimate successes.

One needs to understand that there is no one single methodical approach for success. From time to time one should analyse one’s performances in accordance with his merits and then continue to move towards various attached plus points in order to provide more positivity and the more fruitful ways. One need to find various successful path with it and that is dependable upon the person not on the other’s reactions. Each person is different and every one has different styles and it does not matter which way one should be moving but as long as the intentions to excelled and success is the motto then one should not be any way worried about the advent of criticisms from all around it. If your style statement s not so comfortable for others, then that should not bother you in any case as ultimately it is you that should make us more comfortable not the reactions of others in this case.

It is all about finding the best possible way to excel and give yours best so that ultimately the motto of success comes into your entire thought process and that should enable you to understand and find out the correct path so that ultimate motto of life should be attached with it. If someone else does not be too comfortable with this mindset than it is the fault of that person not to you and it is he who should be rectifying the mistakes not you. In this way, respect to each other’s in this company of get togethernesses as well as playing as a unit comes into existence when every one feels the space to think about his own successes without worrying too much about side factors and that implement and provides the real bonhomie within unit.

Kohli also does not defy the real terms as he continue to say that he doesn’t say that captaincy doesn’t have stress at all as he finds more white hair than when he was only play as batter but still he says it is a fin to achieve and understand the game and make the movement and progress the negative sides into more positivity and reach into the stage where you should feel at the top of helm of affairs of the game are the most wanting and most satisfying aspects to understand this wonderful game of cricket. It is a matter of being elastic as you should wish to stretch yourself to the limit of ultimate so that there should not be any chance or space that your efforts were not properly being utilized.

He takes captaincy at the positive limit as he thinks more and more responsibility could also provide and bring forward more and more focus into game and understand game in various perspective so that ultimate chance of success could come forward and make the headway and understand it in more lucid and performance oriented manner should move forward to achieve the greatness in sports. It also provides more and more responsibility upon yourself to find out more about sport and life and continue to provide more and more intellectual aspect to understand it for betterment of yours.

Kohli always remember batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar’s advice is that of to believe in yours own preparation and create yours own patterns for the set up of games so that ultimate patterns of success comes into you in straight forward way and only yours way should be visible to you and that should detach all forms of negativity that should always be kept out from yours own perceive and understanding. One should prepare one’s rules of life as well as that of cricketing standards in order to understand what should be the best possible way for success and by continuously pursuing such and such technologies one should ultimate reach out to the maximum standards of reaching towards epitaph of successes. It is not about looking back and finding your own faults but it is about looking ahead and the roads of success that should be waiting for you for the ultimate success.

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