Unleashing a caged tiger

With the complete spreading of globalization in far and wide area of the world it seems obvious that slowly the world had been becoming a flat surface. The movement of goods and services from one part of the world towards the other is fast and the processes of implementation does not take a minuscule of time. There had been many changes and examples of successes and discontents of the trends related to globalization but still we could find many such illuminated aspects were the most positive and vibrant presentation of this idea moves into different and dynamic spheres. In these tendencies of globalizations, we could find numerous instances of success stories as well as the failures related to India and that makes the following of these trends super special.

There came a time when auto related industries from Japan was taking center stage all over the world simply because of their perfection of time management and service deliveries. Similarly, slowly we could find the presence of development of software industries all over India and most of leading world?s software giants had been dependence over it. Whenever any global executive from India tend to visit any foreign land and the other person knows that he was from India than the first salutation to him is about ?Namaste? which is most obvious in India but tend to be known by the people.

This has been the impact and instances of progress and trending of forms of globalization which seems to be spreading far and wide and with it goes the forms and factors of localized attributes which slowly making its global impacts. Namaste is common Hindi greeting and mostly used in India in different forms and this shows how the factors attributing to development of globalization spreads far and wide. Even when foreign executives posted in India then they face first question from their friends is that whether that was the software firm and this shows us how such and such development ideas and orientations tend to showcase the most pronounced and most development oriented spreading and creating the entire world a flatter surface.

This goes on show how ours economies were slowly becoming highly centralized and globalized ones and with  its the soft spreading of cultures all over justify and showcase how these created one of most smooth passing of cultures from one segment to the other. First instances of advent of completely globalized world are the fall of the Berlin Wall in 11th September 1989 where the captive economies lead by erstwhile USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) completely broken. It made the development of perfection of balance of power where there was the presence of free-market all over the world and that provided smoothness transactions of goods from one segment to the other without any such difficulties.

Most of these authorities ruled states of collapse and their economies and that creates massive orientation towards consensual decentralized economies. It showed how authoritarian and centrally managed economies slowly fading ways from the scenes and replaced by more and more balanced, consensual and free-market economy with complete decentralization. Slowly, management of economies comes from the hands of government and slight majority of enterprises towards the demand, supply and aspirations of people out there so that the presence of completely demanding market in accordance with people could be met with huge successes. During the fall of Berlin wall we could see the presence of huge mass of regulation and controls of bureaucratic in nature in financial system f India and that leads to differences of decision making and stop merely the advent of well collective market players into Indian marketing systems.

It was necessary during the periods of independence as during the end of colonial rule, India had been a huge country and control of entire market system is complete necessary,and that was the sole reason fro a centralized economy to stabilize the economic and financial system all across India. Then, many years had passed and the vitality of a centralized economy was slowly not gaining its momentum due to absence of fresh vital market players in the same segments. Prior to globalization the entire infrastructure related with financial market had been on the onus of bureaucracy and government and that provided huge difficulties as with due course of time the size of expansion of Indian economies moving fast and the sole control by government making it regressive.

In the mean time there was private sectors in various market segments but most of these are in the state of wraps due to other regulations implemented on them and that made entire business environment difficult as most of these preferences were given to government owned enterprises and that created huge hurdles for private sectors to create and involve in market segments. For longer years, there had not been important initiatives to develop and put forward developments in private sectors and for this long prior to decentralization we almost forget that we did have a huge array of reserved sectors. During that time to the fall of Berlin lead to thinking processes among different centralized economies to this that they were in the state of a caged tiger and it needs to be unloaded and removed completely.

Slowly, the world had becomes the state of single economy,where the frog that kept inside a well could see the world and perceive that the entire world is the well but that is not the true as there had been another world beyond it and it needs to be realized. That was the world for many people before the fall of Berlin wall and then the frog slowly moved out from that well to realize there was a vast world all over and he realized there had been a vast world where the exercise of mind and expressions need to be seen and perceived in equal connotations. We have seen how each and every development process and independence of economies lead to another form of liberties and plenty of opportunities for people.

It increases the factors of literacies rates among ladies. Owing to the advent of plenty of educational opportunities, amassment of a large chunk of money and flow of money in an economy of the living standards of people in general are on the rise. This leads to literacy rates among ladies which lead to ‘women’s freedom? which has a huge impact on society. It leads to decrease in child mortality and augmentation of employment opportunities. Due to increase of literacy rates among ladies which lead to increasing in literacy-rates. due to an overall increase of literacy system it leads to overall out look of people in understanding the overall marketing actions that need to be taken to be considered before implementing consumer buying-behavior.

It creates more of a level playing field and the most conventional standards to continue performing inside marketing arenas are now more or less better known to marketers. On the other words now it is utmost clearer and lucid to marketers of the movement of ideas and they get practical look around to understand how to run the business in a businesslike way. After the fall of Berlin wall in later half of 1989, Europe saw complete flattening of demands among many nations which leads to construction of European Union (EU) s a to provide single level playing for market competitors all among different nations as well as create the pace of single currency so have to present the users with definite outlook to exercise consumer buying behavior of people. Once the European nations were divided by different ideologies and different concept of democracies but after fall of Berlin wall it had slowly become more of a single monetary zone.

During mid-1990s, the advent of personal computer and popularity of it and well followed by the presence of internet slowly demonstrating the phenomenon attached with the distribution of the concept related with development of single economic zones so as to provide more and more definite guide and information management at yours fingertips. It provides every information in speed and connectivity throughout the world slowly becomes one of most favorite medium to reach towards the phenomenon of development economies. Companies interact with customers in real time through web pages and other means and live update of information becomes normal and that makes the much desired fast paced information share all over.

Slow, y, the entire world has become the sub-system and more and more information and data slowly stored on computers namely servers to distribute important and required data to customers. What it makes is all about complete information sharing all over without any such delays and that makes connectivity with customers and clients easier. Then comes the brand loyalty and customer service care which are similar to after sales service which does provide huge augmentations of brand loyalties and all these could be and should be possible only owing to the presence of large number of information sharing networks and social networks. The roles of these social networking as well as internet and smart phones have managed wonderfully to recreate the magic of constant customer interactions among the company and clients.

This recreates the scene of absolute freedom of buying and this augments entire processes attached with the decisions regarding consumer buying behavior. It leads to automate provision of providing stiffer but well coordinated companions among market competitors and the ultimate benefits go to consumers. This not only creates a stronger world but also provide huge opportunities for countless others to explore their potential and recreate the pros and cons of available resources to enter into competitions.

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