Sleepy rustic greenery charm of Bhandardara Lake and Randha Falls

I was here six years ago. It was almost one of leave time when I was in this part of the world. After almost 15 days of continuous researches and development works, there had been once a time when the mind needed serious leisure time so as to recuperate and function as normal as it be. I was there during Mumbai and came to know about this mentioned hill stations which have electricity and wonderful to enjoy the pervasive passing of one of the most enchanting place in this part of the world.

Bhandardara has special charm which seems rustic at times and rural favor with its adequate flora and fauna attached with its tremendous passive presence where the attendances to the most pervasive beauty and the presence of simple rural life makes it the single most enchanting attendances to create the most wonderfully managed life. Bhandardara is situated by ancient Pravara river which creates the series of wonderfully crafted and almost natural presence of water falls to make this site most enchanting and wonderful. At most times entire place seems to suggest one of the most sleep and natural presentations of ideas where humans tend to think without any further disturbances.

Here, I could receive the healthy dose of fine air without any polluting agents and entire atmosphere was filled with no sound pollutions and that makes my entire trip to this part of the world the most pleasurable and most satisfying ones, which of course I need it the most. Here I could relax my mind and body to the side of ’s cradle and seeing the river and the number of water falls that makes my thought process the single most enchanting presentations of life ever. Surprisingly, this place could also provide you the basic amenities for trekking and those who are fond of trekking should also move beyond and test their own skills with such a beautiful landscape ever.

The presence of rugged mountains inside these Sahyadris should enable the most bravely of trekkers to profoundly confronted with the presence of such peaks which continuosly encourage you to perform and excel in the form of trekking. From here, the short distance there had been two famous forts and some rarest peaks out there. The presence of ‘grandfather’ peak you could find the sumptuous challenges where the performance and the wit of trekkers could be performed with equal challenges time and again. It is the highest peak in the state of Maharastra.

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Bhandardara place is named after Bhandardara lakes, which had been the huge expansion of the longest drive and the presence of water in correlation with the thundering Randha waterfalls that creates the most thunderous presence of natural beauty that comes sort of describing the presence with wonderful thoughts and actions. These two are the most pricing ingredient of this place as the presence of lake and wonderful waterfalls makes the most valuable visit to this place ever. This place is certainly for lazy travellers and those people who wish to sit there on the armchair and watch the processing of nature in its constant motion.

Bhandardara lake was created some times back. So, it could be called as man-made when Wilson Dam was built on the Pravara River and that enable the processing of creations of this lake. Earlier this lake was called at Lake Arthur Hill and now it had been renowned for Bhandardara Lake. This dam was one of the oldest surviving dams in , and it is of 492 feet and was built by Britishers to provide irrigation to the nearby areas. Water gushed through two huge rocks and when it was in full motion the flow of water between two huge mountainous rocks just powered and accelerated through it to present one of the most enticing arena to enjoy and find out the most enchanting form of attractions ever.

Released water from the dam moves through many rivulets where small streams of waters move from different directions all around parks and creates the most possible presence of wonderful spread of waters before these tiny rivulets converge with each other to create the form of a lake. Unfortunately these beautifully crafted park is now at the state of ruins as due to throwing of all sorts of materials by visitors out there it creates the mass disposal of these wasted products, and that makes the entire processing of making that land beautiful becomes completely out of sight. Still, as the lover of nature I reached into that park to see the presence of so many different types of birds and some rate plantations and surprisingly there were many bats present.

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The twittering sounds of these birds from noon just make the entire place so much nicer to live and enjoy what could be the most satisfying aspect of understanding the way we live these natures in its complete plurality. If you wish to learn more about this dam then there was the presence of a marble plaque which makes the entire presence of the history of construction and knows more about this dam something better to understand and learn about. From the bed of Bhandardara lake one could see the sumptuous view of sky-blue lake of Arthur Hill which depicts one of most outstanding presence of natural justice where the theme of completely calm water and from behind one could see the presence of mighty hill as if protecting entire natural elements in its complete brilliance.

No one is allowed to move into these dams with the ferries but I had seen some ferries were there and you should think twice before going into it as these could pose some legal problems as well as photographs were not allowed to take of this wonderful dam and for this you should always be careful of. These caution messages were clearly written on the concerned marble plaque out there. Here, you should find the trace of real tranquility but when you go ten kilometers further from there along the side of Bhandardara lake you should feel the presence of Randha Falls with its roaring sounds and the presence of arrogant nature but that should not provide any sort of awfulness towards you.

Pravara River plunges with mighty force and deep down into a gorge from the height of 170 feet to create the roaring sound and the sprinkling of water particles with strongest might. It was one of the most nourishing presence of nature and the most relaxing place I could ever would have been. I had been learning that it was the third highest waterfall of India. Wow what a sight to be I used to be init and the presence of mixture of awe with beauty and the presence of life in terms of water falling from the height and touching the gorges makes the entire presence of the real universe of its complete best. There is a temple on the banks of this water fall and with due course of time I had seen the mushrooming of large number of small businesses in the form of tea and breakfast shop and of course this add misery to the presence of wonderful natural aesthetics.

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Nearby areas are the presence of Umbrella falls which should be wonderful to attend in the times of the monsoon when the power of water should be of the highest order. Bhandardara hill station situated 180 kilometers from the north eastern side of Mumbai. It is nearer to the highest peak of Sahyadris and the National Highway 3 through Ghoti via Bhiwandi and Kasar Ghat and then the catch up with state highway via Bari nd Varangushi. If you are fond of fishing and trekking activities, then these places are of the highest order. The self-created pools that have been created due to bouncing of water at such a height could possibly provide you with additional option to catch some of the fishes out there and it is one of most fun places to relax and become closer to nature ever.

Nearest railway station towards Bhandardara is Igatpuri which is 42 kilometers out from there and one hour journey from there. From there you could catch up with cab services available out there though now with the addition of multinational companies entering into cab services more and more specialized form of pricing you could opt for it. Alternatively in terms for cheaper drive then you could catch up with some of state run regular service buses that employed to run from there to Bhandardara regularly and that should be the better option for economically minded tourists.

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