What are faith and religion?

It has been a while to have this sort of three days of consecutive holidays only because of presence of severe weather. No experiment is possible as well as no other site works is possible so stay indoor and busy with office workshops as well as other forms of daily work out and involving myself deeper into experimenting the ideas that initiate with it and creates the entire process of information and data flow that could be easily calculated and dealt with equal bit of enthusiasm to produce more and more move towards meeting excellence and perfections. In between while dealing with experiments which comes one after another with perfect match to perfection as well as finding out the more and more perspective form to understand what could be better stored in life in future though pragmatic but still more and more ambitious forms of movement of ideas that needs to be attained to reach towards perfect path towards excellence.

In between life, we see there are many beliefs which could be positive or could be negative in nature but these stay on course and people do tend to find it in some other form so as to believe these processes in perfection. Generally, in bus stand while reaching to bus and if someone see the bus is empty then the conductor prefers to allow a male person as the first person inside bus instead of female. It is the belief of driver and conductor of the bus to allow the first person inside but to be male instead of female. They believe if female comes to first inside of it then there can be chances of accidents as there is no scientific attribution to this but human mind though with full reasoning capacity tend to allow, such blind believes which has no reasoning at all bus still there and that is the most surprising aspect of why humans tend to allow such blind believes which has no solution to its meanings at all.

I have seen before one month back I reached to capital city and then see that there is no train to my native town within an hour,so I decided to go with DTS air conditioned bus from there so that I could reach home town without delay as these buses are non stop through out 60 kilometers journey from capital city. DTS bus stand is nearer to Railway Station of capital city and I walked there and then slowly I see that there is the air conditioned bus standing there and inside of it two to three ladies are there and for this there is no driver and conductor to the bus standing out there, and as soon as I reached into it the driver and conductor come along and that signifies their blind believes and the attachment of some reverse order reasoning to justify this.

This is the most surprising aspect when we do find there the existence of such and such peculiar forms of practices which has no meanings and no scientific validity attached with it yet these produces some of the most intriguing aspect of believing such and such strange incidents of practices which has no attached meanings to it. Here is another form of such peculiar practices which should be weighed to see it first but still being practices by many without any such reasons. While at morning walk in this cold winter morning, inside of the park there has been so many curvy paths that one can easily move from one direction to the other while staying at the same directions. I was running slowly and in front of me two elders walking with enthusiasm and with great speed suddenly stop their walking.

I have to stopped running other wise I could have collided with them at that juncture and then I realized that a cat just crossed their route and it run across the distance and then after crossing the cat looked at them, and they just reverse their walking. From the distance it seems both the elderly persons are well educated and should have well established job and probably they retired from their job and enjoying their lives our here but still they believe that if the cat crosses their path in advance then there could be some sort of bad to worse happening to them in future, and in fear to this future perspective and in order to save these from future bad to worse happenings they stopped crossing the path immediately.

This is the most non explainable aspect to understand why such state of happenings is there and how could such and such tremendous happenings have been there is not there any way one could understand in first instances.It is absolutely clear that people tend to ignore all sorts of acquired knowledge in the form of education, experiences and other forms of human experiences but when it comes to meeting with future we could not understand what should be stored for us and for this we tend to becomes more and more absolute difficult to understand as with due course of time we tend to feel the fear of the future. It is this phobia to the future risks that blinded all of our knowledge and move us towards the stage of extreme ignorance and tend to follow people who have some sort of understanding and tend to believe on the similar manners. While determining this there is no role for education, experience here and this has been amazing to view and experience in the proper forms.

Here, one cannot out rightly question motives of these persons who are just making these believes but most of these are personalized in nature and in most cases the decisions taken by the respective individuals and for them these decisions continue and how could one tend to think of it and that is the main source of this understandings. How could we change the thinking of well educated and elderly persons and those thinking is related to the thought processes of the same persons? It is difficult to analyze as the brain of a human is a complex one and so far even humans could understand it properly and for this one should see empathetically into these sets of incidents to understand these processes properly. Since the time immemorial we have been witnessing these sorts of fears about nature and that is the sole criterion for finding out the fire.

Vehicles are considered to be the personification of Goddess Kali believed by Hindus and that makes it to worship everyday and the most probably during the times, of October festival times most of them tend to worship the vehicles and wore it the red cottons and perform the rituals which are preconceived and pre-existent from earlier times. It is believed that those rituals dealing with Goddess Devi and that too involved with vehicles as I mentioned above should not be performed by the ladies and what should be the reason no one ever wishes to know but believe it blindly. Even most educated and well informed persons do believe this and these are the most single handle difficult part of experiences one always finds it difficult to consumer but still continue to follow it blindly.

We call it blindly because there is no use of eyes to see and watch the perspectives of realties out here. Is there the perfect sense of understanding the realties part when we confronted everything with eyes, is difficult to imagine and think about it? Still so far even greatest of scientists do take recourse to such believers which are called as blind beliefs but still there is no answer and explanations to this. While dealing with space there has been majority presence of black energies which are there but cannot be explained and still not able to understand it properly due to its presence and similarly is the class of blind believes which we have talked in this articles which cannot be explained not cannot be left alone. It cannot be explained yet most rationalist and most enlightened people believe this. This cannot be explained and even the most important question arises why the brain or the human mind also accept this and from here we could transport the explanations towards the form of understanding. Even there is an unexplained phenomenon beginning with the way we socialize and why we tend to stay in the manner of utmost understanding but still we tend to move towards such ideas which can never ever be explained. Why people follow this no one can ever explain and the people who deal with it never ever think of it in terms of complete negative aspects. That is why even space scientists and physicists failed to understand so far why there is the presence of black matters and black energies which is completely difficult to understand and analyze.

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